The courage to be reasonable (#NewLeadership Series by Chude Jideonwo)

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  1. Uwa Odefa says:

    Wow! I’m speechless not just at the quality of the write-up but the strength and depth of the message! I’m truly inspired! This is an excellent way to start the year; get people thinking, to reevaluate their values.

    Well done!

  2. Innocent Ari says:

    Ready to make dat move right now! Inspiring write up.

  3. Dare Hassan says:

    #Chude, i must confess this remains one of the most comprehensive depiction of the current situation the youth of this great Nation face today. You clearly captured the incensing anger that easily boils to the surface with the youths today. While i clearly agree with your erudite depiction of this scenario, may i seek to differ on how this anger can be harnessed. Anger is good, as it shows clearly that the engine of the nation – its youth clearly understand that we are on the wrong track and there is a need for course correction. In my view the one thing that needs to be clearly marshaled is how this ebullient anger can be harnessed for change. SNG protest was an intelligent way of harnessing this anger resident in the youths of the south west – but as usual it lost its steam as it was not well planned. We seat today with simmering anger while 2015 creeps towards us, without a veritable platform to challenge the scourge that perpetuates this anger – PDP our vexation will only boil over and lead to more frustration. May i use this medium to ask – how do we proceed with harnessing this anger? Without a clear vision, the people remain in bondage. I am ready to brainstorm on the way forward.

  4. ken says:

    Dare Hassan, you hav emissed the point. “…the scourge that perpetuates this anger” is more than just PDP…

    It’s narrow to assume that.

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