The PUNCH Editorial everyone’s talking about: Jonathan, enough is enough

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8 Responses

  1. Akano says:

    Grim realities of leadership ineptitude and monumental corruption. I am always perplexed at the level of insensitivity this current administration has shown. Jonathan is a failure and is on course to go down history books as one of the worst leaders Nigeria has ever had.

  2. we are looking forward towards the mercy of God in this country. A land that full of abundant resources but lack good and honest leadership. Many Nigerian died of increase in fuel price and been embezled by minority ones. After baba iyabo administration, jonathan one is the worst one. God put us to your right path to reach our promise land, God bless our nation Nigeria.

  3. chartreuse says:

    The Nigerian situation always bring tears to my eyes.I work in a government house of a state and I see how extravagance is the order of the day.yet d majority of the people In the state are living in abject poverty. May God help us.

  4. josh says:

    Incredible… And this dud still has a long way to go

  5. May Allah come to our aid and also purify the heart of our leaders

  6. dis is a mere outcom of one hu lacks vision, sense of purpos, sense of direction, sense of…. God Almighty, we realised we hav com 2 d end of ourseves utterly! conclusivly we hav com 2 d beginnin of U. tak authority ova d issues @ hand, I pray in JN.

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