“The viginity test disvirgined me” – 14-year-old victim of Ogun school virginity test speaks out

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  1. elchyko says:

    why in the name of anything should they eeven carry out a stupid virginity test, on pupils. worst of all without parents consent, by force. is the school mad, is the principal crazy. she should thank whatever she worships that that is not my child. what the hell. for two useless exercise books. that woman should be sued.

  2. Rogi Riverstone says:

    Bullshit. This was not written nor spoken by a child. If you want to document sexual abuse of children, you’re going to have to do a more credible job. This is not a reliable source. Shame on you.

  3. ajayi ebenezer says:

    Loosing of blood does not mean a girl has lost her virginity, it just meant her hymen got broken. She had not had sex, so she should be proud of herself and keep away from pre-marital sex.
    Also, no school should carry out test on any pupil forcefully without the parents consent. It’s wrong and unlawful.
    As to the source of information, readers should know that stories would be edited before published.
    God bless u all, Christ is coming soon

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