The “world’s first gay Bible”: Special Queen James version edits homophobic passages

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  • Afeeztyler

    that so bad

  • Adetuyi yemi

    D world is indeed coming to an end. Lord have mercy on me…

  • FUAD

    I am nt a christian bt dis is so unfair nd a mockery of the word od God…May He fail all their efforts in corrupting morality n ethics of our society.

  • Lanre Salami

    Jesus is coming soon !

  • truthbtold

    God cannot be mocked!! HELL awaits those who twist the word of God. Pls repent do not read dis so called book as far as I am concerned its not a bible

  • Sunny

    Anyone dat added to what is said in the word of GOD will receive double punishment.

    • Vince

      How do you know it wasn’t inspired by God? How do you know God didn’t change the bible and this is what he wants?

  • mujeeb

    The question we need to ask is, where is the original text of bible in true original hebrew not even greek language????!!!!……then we can start talking about misrepresentation, or misinterpretation!!!!

  • mayaki catherine precious

    I am not suprised at what is happening now because it is even stated in revelations that on the last days false prophets will rise up. This ie not to scare us but to let us now that the end has come. God save your people

  • Suleiman

    Dis is rubish hw cn dy prduce if 2men cm in cntact wch each oda…so dis is absolutly rubish