“They are an appendage of PDP and PDP themselves” – CAN fires back at Catholic Church [DETAILS]

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  • Mujah

    This is the scandal of division and the shame of Christianity! Sunday Oibe would have been wiser if he never equated John Cardinal Onaiyekan with the Catholic church!

  • http://www.jakob147blog.wordpress.com Jacob

    Its unfortunate CAN is defending itself. Olbe I believe is a man of God. They are suppose to call on the Catholic leadership and discuss the issue. And not to come in public and disgrce themselves. For firing back means d Catholic church is right. May God help our leaders.

  • Steven

    A body divided among itself can never stand. Christians should beware of external influences and personal ambition.

  • Sunday Ogwu

    All these fighter dogs of the CAN president na wa oo. The last time Bishop Kukah spoke abt the aquisation of jet, shameless bulldogs rose in defense. Need I remind u that Onaikon was one of those who killed third term by asking OBj to deny it in the pupit at the christain center. That act cost Jerry Gana his job. We need to move away from prosperity driven preachers to reality preachers, the chatolic church is worst hit by boko haram, has Arisejorfor been to Maiduguri or even Jos, its not abt seating in warri or Abuja to make inflamatory statement.

  • innocent

    I smell a crisis of more division, a signal that fragmentation in to several pieces is in da offing. Instead to talking abt reconciliation, dis man is beating da drums of division, sooner or later he wld start blaspheming that God instructed his to ensure catholics leave CAN. My candid advice to CAN president is to put in place reconciliation machinery and adress issues from all parties involved and not to take pick side, ur a president for all and not a denominational leader

    • http://gossippme.com gossippme

      i think you should read the words very carefully before criticizing any man here. mind you mouth.

  • Holar

    I must say d̶̲̥̅̊
    ατ for the first time,I’m very disappointed in our christain leaders,if they,who are τ̅☺ uphold truth,justice…τ̅☺ show wisdom and discretion over issues are acting like this,then what hope do we have in our leaders?and I am very much dissapointed in Sunny Oibe for his comments.

  • Lulah P.Dabale

    “The CAN is correct,when Bishop Oneiyekan now cardinal was there it was just stooge of d government,yet we supported him for d unity of d church and now its d turn of others u say is wrong.Gone wr d days when one church could think it’s superior to d rest.Without CAN most pentacostal churches hv planes not even one plane,or you think Papa Oritzsejafor can’t afford to buy even one plane?Ridiclous! Envy and short sightedness on d part of our brothers d Catholics.
    One would thnk d northern elites hv inflicted d catholics thru their own mouth piece Bishop.Kukah.I advice d catholics to recend their decision forthwith cos “If u most follow other ppl,they in turn will and if u thnk u can’t nobody will also follow u”.The unity of d church rest on every good christian NOT only one fragment,may God unite our leaders d devil is a liar.”

    • Sunday Ogwu

      Lulah, do u think this is about the Catholic Vs Penticostal na u wrong, its about how CAN is runned. Imagine el rufai insulting CAN as a body by calling it an extension of PDP no single response from the christaindom bcos his reasons are obvious. In nigeria history pple are advocating tax on church activity or income, championed by xtains like Barr falana. If you call Kukah a Catholic spokes man, what would sau of Cardinal Anthony Okogie to told the president he is clueless, did u listen to Delta catholic bishop at Azazis burial were he adressed President Janathan to his face, did u listen to Bishop of Jos at Yakowas burial were he fearlessly adress the Governors on endemic corruption. Get ur fact right Lulah. The catholic population in nigeria is estimated at the size of some 15 state put together and I dare to say financial able but show me a Bishop or cardinal in the entire continent with a private jet, there more sch, hosp and poor to feed and built. The one we trust to give wealth had his son on a donkey

      • http://yahoo.com kolbe

        If only we can do the will of God for us by having a tru leader in d christian not dos dat ignore d masses in purchase of Jet. special tanks to d FG for d ban of private jet in d country or esle dey will open jet shop in dre houses.

  • Ajayi Noah Babatope

    I know that Nigeria revolutions wil start fom the church and mosque.there’s nothing like CAN again but a ministry under the federal govt. they can no longer present themselves as a real servant of God but servant of govt. I support the pulled out of catholic. Orisajafor had loss focus as a xtain leader and he should know that God is watching him.

  • Glane Umaru

    I clearly suggest that the body should have come †̥o table discussions with the catholic leadership and not †̥o have made counter allegations †o Cardinal Onaiyekan cos I don’t think it holds water.

  • Barr. Agubata Emeka Kingsley

    A kingdom that is divided against itself cannot stand. Christians should not allow enemies to create confusion and disharmony in the christiandom. No one is infalible and so we should try to accommodate short- comings if we must make any progress.

  • olalekan

    its no big deal. the word is so clear. my people perish because they lack knowledge. this is a display of ignorance by the man who sided the CAN president and saying the catholic is PDP. the rain of shame is about to fall on those who are twisting the word of God to suit their selfish ambitions. in a country where an average Nigeria lived on less than one dollar a day, then a religious leader is glorying in purchase of Jet. they think catholic leaders can not afford the Jet? even a better one. but we live a prudent life according to the mind of Christ the Savior.

  • sulaimon

    catholics worships jesus mother. others worship jesus. they ar all worshipn human being.

    • viola

      Silly talk. What is ð topic, what re u saying?

    • viola

      @Sulaimon,Silly talk. What is ð topic, what re u saying? Senseless somebody.

  • Oge

    This is so shameful and unhealthy for the Christian populace . This CAN spokesman acted like a desperately bitter politician of one of Nigeria’s breed of pol parties. He didn’t need to ‘fire’ back like there’s some kind of on-going cold war. I hope both bodies can settle amicably and privately, and that d Catholic Church acts by not responding to this publicly.
    Sulaimon is obviously a dunce.

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... Adewale

    I can remember vividly in the late80s when pastor orisa came to Abeokuta for revival at iyana mortuary,after collecting all millions finish he said the Egbas are people compairing the money to other states.
    Why are you disputing govt buying him over bcos he love money than Jesus christ.