“They should be shown no sympathy” – Memo of Abacha approving execution of Saro-Wiwa [DETAILS]

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4 Responses

  1. Kayode says:

    I believe that the year ‘2005’ in the first line of the first paragraph is wrong, no?

  2. human says:

    I think even he is late now, he certainly deserves to be addressed as a General Abacha not Mr. He died in the active service. Learn how to show some respect to big men when you are writing.

  3. Obam Matthew says:

    I read book: ''This House has falling'' by Karl Maire, a documentry of major political crisis in Nigeria, D author, a Journalist in His investigation, exonerated Saro Wiwa. I believe if we Characters as Ken, Nigeria would have been part of d ''Arab Spring'' for me, Ken Saro Wiwa Lives on. KEN. RETURN IF POSSIBLE.

  4. Yusuf Abdul Raheem says:

    Although he may spearheaded the decision to execute saro wiwa and co but other members of the PRC, the judge and the prosecutor should equally face condemnation.

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