This is a rant: Nigerians, PLEASE stop trying to bring drugs into Malaysia

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3 Responses

  1. Dannyblink"z says:

    i love my country “NIGERIA”

  2. Kelvin says:

    I just want people in ph city 2go nd join (BAM)

  3. @P_Muye says:

    Well. The bottom line is dis pple hv laws that shuld be respected. They made their law. And since u pple r parasiting in their country and enjoyin their amenities ur own beloved country couldn’t provide den u all shuld jst tek it inn wt good stride. Dis piece is totally disgustin. I can’t blv all u could arrive at is abt religion. U damn well knw how drugs fuck pple up. And any sane society apply death as a penalty for drug peddlers 2 discourage pple. So if they deport saudi’s and iranians( whch I don’t blv a bit) d most important thng is dey r not framin oda pple 4rm oda countries bcos they r not muslims. Ur piece lack substance and is jst another attempt 2 attack muslims. Well. Leave deir country alone for them or stop peddling drugs or shut the fuck up.

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