This is just unbelievable: See how the Civil Defence commandant embarrassed himself on live TV (WATCH, TRANSCRIPT)

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  • Okonkwochukwuem4

    Y sme of pple re nt understand der selfs lyk ds man who called himself commandant,he need 2go 2grud room

  • Interpol

    The commandant is most unqualifd.He ought to b just a corporal.Wrong appointmnt! Do u need 2 b in lagos 2 visit website?

    • benjamin yakubu

      all officers need to go 4 refresher course in that dept.

  • Chioma

    The facial expression of the hosts…priceless

  • steve

    It’s a shame that only idiots like dis get most of government jobs in dis country. How can a state head of NSCDC not know his organisations website, he should be sacked immediately as he’s proving he’s incapacity to handle d job.

  • segun

    Waoh! What is the academic qualification of this so-called “commandant”? You see how square pegs are put in round holes in this country?

  • bege

    What a shame!dts is a refletion of wot is happening in our dear country.

  • Temidayo

    This is quite sad, a cmdt? Its a sad tale for all defenders nation wide. He owes us all an apology.

  • ayo paul

    Little things that cost so much **coughs**. A commandant that has been serving for some years now, hw do u defend yourself on this issue. Many top govt officials are also clueless of their web add.

  • holluwaphemy

    Durin recruitement process, dis bag of rank nd appointment ll drop candidate for poor performance, I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ written nd oral test. Sorryyyyyy

  • Sola

    In fact, I watched the recorded scene repeatedly and started laughing. The way the man was trying to parry the question thrown to him, using questions to answer questions with boldface.

  • kennie Ige

    In this 21st century?

  • lanre

    Am singing Implication ha ha ha by tuface idibia(lol)

  • Remi Sanni

    Na wah Oº°˚ Guguru Defence.

  • Isaac Olu

    Its a shame! Unbelievable indeed.

  • http://www.ndsdc//yes//WAIT Mandela

    If we saw this clip in a movie, we’d all think the writer and the producers were idiots! But here, live on channels TV, should he even be qualified to be a gateman? Smh

    • moha Zamani

      I would have say something Oooo but I dn’t want my oga @the top to change it lol

  • ogu francis

    this is a very sick joke.
    Commandant my fucking ass.
    Whats the difference between a mai_gaurd and this joker????