Toyin Kareem: When God decides to punish your sins (Y! Superblogger)

Black couple travel

by Toyin Kareem

Black couple travel

You know there are some lies that you just know God is going to punish you for. Apparently, this was one of them…

There is this cute medical doctor I like who is really into me. He suggested I drop by after work and he was going to make me a meal so I agreed. I was really hungry on that day but I didn’t want to go to his house hungry because I already told him I was finicky with food. He promised to ‘wow’ me but being the first time at his place, I didn’t want to disgrace myself by eating too much (as a sure girl).

So I went to this Alhaja’s ‘buka’ in the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan premises to get something in me. Unfortunately, my goat-meat somehow landed on the front of my very crispy white shirt. “Oh, this is not good,” I said to myself. Conspicuous much? It was beyond bad. Going back home to change was not an option and I was too embarrassed so I called cute-guy and gave an excuse so we could postpone our date and he said no problem.

You know there are some lies that you just know God is going to punish you for. Apparently, this was one of them. As I stepped out of the ‘buka’, I saw him passing. I wanted the floor to swallow me. Did I say I was embarrassed before? I apparently didn’t know the feeling. Seeing him was the real deal. Anyway, I confessed (more like my shirt told the story), he thought I was adorable and… *wink*

Now, don’t ask truly happened to me you hear? You hear? Okay, good.


Toyin Kareem is lively, bubbly, all sugar and a dash of spice. She’s all about living, laughing, loving and inspiring. She blogs at and tweets from @toinlicious


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  • Funny! Nice one!! ahaha feeling better! looking for something good to read and i found one!!!

    bami June 28, 2013 2:28 am Reply
  • Now, did it truly happen to you?

    HaroldWrites June 28, 2013 9:08 am Reply

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