Trashy: More Nigerian girls pose nude to trend on Twitter

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8 Responses

  1. I posted a pictures of me in a swimsuit bikini and Nigeria stood still calling it NUDE. Learn the meaning of the word. Nude i when Im bathing in the shower. Come on you illiterate country, its called FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

    • woldezzy says:

      And see who’s talkin… Nude or no nude*** yu’re just out of it. We talkin abt immoral display on social netwrks yu talkin abt yur damn-forsakin bikini and wareva!!! Are yu blind to these abnormalities or yu wanna tell me it’s nothin to talk abt….?? Showin excess cleavage/ass/boobs n’ rest!!! Just shut it there n’ don’t bring any stuff in support of yur co-hoes

  2. Y! Features Editor says:

    Thanks for sharing Kemi :), we understand that but here we really mean nude (Stark-naked) when we say nude.
    We appreciate your comment.

  3. bobbystephen says:

    God will bless you for writing this.all what you write is the truth about what the youth do this day on internet.but what i just want them to know is that whatsoever you sow you shall reap.they are sowing now suerely one day they will start harvesting but you and i may not be aware then,even some of them might have even forget about the causes of their predicament.

  4. jones the negroid says:

    Thanks fo sharin those handles, that’s more nudes for us to view! :)

  5. It takes an article on NUDE Pictures to draw Kemi Olunloyo out to comment on YNaija, that says a lot.

    Of all the articles and various discourse passing through here daily, she was offended when YNaija exposed a trend that shows how sick and brainless some of our girls are becoming.

    Keep it up! And we are not that illiterate to think someone in a swimsuit is naked, then of course, there are several types of swimsuits………..ain’t it?

  6. Jugunu says:

    Y glamorise BIG BROTHER AFRICA and then complain about SMALL SISTER NIGERIA.

    I think they are all the same

  7. Ayorub says:

    Debo, Kemi is not a girl but a misguided & destroyed old woman close to 50 but stuck in a 5yr old brain. Even Ynaija feared her madness and had to placate her. What a world! What a mind? Kemi and her ilks should be ignored. She’s a decadent old woman who have lost every sense of shame and sound judgment.

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