“It is not rape”: How I had sex with a 15-year-old girl in church – Bishop Chibuike Nwabueze (PICTURED)

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18 Responses

  1. MBA says:

    The man deserves to rot in jail..his mind warped #Predator

  2. Gondim Paul Godfrey says:

    When the time comes the true worshipers of God will worship God in truth and spirit. Christians have to be careful of electonic business centres call churches. May God forgive us all through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

  3. usman jafaru sunrise says:

    That bishop messed up for life


    GOD forgive him , Only Him knows why

  5. Obi Olowu says:

    U said u just had sex with her, have u heard of the word statutory rape before that’§ when u sleep with a minor. Really disappointed in seeing this

  6. Ajang Nuhu says:

    Every one has his or her short coming.

  7. Oyinloye habeeb bolaji says:

    my own comment go like this for all explanation he as made am totally confuse may it setup of a thing or not but we make me to blame is that what got is he have to have sex with her, once he know that it is a setup why did he has a sex with her imagine a 15yrs old is a big he rape that girl and a Good punishment should given to him in order to serve as an examples t0 all d remaining fake pastor and alfas and who they practice such a thing god will soon catch u.

  8. Bello aliyu gusau says:

    Alas! postor u do the wrong instead 4 u 2 pra 4 forgiveness & start saying set up,bad 4 u

  9. tayo says:

    These are d signs u will seen when I am coming,false prophet will raise and will heal and teach in my name.

  10. Uche says:

    It’s d cumin of jesus christ

  11. dorcas says:

    Imagine his comment that anyone could have fallen for it. Is he not claiming to be a man of God? May God have mercy on us. That is why you should test all spirits becos most of our so-called-pastors these days have evil spirits

  12. Gerald Okolie says:

    The man had what we call “statutory rape”. It is when a child consents to have sex with an adult. He should be dutifully prosecuted.

  13. Paul omozokpia says:

    This is what happens to clergys that has lost the Grace to rebuke such temptation

  14. Abdul Tukur Ahmad says:

    In islam we are told that every human being is a sinner but the best sinners are those that seek for forgiveness. So pls bear with him becouse all of us can fall into it

  15. Erons says:

    To Bishop Chibuike Nwabueze stop putting the blame on your enemies.
    Just pray for forgiveness and carry on your life with God, the race is not easy. We all knows that there is trials and temptation on the way but never you let that put you back because what matters is reaching your destination and not the numbers of time you fail.

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