Turning point: How the ‘World’s Hottest Pornstar’ found God at the XXXChurch (PHOTOS)

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  • Chiemezie

    This shows Gods unconditional love for us. Flee from sin. God is willing and able to forgive us when we sincerely come back to Him.


    God is able to do all things. Brothers it is possible that she has left the old life in her therefore do not say otherwise. if she is pretending it is up to her but my main looking at it this story i know that their is reality in what she said

  • ajekwe emeka

    thanks to the xxxchurch,may God give them more strength to help those in this acts, and if posible, may they have partners across the world.

  • Sam B

    God is great, cause from this story of her’s, be it true/false i picked encouragement that God will do the in possible in our lives only if we have faith.

  • sobola olalekan

    God love us.

  • Alex stuff

    God love sinners,don’t be too shy to call on him.+we all need him,cause nobody is perfect..