U-turn: Murder case against banker, Yinka Johnson dropped

by Isi Esene

There are indications that the murder charges against Yinka Johnson, the banker who allegedly killed an official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) last Friday, have been dropped.

According to the LASTMA authorities, Johnson who was driving a green Land Rover vehicle hit the (now late) LASTMA official, Hammed Balogun, while trying to evade arrest from the traffic management officers. She was reported to have been driving against traffic from Mega Chicken inward toll plaza two when she was intercepted.

According to the LASTMA general manager, Babatunde Edu, after hitting the 33-year-old LASTMA official, the woman drove into Ikota Estate, Ajah, to avoid arrest but was later apprehended and detained at the Criminal Investigative Department, Panti.

This scenario painted by the LASTMA general manager was, however, refuted by eyewitnesses who said Balogun was hit by a Danfo driver who for unknown reasons was left out of the LASTMA report.

Doyin Akinlade, a Lagos TV producer, said the traffic enforcement authority is trying to frame Yinka Johnson for reasons best known to them. He claimed the banker voluntarily went to the Ajiwe Police Station with her lawyer to make a statement before she was detained, reportedly on the orders of a higher authority.

He said, “The LASTMA authorities, for some unexplained reasons are trying to pin the alleged crime on Yinka Johnson whose car was not even moving at the time Hammed Balogun was hit. She did not even see the man being hit.”

There are unconfirmed reports that the previously intended charge of murder will be dropped by the authorities, to pursue the charges of driving against traffic which she was initially held for.

Sources say, “Though it’s not official yet but it appears as if the murder charges have been dropped but she will still go to court this morning for the traffic offense.”

We shall continue to give you updates on this story.

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  1. I've always hated lastma and this even makes me to detest them d more. God save us in this country.

  2. So, one Danfo driver that actually did the killing, slept in his house while an innocent woman spent nights in jail?? So much for the CCTV talk we've been hearing since. Maybe they'd actually put it before Jesus comes. The remaining LASTMA officials shouldbe given lectures on THE USE OF COMMON SENSE. I see them on the roads everyday. They'd stop you for any reason, jump into a bus and be dragging with the driver while the bus is in motion, risking the lives of passengers. As much as murder is a sad story,a part of me cannot help but say "THAT SERVES THEM RIGHT. YINKA, SUE THEIR BEHINDS".

  3. This country sha. Punish her for driving on a one-way route, no problem. But these guys were bent on framing an innocent woman. Gosh!!! LASTMA should be sued. Thank God for prayers and eye witness reports, they would have framed an innocent woman and would not even lose sleep. This country needs God's intervention. Leaders are stealing citizens' money, billions are unaccounted for, corruption grows skin-deep everyday. We have not heard any reports of them being arrested o. It's an innocent woman they kept locked in prison with a little baby….. God help Nigeria. Thank God she's free. I hope she has really-good lawyers, Because these guys must PAY!! I hope her bank understands too, because this is a huge issue. There should be legal documentation to retract all talks about her killing a LASTMA official.

  4. Well, if it is true that she didn't kill the LASTMAN official, the LG should give judgement with mercy because of her baby.And also the Lagos state Gov have to give this LASTMAN Orientation on how to deal with the people, how to do what they are call for.Many of this LASTMAN are tout, the gov should try and curb them so as to reduce a lot of atrocities caused by this officials.

  5. Thank God that justice prevailed. I hate Lastma bcos of dis, dey must fish out d danfo driver cos dey must hav been hiding sometin big to hav cruelly implicated Johnson. I hope her bank understands and doesn't sack her.

  6. Sorry fo d lose of life,bt dis angency are type of ppl nt to pity, they will like to come into ur car even in traffic nt to talk of movement on sport, they did that to my frds trust barrack's boys, they allowed him beat nonesense and throw him out, so for dis woman case will be different approach. They are nt educated in d job.

  7. Lesson to every body, avoid breaking any laws…you might just find yourself in a bigger problem. If she hadn't driven against traffic in the first place this won't be happening to her

    1. I pray you are arrested for changing lanes from behind a broken-down vehicle one day very soon. If lastma arrests or extorts you for 'illegal changing of lane' I would see how you will maintain this lesson/moral of the story of yours

  8. I hope she will be highly compensated by lastma for tarnishing her image cos its so unfair.

  9. I wonder what type of human these LASTMA officials are made of. They behave as brigands and frame stories to justify their criminal acts. Most of them having been picked from motor parks are vagabonds empowered. Their ilks trained by them are not performing differently in Benin City. Their excesses need to be curbed.

  10. And I hope she will be highly compensated for lastma tarnishing her image too. Cos its so unfair.

  11. Its fine if she gets punished for the offense she committed not for the one she dint commit,and lastma will have to compensate her largelyyyyyy for this,its so unfair she had to be punished along side her baby,not good at all

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