‘Utterly Naked Runway': Designer (really) pushes the limits at London Fashion Week (PHOTOS – GRAPHIC)

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2 Responses

  1. prereal says:

    This is crazy

  2. Familiar says:

    All in the Name of Fashion! This is Absolute Madness. The Question is,what is Fashion and what is the main aim of the Parade? Is it not for people to see the dress and buy it for their personal Use? Oops may be that’s my own understanding about the show! But I wonder the Crazy fellow that would see all this life distructing Dresses and called it Fashion or Wears! May the Designer Never See a Single Mercy from the Turment of the day of Judgment… And Even the Models are to be Blamed for been cheap to be Used as a symbol of Distruction to our New Generations that are Growing! The End of World is fast Approaching! May the Almighty God have mercy on US… Even the spectators Should also share from the Blame for allowing such Nudity in the society! To hell with you all…I hate people that encourage immoralties!!!

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