Wacko Fada: “I only lay in my ‘casket’ when I do my meditation” – Charly Boy (LOOK)

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11 Responses

  1. Ibukun says:

    Sure Bro! Death is inevitable. But u don’t need lie in a casket to remind urself of it!

  2. ogwu anthony says:

    Oga sir u just made death more scary!

  3. Johnson says:

    I think charly boy should be examined to ascertain the true level of his consciousness. It is not lying in the garsket that he can remind himself about mystery of death as he claimed. He should look at the information he trying to pass across to general public. This his deed, i think it has many judgemental sentiments in the minds of numerous people. I believe that his claims of action is unfounded and can never be justified.

  4. phehartty says:

    I seriously think this dude is taking civilization a step too far! A bad example to our youth from my own perspective.

    God help him.

  5. candilicious says:

    Do whatever makes you happy. My opinion!

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