“We have no Bishop yet”: Increased tension in Imo as youth lock out newly consecrated Bishop

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5 Responses

  1. o.j says:

    i?m sorry to say that the catholic archdiocese of ahiara priests are generating the heat that will destroy them. May God have mercy on the poor souls they purport to be leading

  2. kate says:

    obinna is a great liar! he thought that he can decieve us by saying that the pope appoints opalaeke as bishop of ahiara. it is not true. dont allow obinna to decieve you!!!. it was arinze that apointed him. pope does not even know him. they are all telling lies with the name of pope and the holy spirit just to cover their unjust and unfair acts, and to succeed in their manipulation. God forbid evil and injustice!! they will not succeed. Ahiara has unveiled their plans. LONG LIVE AHIARA DIOCESE. amen

    • Anne says:

      Have we become so small minded,that christianity is no longer about Christ and our salvation,and has become a tool for politics and protests? Since when did Bishops of the catholic church become a quota system matter? Kate,and indeed the rest of Ahiara diocese, your faith and salvation through a relationship with Christ should be your priority. I suppose you will ask God for a quota system in heaven; if you do make it there.

  3. kate says:

    @ o.j dont speak of what you dont know ok!

  4. Bob says:

    Every Human being, every Christian has the right and duty to speak up against injustice, power-play, and subjugation in the house of God. There are now 5 bishops from Awka and none from Mbaise; there are 15 bishops from Onitsha Province and only 4 from Owerri province… No Mbaise priest is a bishop anywhere in the catholic church even though there are more than 500 catholic priest of Mbaise origin who are very qualified to be a bishop… The Mbaise people are protesting the injustice, power-play, subjugation, and favoritism in the appointment of bishops in Igbo land and in Nigeria in general… ; the one person who is the master-mind of these satanic deeds is cardinal Francis Arinze. Let the truth be told: The Bishopric of Ahiara diocese in Mbaise was used to settle Okpalaeke as one of the Arinze loyal and errand boys. Mbaise people did their rosary and singing procession to show their rejection of Okpalaeke to the Church and to the whole world. Even though the imperialist Prince, Francis Arinze intimidated and pushed the man without balls (Archbishop Obinna) to ordain Okpalaeke as the Titular Bishop Ulakwo, Owerri.
    Okpalaeke stands completely rejected by Mbaise forever and ever, Amen!!!!

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