Welcome, Nigeria? See list of countries where gay relationships are already illegal

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5 Responses

  1. benet says:

    We are right in this. Even if we ever have to stand alone.

  2. Bukky says:

    U guys are the best

  3. X says:

    These are countries where God still exhists.

  4. abbb says:

    Don’t mind this scammers, if u do try it ur wasted ur money to dem.

  5. Olumide says:

    Na wah ooo! I sadden me so much that we are so blind. Have WE tried to ask ourselves why Senate President is pushing this bill so much than other bill that has been at the National House of Assembly for years without no attention? What’s his motive for wanting this bill to pass? Seriously this is very political but too sad, many will not see it like this. The true is, no evident has proven anyone same sex person trying to getting in the Church, Mosque or Court. Therefore, why ban what has never happen? Why ban what is already illegal? Nigerians, let try and use our senses for once na! We shouldn’t be fooled and used for political ambition abeg! It clearly stated in the Nigeria Marriage Act, Traditional Marriage, and Islamic Marriage that marriage is between a man and a woman. Therefore, this issue of banning same sex marriage is sick! Joblessness and no sight of focus for the lawmakers. I will try not to even go further into human rights or sexual right as this will be a long argument for many who don’t even understand their rights talkess of what human rights means to a secular state like Nigeria. Let start from the marriage and analyse how useless this bill will be. Get the bill and see the content, it totally different from the headline.

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