Young & Nigerian: Living with Vitiligo

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7 Responses

  1. Pooja says:

    Hi, i m pooja, 24, from India. My parents got married 27 years back. My mom has been a patient of vitiligo since last 10 years. Earlier, she had very minute patches but since the last 3 years they have grown much. My mom has lost her self-confidence and has socially isolated herself completely. Also, since my childhood days i’ve found her little mentally & emotionally distressed owing to her bad relationships with her in-laws in family. And after the prominence of this skin disease she doesn’t seem to be mentally normal.Her condition has worsened to such an extent that she doesn’t sleep at night, remains frustrated and cries frequently and talks to herself. Has her vitiligo developed due to this history of emotional distress? Do i need to refer her to a psychiatrist? Plz answer my questions if u have any..

    • Ogo says:

      Hi Pooja,
      This response is coming rather too late, but if you get to read this, yes please sh needs to be refereed to a psychologist a psycodermatologist whom will be in the best position to advise her stage of mental situation to see a psychiatrist.
      Do you know about Shweta Association in India – Dr. Maya Tulupe, do contact them, am very sure they will help your mum.

    • Biswa Ranjan Panda says:

      read your subject ,, here i may suggest you no need to take your mother to any doctor… as you ,might have aware that this vitiligo is not a diseases at all… its very clear that deficiency of Vitamin-E this happens..

      dear puja me too also suffered from this since my 16 years age,, when i was in +2,, college.. at first i became surprise to see this. my entire family ,,,parents 3 elder sister are also surprise to see this in the year 1982…

      then i went to top hospital IGH, Rourkela, Odisha for treatment,,,, there result was nil.. then my parents read in a paper that medicine are available in Calcutta for curing this..

      parents bring medicine from Calcutta and my all sisters apply to my body at night..

      at first i was feel different to meet any one.. day after day i strong inside and now am working with a nation print media as district correspondence in my district..

      so so not to be worry at .. please touch me we can share a lot in this regards..

  2. Ogo says:

    Thanks guys, just came in contact with this…..

  3. pls what cause this and how is stated.

  4. pls what cause this and how is stated.

  5. Akinsanya Dare Peters says:

    well i am a would be Counselling Psychologist, i really like to research on this but please how do i get to speak with Vitiligo Patient My Contact 07030085926 from Nigeria.

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