6 things we learnt from Psquare’s new video, ‘Personally’

by SK Johnson

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P-Square’s latest musical release is a video accompaniment to their song ”Personally,” which, in case you haven’t heard it, features them declaring the things they want to do and how they want to “deal with you,” among other things, “persona-personally.”

The video is as impressive as anything we’ve come to expect from the duo, the twins burning up the screen with charisma as compelling as the song is catchy, and below we present to you the top 5 take-aways from the visual.

– These guys can dance

Of course this goes without saying at this point, but really, it’s worth mentioning that their talent in this regard is not dwindling in the slightest.

– They are serious hard workers

Beyond the innate dancing ability that the video reminds us these twins possess, what stands out even more is their dedication to their craft. The video sees them pulling off moves that would have taken a time period we can even begin to imagine, to perfect. There’s lots of hip thrusting and fancy footwork, the intricacies of which are all pulled off with the kind of precision that doesn’t happen by accident. Just when we were beginning to buy into our own delusions of possibly one day being able to pull off the cardio routine disguised as the dance routine they threw at us in “Alingo,” they give us this.

– They’ve got great taste in suits

Picture 1

… or a great stylist. Either way, those suits and hats are looking mighty sharp. Oh, and did you notice the shoes?

– They’re Michael Jackson fans

Picture 2

And they want everyone to know it. The whole video plays out like some sort of belated MJ Tribute, (then again, any tribute to the late King of Pop is never untimely,) with the boys dressed in sequined suits and some of his other his signature outfits, recreating moves from some of his legendary videos, most notable of which would probably be Thriller.

Picture 3

And just in case we didn’t notice all of that, there’s also a picture right behind.

Picture 4

– Yes, that’s Kaffy.

Picture 5

Everyone’s favourite dancer/choreographer/World Record Holder Kafayat Shafau aka Kaffy rears her weave-laden head here again. Now, we love Kaffy, and we are in awe of her stamina, but it is exactly for this reason we are perplexed here. Seriously, she pops up in pretty much every video with a dance scene for a major Nigerian artiste. We’re not done appreciating her moves in Seyi Shay’s recently released Irawo video and here she is popping and locking again. Seeing the same face in every video can’t possibly not get old, can it? Ah well….

– Paw-Paw is still as hilarious as ever.

Picture 6

Osita Iheme shows up here and reminds us why he’s undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s most recognizable comic actors. Seriously, he barely does anything here and it’s still a riot to see!



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  1. I luv u guys keep it up may u fly higher dan super eagles.

  2. Wow…….diz is extraordinary splendind am short of words but know diz “brodas”(psquare)u guyz are gr8…am nt a twin…bt i wish for 2,i declare dat u guyz will soar higher than d eagles…wish 2 c u sum dai…knw knowledge is lost Kaffy….Bravo!!!

  3. Men! I jus can’t stop watchin dis mentor wit dia amazin dance moves honestly i can’t describe ma luv 4 dis guyz, big ups 2 peter and his cute son.

  4. These guys r crazy wen it cums to makin me go mad dancing. Even if dey clap, I’ll dance. Dey r my super starz. I love u guyz. D P”Brodas”

  5. good guys am from US.. am a military man in US I really love this.

  6. …and the cute boy in the video is Peter’s son Cameron. It’s obvious he is emulating his dad. Nice one guyz!!!

  7. Thank u for d points,psquare is truely d king of africa music even blind n deaf can see n hear dem.

cool good eh love2 cute confused notgood numb disgusting fail