Girl gone rouge! Thandie Newton takes on a RAUNCHY sex scene in new TV show (PHOTOS)

She’s more known for taking on big dramatic roles than pursuing gritty parts.

But Thandie Newton has somewhat revamped her image with her latest TV show Rogue – in which she is seen enjoying an incredibly raunchy sex scene with her male co-star.

The scene shows mother-of-two Thandie gasping in ecstasy as her partner grasps her, while another shows the man nibbling on the actress’ cleavage.

Revamping her image: Thandie Newton is seen in a very raunchy sex scene as part of her new TV show Rogue

In Rogue, Thandie, 40, stars as undercover detective Grace, who teams up with a crime boss in a bid to find out if she somehow contributed to the death of her son.

Hell bent on finding the truth, Grace goes rogue in order to find the answers and exact vengeance on those involved.

But along the way the mourning mother gets caught up with a dangerously powerful family, after striking up a relationship with crime boss, Jimmy Laszlo (Marton Csokas) who may just be involved in her son’s murder.

Raw sexuality: The sexual scenes are a vast departure from Thandie’s normal roles


In the throes of passion: Thandie said the scenes were ‘necessary’ to move on the narrative of the show


As few takes as possible: Thandie said she and her co-star discussed the scene with the director in detail beforehand to avoid having to double up on takes


Speaking previously about the ‘rawness’ of the sex scenes in the show, Thandie said: ‘It serves the story – it was necessary. In terms of the pragmatic, how do you deal with it… you cast people who are sensitive and kind and professional.

‘I was incredibly fortunate to work with the actors I worked with. When it comes to those scenes it’s just about sitting with the director, talking about what’s going to happen, being really clear on how it’s going to be shot and being really clear on what’s necessary so you don’t do any more than you need to do.

‘It was about keeping it as clear and as straightforward as you can, and just trying to cover it in as few shots and takes as is necessary. It’s about having a real firm hold on the characters and allowing them to experience this situation so we can move the narrative forward and give the audience a stronger sense of what is pinning these people together.’


Thandie added: ‘I was really proud of our ability to work on explicit material in such a way that really does inform the storyline.’

Another scene from the show, which aired earlier this week in America, shows Thandie cleaning herself off in the show.

Thandie is currently in Cannes, France, promoting Rogue, and showed off her figure in a glittering metallic dress at the MIPTV 50th Anniversary Opening Gala at the Festival Palace on Monday evening.

Thandie Newton in raunchy nude shower scene for Rogue

Shimmering: Thandie gleamed on the red carpet in Cannes as she arrived during the world’s audiovisual and digital content market MIPTV on Monday night

Pretty lady: The actress stood out in her frock on Monday evening a she lead the glamour at the bash

The actress literally glimmered as she arrived at the bash in a shimmering metallic frock from The Gathering Goddess.

Thandie showed off her skin with the low cut of the dress which she matched with a pair of pointy black heels.

Newton completed her look as she accessorised with a bronze coloured clutch in fitting with the metallic theme of her ensemble.

Stylish: Earlier in the day Thandie attended a photocall for ‘Rogue dressed in a white and red organza dress

She looked a picture of health and happiness with her dark locks worn down, while she added long earrings to add even more glitz.

Thandie was just one of the star guests at the MIPTV, which runs until 11 April and is one of the world’s leading international trade events dedicated to international television programmes, digital content and interactive entertainment for all platforms.

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