“Hypocrites, they watch Spartacus then condemn Room 027” – Nollywood’s Collins Onwochei defends film role (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

by Chi Ibe

Room 027 is the Nollywood movie everyone is talking about for its explicit scenes of sex and nudity.

The movie stars actors; Collins Onwochei and Tony Umez who pushed the boundaries a bit in a few raunchy scenes raising questions on why they accepted roles in “soft porn”.

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But despite the nudity, suggestive acts and breast grabbing scenes all in the preview alone, Onwochei has insisted that his role in the movie was not soft porn or even close.

In an interview with Encomium magazine this week, the actor reportedly said:

“Room 027 has made a lot of headlines, especially on the social network. I say this with all sense of responsibility. I think Nigerians are hypocrites. They are the same people that will say you can tell the end of a movie just by seeing the beginning. Same people that watch all episodes of Spartacus in the comfort of their living room and nobody gives a hoot about it. I did not shoot or act in a soft porn movie. Room 027 is nothing close to a soft porn movie. I have no interest in nudity. I just did my job as an actor. Nigerians have not seen the movie, they don’t know whether the girl was naked or if anyone was naked and they are making a whole lot of noise about it.”








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