“My grandmother raised me for a world that doesn’t exist.” Victoria Inyama sits #WithChude.

Victoria Inyama

Victoria Inyama, once a prominent figure in Nollywood alongside peers like Genevieve Nnaji and Kate Henshaw, made a life-altering decision to relocate to the United Kingdom with her husband, envisioning a blissful journey ahead.

However, what awaited her was far from the fairy-tale ending she had hoped for. In her interview on #WithChude, she reveals the harrowing truth of enduring domestic abuse, torment by her husband’s girlfriends, and ongoing threats to her life. Victoria Inyama delves deeper into her untold story, shedding light on the profound challenges she faced.

Here are 3 basic things I learnt from this inspiring interview.

  1. The decisions we make in life make a huge difference in the kind of life we end up living. Victoria Inyama, a Nollywood superstar, had a future in the industry. The decision to leave her career and build a home is not a bad idea, but the end point of it is not what we all thought. Don’t give up your career because you want to please anyone. Be true to yourself, and make life decisions critically.
  2. Victoria Inyama said she feels her grandmother raised her up for a society that doesn’t exist. I think that’s not the complete way to put it. It is not that her grandmother prepared her for a world that didn’t exist; it’s that her grandmother didn’t tell her that you must be kind, but you will meet unkind people. You must be generous, but you will meet ungrateful people. You must forgive, but you will meet people who, as you are forgiving them, are still, like Nigerians say, still ‘wickeding’ you. You must be prepared for that. You cannot lie to yourself about that.
  3. An abusive relationship should never be managed. Get out and save yourself; then you can save the marriage. A dead person won’t have a chance to save what they truly adore. So why not leave at the smell of abuse rather than sit down there and go through it all?  Victoria Inyama’s experience shows how women go through domestic abuse, but they will rather stay because they were taught to endure and keep their marriage. That world no longer exists.

Victoria Inyama’s experience is such an inspiration to the younger generation. Live your best life and do not limit your ability by what society says about you.

Catch up with the full episode of Victoria Inyama HERE

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