Sabinus is not your problem, and remember we all forget easily

Indeed, we are all sad about the event of Sunday, where terrorists killed innocent Nigerian citizens while they worshipped their God. Unimaginable, you’ll say, but nothing should surprise you anymore in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s level of insecurity is at the tipping point, but we are all pretending to be unaware because bodies are not lying on the streets, house are still standing, companies have not been burnt to ashes and the people in power can have dinner gatherings hours after a terror act.

Others are quiet and are hypocritically angry because insecurity has ‘not yet hit home’, so it’s not yet their business. There are also arguments that Nigerians are not angry yet, reason everyone gets away with the most sinister acts and a revolution is not in sight.

The Owo massacre has become history in less than 24 hours. The conversation around it was had yesterday and that was it. Everyone has gone to their tents. It is a new day, a new conversation.

If you expected that Nigerians will keep pushing for justice for the families of the victims of the massacre, check the map where you are pinned. Or check which part of the map the conversation is focused on. You may get your answers from your thoughts and previous experiences.

Inbetween when we remember that someone has to be blamed for the massacre, we argue that the actions of popular names in times like this signifies that they have no empathy. We make attempts to blame the popular name: they are all the same.

Content creator, Sabinus is today’s target.

What is his offence? He posted a comedy skit which seemed to make people laugh.

On the other side of those who laughed are those whose timelines have not been used for any form of activism or demand for accountability, the ones who never talk about national issues, who are not part of political conversations, do not make attempts to inform or educate others who are supposedly ignorant, but want to ask Sabinus to wear a sac cloth and lay on an Abuja expressway so he draws the attention of the people at Aso Rock.

These people do not care about doing it themselves, they want to dictate how others should do it. “You must post about this. You must tear your shirt and mourn.” They say.

On a lighter note, they say “not the time.”

The argument is that there’s hardly any humanity left in any of us. Asking people to make their timelines bleed is not the way. After all, except the families of the victims, every other Nigerian probably went about their normal business.

There was no talk of peaceful walks, or proposed national gatherings, or some other activity, to determine a definite end to the insecurity in the country. We have all left it to the government, as it is not our business.

When the government or the police releases another statement about the massacre, we react, and move on again. The same cycle.

Leave Sabinus, he’s not your problem.

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