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EditorFebruary 9, 2018

The Sexuality Blog: A serial rapist got caught in UNILAG but that’s only half the story

Earlier this week, the internet went agog with the unbelievable story of Imonitie Ilen-Otuma, a graduate of the University of ...

EditorFebruary 8, 2018

The Sexuality Blog: Need someone to talk to? Mentally Aware Nigeria’s got you

Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI) just showed up big time for young people in Nigeria. One of the biggest problems ...

EditorFebruary 2, 2018

The Sexuality Blog: The Lagos state government just opened special sexual offences courts

While you might have your grievances with the Lagos state government and how it has treated disadvantaged persons within the ...

EditorJanuary 30, 2018

[The Sexuality Blog] Just a reminder that even victims of sexual assault can also uphold the attacker

Big Brother Nigeria is the gift that keeps on giving. Last weekend, during the launch of the new season of ...

EditorJanuary 28, 2018

The Sexuality Blog: Maria Ude Nwachi’s suspension from the Ebony House of Assembly is a reminder even power doesn’t isolate women from misogyny

One of the biggest news stories of the last week was the surprise suspension of Maria Ude Nwachi. Nwachi is ...

EditorJanuary 26, 2018

[The Sexuality Blog] Your favorite rape ‘prevention technique’ is problematic and here’s why

This was originally published on Medium by Miss Wura Abulatan. We think the message she conveys here is important in ...

EditorJanuary 17, 2018

The Sexuality Blog: Uganda’s US ambassador beat his wife in front of guests for bringing up his infidelities, when will this end?

Thanks to the #MeToo movement, millions of women have been able to come forward and tell their stories about sexual ...

EditorJanuary 16, 2018

The Sexuality Blog: Post-partum depression is a thing; it is not up for discussion

Far too many parts of a woman’s life seem to be up for negotiation these days. We try to negotiate ...

EditorJanuary 14, 2018

The Sexuality Blog: A sexual offender is about to face the consequences of his actions

A few months ago, we wrote about how Nigerian sexists, misogynists and sexual assaulters need to stay in Nigeria if ...

EditorJanuary 13, 2018

The Sexuality Blog: Inspired by Oprah, Nigerian women are telling their sexual assault stories

Many underestimate and even outrightly dismiss Hollywood award shows. And their distrust is understandable, it is true that the film ...

EditorJanuary 12, 2018

The Sexuality Blog: Tanzania’s Magufuli is really out here arresting schoolgirls for falling pregnant

The president of Tanzania, Robert Magufuli was hailed as a revolutionary when he took office a few years ago. He ...

EditorJanuary 11, 2018

The Sexuality Blog: Transwomen are back in the news, and as usual it is a mess

The first week of 2018 has been rife with stories around transwomen. However, unlike 2017’s transwomen stories where we debated ...

EditorJanuary 10, 2018

The Sexuality Blog: #CoolMenDontBuySex is well meaning but ultimately misguided

You might not have seen this but the hashtag CoolMenDontBuySex has been trending in certain communities on Twitter, two groups ...

EditorDecember 23, 2017

[The Sexuality Blog] Slay TV is giving transpeople some much needed ‘Transparency’

Much of the hatred and bias that sexual minorities face stems from a lack of representation and a lack of ...

EditorDecember 17, 2017

[The Sexuality Blog] Has OLIC taken precautions so it isn’t trailed with rape allegations like PhynoFest?

OLIC is well underway and we have a few questions. We constantly complain that the Nigerian government doesn’t seem to ...

EditorDecember 13, 2017

[The Sexuality Blog] If we dragged a gay or transgender person to Jesus for judgement today, what would Jesus do?

It is not often that we get someone as read Chude Jideonwo give an extensive, exhaustive examination of our attitudes ...

EditorDecember 10, 2017

[The Sexuality Blog] Listen to Frankie Edozien talk to the BBC about his gay memoir

Nigerian American journalist Chike Frankie Edozien left Nigeria to go to university in the United States at age 19, he ...

EditorDecember 3, 2017

[The Sexuality Blog] Canada apologises for centuries of discrimination against indigenous LGBT persons

For past wrongs and the unjust treatment of LGBTQ2 Canadians, we apologize and promise to keep working to fight inequality. ...

EditorDecember 1, 2017

[The Sexuality Blog] A SlutWalk is coming to Lagos

I guess this is the last thing you’d expect to happen in Lagos, but it is actually happening. Lagos is ...

EditorNovember 29, 2017

[The Sexuality Blog] It is not Toke Makinwa’s job to make anybody’s daddy service his debts

If you’ve been following the entertainment and gossip blogs, then you’ll know Toke Makinwa is back in the news. This ...

EditorNovember 28, 2017

[The Sexuality Blog] More Nigerian celebrities need to follow D’Banj’s example

We have been hard on Nigerian celebrities here on the Sexuality Blog and rightly so. While they have not chosen ...

EditorNovember 27, 2017

The Sexuality Blog: Chude Jideonwo is headlining this year’s Human Rights, Sexuality and The Law Summit

The Human Rights, Sexuality and The Law Summit organized by The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERS) and the Equality Hub ...

EditorNovember 25, 2017

The Sexuality Blog: Grace Mugabe is the new Imelda Marcos, we’ve done this song and dance before

Two days ago, after a unofficial coup, intense pressure by members of his party and the international community and a ...

EditorNovember 24, 2017

The Sexuality Blog: These are the LGBT themed films from Africa you should be looking to see.

For LGBT film makers, the film festival circuit has become an alternative sanctuary of sorts. The film festival circuit in ...

EditorNovember 23, 2017

The Sexuality Blog: Listen to Amaa Ata Aidoo and Timehin Adegbeye discussion the ‘F’ word at Ake Festival 2017

The Ake Books and Art Festival 2017 is arguably the biggest literary Festival in West Africa, drawing thousands of book ...

EditorNovember 21, 2017

The Sexuality Blog: Olumide Popoola’s ‘When We Speak Of Nothing’ launches in Lagos

On Thursday, 16 November 2017, When We Speak of Nothing, the debut novel by Olumide Popoola, was launched in Lagos, Nigeria, ...

EditorNovember 11, 2017

The Sexuality Blog: Ezekiel Mutua threatens to ban the Disney channel because of its LGBT friendly show “Andi Mack”

At this point you can almost depend on the Kenyan director of the Kenyan Film Classification Board, KFCB to be ...

EditorNovember 10, 2017

[The Sexuality Blog] Giovanni Melton: What kind of monster kills his son for being gay?

Giovanni Melton had always known he was gay. His sexuality wasn’t something he could hide either, and much younger than ...

EditorNovember 10, 2017

The Sexuality Blog: This PBS report puts a human face on the victims of the Nigeria/Italy sex trade

According to reports, there are literally no families in Edo state that have not been directly affected the Edo/Italy trafficking-sex ...

EditorNovember 10, 2017

The Sexuality Blog: America just elected its first transgender lawmaker

What a difference a year can make. It has been approximately a year since President Donald Trump was elected into office ...

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