Hold on, how come no member of the opposition has been to London to see the President?

Scratch that, the more interesting question is “How come no opposition member has been to London to The Bu?

If the whole point of all the travelling to see the President is to assure Nigerians that he’s truly hale and hearty, in good spirits or just to see him in order to keep mum about his health, who better to do so in a way that Nigerians will believe than the Goodluck Jonathans, Ayodele Fayoses or even the Ike Ekweremadus of the People’s Democratic Party?

However, all we have had so far are members of the President, Muhammadu Buhari‘s cabinet as well as his party members from the All Progressive Congress taking off to visit him one after the other even after the Presidency had insisted there was no need for this because – you guessed it – he’s only on a vacation.

Before we start to ask the moot question about how a mere vacation turned into medical tourism that has left the nation unsure of how to address the Vice-President ( since we are on the subject. he’s certainly not an acting president), let’s return to the interesting question above.

Why has no one from the opposition visited the President at his stay-cation in the Abuja House, London?

At first, it might appear that no opposition party member has offered to go see the President and of course, the President cannot force a vacation visit upon anyone. Or can’t he?

However, it now appears that those who have been to visit the President may have done so at the invitation or at least by some mutual agreement that the President won’t refuse to see them if they dropped in.

In any case, it is now clear that many PDP members are no longer comfortable with this arrangement.

Speaking with the PREMIUM TIMES today, the House Minority Leader, Mr Leo Ogor, hinted that the ruling party may have a made a decision to exclude members of the PDP from the visit including the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu.

Premium Times reports that it has spoken in separate phone conversations with at least 12 PDP lawmakers. The general tone of the report is that they are all happy with the feedback from those who have gone even though they’d rather the visits, especially the last one, were made on behalf of the House – thereby including them – as opposed to how they have been made so far.

“You’re aware that the first visit was done by Tinubu and Akande,” Mr. Ogor told PREMIUM TIMES. “There was no PDP member that participated in that visit, so you can clearly see that it is more of a political party thing.”

“I have a hint of the visit much earlier. I saw the president smiling. I saw the Senate President smiling. I saw the Speaker smiling. And when I saw that picture, I also smiled.

“We thank God for his live. We wish him well. But I am convinced that that visit was purely based on political colouration. So, it is totally inconsequential because we were not invited.”

Another lawmaker, according to Premium Times says there’s “no need to be surprised about anything these people do.” Which incidentally might well sum up the current feeling of a lot of Nigerians about the whole affair.



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  • Anonymous says:

    how much can we beleive that mr president is alive? And if it is a vacation,is it good for a man to live his house and go and sit into another mans house withuot a proper arrengement?????

  • i, think Nigerians are doing much i do about nothing over the president absence. By law the president is not prohibited to go on vacation, neither is the law prohibit mr president to go on medical check up. If ordinary citizens are going abroad at will why not the president goes out? On the controversy over mr president health, anybody can be sick any time. I think is high time we imbibe positive thinking rather than baseless sentiment about a man who meant well for this country. Our president will come home hale and healthy anytime. BEN TIDE from makurdi.

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