Toke Makinwa backtracks? “Linda Ikeji is one of my role models” she says

by Lekan Olanrewaju

Last week we got word of popular radio host Toke Makinwa seemingly coming down on blogger Linda Ikeji, saying “I don’t think Linda Ikeji is a role model. She’s a gossiper, She sells gossip” and going on to enjoin her listeners not to pay attention to her as well as bloggers like Perez Hilton.

Miss Ikeji responded to the jab by explaining she didn’t even know who Toke was, and sharing stories of her personal struggles.

Stories like that, however, are something you should never expect from Miss Makinwa, who recently sat down for a chat with 360nobs and said, when asked about how she helped other people, that she would prefer to keep such information private. She went on to say,

“I’m not the person who will come on here and give you ‘I was once a girl who had no shoes, who never dated anyone, and now I help the guy on Ajose-Adeogun to pay his school fees.’ What I do for people who come up to me to ask me for help or come up to me to ask me to inspire them is between myself and the person.”

“You’re not gonna get a sob story from me” she said.

When asked about the controversy regarding being misquoted on the internet about a certain unnamed “someone”, she responded “how do you know I was misquoted” with a giggle. “What if I said it?”

“I don’t know her.” she said of this someone. “I’ve never met her in my life. We don’t run in the same circles, we’re not friends.”

“So when I saw that I thought ‘hmm’,” she continued. “Obviously trying to make this a personal issue. I wasn’t contacted to know if it was true, if it wasn’t true, how it happened.”

When asked “If the other party involved were to walk in here now, what would you say?” she said “I would not even look there. I don’t know her. What does she even look like?” she said jokingly.

“It wasn’t something condescending, so there’s nothing to talk about.”

Interestingly, when asked about who her role models were, she said “Linda Ikeji is one of them, shout out to you.”


Check out the video below.

Any guesses as to who the “someone” is? We have no idea, really.

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  1. toke is arito she fucked her friend's father

  2. What is going to happen to this girl when she marries and gets pregnant? You cant bleach when you are pregnant and your kids are not going be light skinned. And why is she talking like that? I swear this is a bush girl and a poster child on how to be FAKE.

  3. This Toke is just a confused binsh!!!

  4. Omg omg Toke is lying2 av said she nor knw linda.linda u go gurl u rock big time&we gud ladies re so proud of ya. Who be this one toke ni,toke kor,go look4 better spot sitdown joor. Mscheeeeeeeeeeewwwww

  5. Who is this person? Why is she being interviewed? All these 'famous for being famous' people. Like my former boss used to say, when supposed 'journalists' want to be celebrities, you know there is trouble.

  6. why is she speaking like she got hot yam for mouth, see her bleached hand. She is yoruba why she dey call Nike Oshinowo name like she no be naija girl….SMH

  7. the interviewer messed up by saying(toke girl) she was misquoted.please if you are a journalist do the job the way it is supposed to be time when conducting an interview you ask questions you dont go there to take sides.for the toke girl to correct you by saying ;what if i said it;is a pointer to the fact that you were actually sucking up to her probably this linda ikeja girl doesnt fit into the island click. and you didnt want to name names but wanted clarification on a particular matter?seriously who are you time come on straight with the name ok because identities have already been established and am sure that was the main purpose of the interview.please dont make us journalist come out as for the toke girl she sounds sarcastic and unrepentant because am thinking she feels she is more classy than the linda girl.and a word of advice for toke dont ever downgrade anybody because truth is miracles happen everyday unless yiu guys have had a one on one confrontation then you can diss her the way you just did by asking who she is and that you dont know her.but you read her blog huh very funny

  8. This girl is a total bitch. For someone who praises God so much I see no evidence of the Holy Spirit in this interview, just a rude sarcastic person – SMH

  9. I honestly do not know why you giving prominence to this unrepentant ret**d. Coming out to say Linda Ikeji is one of her role models is obviously false and deceitful. Toke, shut up!!

  10. Toke makinwa, bleachy bleachy aristo babe. Trying so hard to be relevant. O ma shee ooo

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