Big Brother Daily Di-Gist #15: Mildred tells the other ladies to “back off” Keitta (who doesn’t like her)

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by Denike & Ifedayo

The rate at which the housemates gossip these days is just alarming! Jeanette (the fake virgin) seems to be the biggest gossip in Downville and as for Upville, it’s Maneta and Mampi!

The Downvillers say Jeanette is trying too hard to fit in so she goes from group to group, gossiping and gathering dirt! So not cool!

Now it is certified: Upville is boring. After DKB bragged so much about the place, nothing much seems to be happening. Remember Maneta’s first dairy session in Upville? She moaned about how unenertaining it was.  Well, new resident Zainab said the exact same thing yesterday in her first dairy session. But wait o, Zainab enjoys the fighting and all; she even said so herself. Now she’s looking for trouble in Upville and already having problems with Maneta. She told Biggie Maneta has no brain. Wow! But the male half of  Upville seem to like her, mostly because she’s not as uptight as the other Upville celebrity ladies and they are sure she’ll put them all in their place if they ever step out of line (which you know they will).

We all know the Seydou/Talia love story. Even though Eve isn’t Talia’s friend I think she shouldn’t look for trouble, now she’s after Seydou! I think she’s just trying to piss Talia!

Another love story, Keitta and Mildred. Mildred said she was happy that Zainab’s out of the house because she has been making advances at her man, Keitta and she didn’t like it. Keitta, on the other hand, said he was never attracted to Zainab, but Mildred is sending warning signals out to the ladies to “back off”, witches!

The Upvillers were asked to nominate themselves and boy were they agonising about that fact. Everyone except Maneta nominated Mampi, all for the same “gossip” reason— he gossips too much!  Maneta, her gossip partner, had the second highest number of nomination thanks to her friendship with Mampi. It is such a problem even her fellow countryman, Roki nominated her. DKB also had three nominations. Which means that DKB, Mampi and Maneta are up for elimination this week.

In the elimination room meanwhile, Goldie complained that none of her songs had been played as ambient music for the house, and that everyone else’s music had had a spin. She even repped for her fellow Kennis Music label mates and said none of their songs had been played either. Oh Goldie, loyalty will get you everything.

As head of house, DKB decides to save himself and nominated Lady May to take his place. Sorry m’Lady!

Maneta and Roki got into a huge fight when she found out Roki nominated her and the fight was crazy! It even had part 2, but later in the night, Roki apologised.


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  1. DKB replaced himself with LADY MAY and not BARBZ. Get your gist right

cool good eh love2 cute confused notgood numb disgusting fail