“Honest, zealous, humble”: Evelyn T.B. Joshua opens up on husband (and she’s a beauty!) – See Photos

Evelyn TB Joshua

by Akan Ido

Not much is known about Prophet T.B Joshua’s wife, Evelyn Temitope Joshua, until she grants an interview revealing her humble upbringing and how she met the controversial founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) located in Ikotun, Lagos.

She spoke about her relationship with Joshua and her role in the SCOAN ministry.

Please read excerpts from the interview below:

AWT: It is not everyday that a young woman meets a T. B. Joshua in her life’s sojourn, how did you meet him?

Evelyn: I had gone to see my sister somewhere in the Ikotun area of Lagos, and he was being discussed. It was a kind of gathering really, and I was about the only person that had not seen him. Nice things were being said about him and at that point in my life I needed a guide, so I asked my sister who already had met him once if she knew him and could I see him.

AWT:… A guide, like spiritual help or…?

Evelyn: Not like you are putting it, I was not going to see him out of curiosity and I wasn’t confused, just needed a guide.

AWT:  People write, say and believe terrible things about your husband, how do you feel?

Evelyn:  I am blank, I feel no bitterness, he’s my husband, I know the man I married and the God he serves.

AWT: He’s not God, he gets tempted, some of the things said, are they not true, how do you help him?

Evelyn: (smiling) Really I do not know your line of question but in life there are few alternatives, infact I can tell you here are no alternatives in life. Anything that is contrary to what we stand for or what God sent us for, is what we are going to fight against. God has been faithful, He has been merciful enough guiding and protecting us in that angle.

AWT: Who are you ma, you sure do have a background, family, school and roots…are you also a prophetess by lineage…(smiling)?

Evelyn: I was born some 40 years ago, my parents are Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Akabude, we are 7 kids and we hail from Okala Okpuno in Oshimili North Local Government of Delta state.

My primary education was in Ezi town in Delta, St. Emecheta Primary School., I came to Lagos in 1977 and completed my primary education at Orile Primary  School Oshodi and my secondary education was in Oshodi too. Beside that I took a couple of management courses in Ghana.

AWT: Back to the issue of guide, in what area did you need guide before you went to meet him?

Evelyn: Life is full of challenges, I was a young girl, I knew God was there, I had a creator and I knew  He can guide me to the right path. Just needed someone to guide me, it wasn’t particular.

AWT: Which church were you attending before then?

Evelyn: Assemblies of God

AWT: But really ma’ am what particularly was it that was being said that attracted you?

Evelyn: Many things were being said, how he prayed for a man and things became better, another her life was bent and it straightened on meeting him, so we went there with my sister, we did not even meet him at home, looking back thank God we went.

AWT: Any reason, why you are saying thank God?

Evelyn: Yes, because at least it wasn’t like my sister went and told her something about me, that would have ruined it. So when I eventually saw him, he gave me a photocopy of my life, I had never met him before that day, I had never been to his place apart from he first time with my sister and we did not meet him.

That day was a public holiday, I went alone, it was difficult locating the place. I had a novel to read as I waited in the waiting room, some old folks, two of them later I believe were angels, came in, picked one or two things and left.

And finally I got into the room, I recall very well, he picked a piece of paper and wrote ‘Ejide’ meaning twin, and guess what?

AWT: Don’t know ma, but you had started talking with him?

Evelyn: I am a twin…and before then, I had not told him anything about myself, we were just looking at each other, until he brought out the piece of paper and wrote my name. He told me a lot of things about myself, things I knew and things I never knew, about my family, past, present and future. And all these while he spoke in Yoruba, till the point he apologised and told me not to think this was his style.

He said he had no concubine or girlfriend , but will I marry him.

AWT: And you were not shocked or surprised especially as a young gullible girl?

Evelyn: It wasn’t funny, it was strange but you know the spirit testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. Months later I would ask him, if it was right to just propose to a girl you were meeting for the first time. He then told me he had seen me four days earlier.

AWT: Where, in a dream, how?

Evelyn: Honestly till date I do not know.

AWT: But really what was your expectation?

Evelyn: I had a lot of expectation, least of them was a handsome young man?

AWT: You were captivated, swept off your feet…?

Evelyn: (laughing) I would not know, he wrote my name on that paper that shocked me though, and proposing without even dating.

AWT: So you left Assemblies of God…?

Evelyn: I did not leave Assemblies of God, just needed a guide.

AWT: What nailed the relationship, what was the special thing?

Evelyn: Look he is a very honest man, a humble man and God-fearing too. I saw a kind-hearted , a zealous, and man of purpose, his sole aim was just to please God, any other thing was just additional. I knew he was the man, something in me clicked, it was strange.

AWT: So you said yes…where was the wedding or what type?

Evelyn: Hmmmmmmmm, laughing, have I really said yes…? We courted just for few months, got married same year and off course the marriage was in my place, both traditional and church wedding.

AWT: So what do you contribute to his ministry, you are not he usually vocal mama typed prophet wife, and marriage?

Evelyn: Ministry of reconciliation, in marriage and ministry they go hand-in-hand, they cannot be separated. In my ministry, you need a lot of time to listen to people, to hear them, they want to bare their mind, a prophet doesn’t have that time, especially after talking for hours, so I do that.

AWT: How do you cope not seeing him all the time, and how about all the things we hear about him, you combine all these, how?

Evelyn: Let me correct you, my family is intact, I know my husband and have no doubt, I know the good work the Lord started in him, He will accomplish and complete in Jesus name. Whatever my husband does I support him, trials and problems are just challenges.

AWT: Any prophecy for me…our team…as we say a big thank you for having us, almost without notice.

Evelyn: Laughing, it is well with you and your team, and don’t say what I did not say…

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  • Prince Godson says:

    Mama I love you. You are the rib that God sent for this man with a this rare ministry, the Lord who started this work in your family will finish it, in Jesus Name. Amen!

  • khunbulani moyo says:

    Mama Joshua you are really a humble woman,down to your knees,may God keep and bless you more,am so blessed by having you in this generation,and God showed me that the prophet he more than a prophet though am not allowed to say more only to say really Jesus is in your house,shalom.

  • Premrose says:

    Comment:oh what a humbled family…I love my Prophet n his wife n children…may the Lord u serve preserve n use u mightily….God shame the devil n people who despise Prophet TB JOSHUA, cause them to know that ure God of wonders, that ure God of Prophet TB JOSHUA n u sent him to do ur work. ..amen

  • Emmanuel A. Agbala says:

    Emmanuel A.
    Our mother in the lord you’re a wonderful woman a courageous woman, a wise woman who build her house in a rock that cannot sink, God of Prophet TB Joshua would continue to be with you. emma-nuel… God with us.

  • Emmanuel A. Agbala says:

    Emmanuel A. Our mother in the lord you are a wonderful woman a courageous woman the type read in the bible God of Prophet TB Joshua would continue to bless you in Jesus Christ name… Amen. emma-nuel.. God with us.

  • Sydwell Shabangu says:

    I am really inspired by the life of my dear prophet TB Joshua & my mother Evenly Joshua. I desire to be like them in my life, and I pray that I become a zealous & God fearing man as I continue giving my attention to God, in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

  • Buchule Tshemese says:

    Mama Joshua, u’re so kind and kind. You have a calm spirit. You love and respect Your God & Your Husband. I totaly admire you.

  • E MUNGUYA says:

    God showed me who TB Joshua was before i could even see him face to face.Luck are those whose eyes GOD has opened to know that TB Joshua is sent by the MOST HIGH.May God who has called him give the grace to to do HIS will.

  • susan m says:

    tb joshua is a true prophet of God

  • sue kayabuki says:

    i have a gift of dreams that come true too. I Have dreamt about people in my dreams and seen them in real life. i warn people too if the dream is that bad. Proof, i dreamt of my brother in Uganda while i was in uk, he was admitted in hospital and was on iv fluids. In this dream this iv fluid was poisoned. i woke up at 2am London time, called my brother in Uganda, he told me he was in hospital and he was on iv flluids. i asked my brother to ask them to stop it and give him oral antibiotics. He sounded real ill and the story continues to my doubting people. Am a born again Christian , brought up in a Christian home, my grand father was a reverend. I do not now the man of God TB Joshua personally, never met him, but i know spiritually he is a God sent prophet. TOUCH NOT MY ANIONTED. People have critisied this man on line out of ignorance, my spirit bleeds within and pray that someday they will face God’s judgement one by one. As for Evelyn, she is a woman of wisdom, she speaks with so much confidence, God bless her.

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