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Based on what I now understand “expectations” to mean with respect to really working out possible areas of strength to win medals and dedicating time and resources for same, yes, our expectations were rewarded accordingly, because we had no expectations.

Question: I’d need KK to answer for Team GB while JJ answers for Team Nigeria. What were your teams’ expectations before the games?

JJ Omojuwa: We had great expectations. The government released N2.4 billion two months to the games and we kept praying during the games but goodluck failed us.

KK Montana: Our expectations were very clear. Archery we expected 0-1 medal. We got 0. Athletics we expected 5-8 medals. We got 6. Badminton we expected 0-1 medal. We got 0. Cycling we expected 6-10 medals. We got 12. Every sport we entered for had a clearly marked expectation and our funding for each sport was based on these expectations.

Question: Did your teams meet these expectations:

JJ Omojuwa: Ha. Based on what I now understand “expectations” to mean with respect to really working out possible areas of strength to win medals and dedicating time and resources for same, yes, our expectations were rewarded accordingly, because we had no expectations.

KK Montana: our expectations were surpassed! We won 47 medals at Beijing 2008. Our target for the London games was to win a total of at least 48 medals. We ended up with 65 medals, our best in a century + 4 years.

Question: What are you going to do to get better results at Rio 2016?

JJ Omojuwa: Well, we are still throwing blames around for the debacle of London 2012. That should last us till the end of the year by which time a committee would be set up to look into the circumstances surrounding the country’s performance or lack of it during the London games. We will expect the committee to look at remote, immediate, seen and unseen circumstances that caused us to fail in London. When the committee submits its report in 2013, we will raise a committee to look into their report after which another committee will be set up to interpose the suggestions of both committees in order to regularise their suggestions. We pray to do better in Rio by God’s grace.

KK Montana: We are already working toward Rio 2016. You know the Glasgow 2014 Common Wealth Games are here already. We will use the games to test our preparations for the 2016 Olympics games while also of course looking to top the medals’ table. Already, we are looking at making more money available to the sports that reached their goals at the London Olympics while expecting a holistic report from those who did not. Our plans for the Glasgow games are well underway. Our target for Rio 2016 would be to get at least 66 medals.

Question: What is your plan post Rio 2016?

JJ Omojuwa: Post Rio ke? We have not planned for Glasgow 2014, we have not started talking of Rio 2016 and you are here asking for post Rio? Who knows tomorrow? Let post Rio post itself to the present so that we can deal with it or let it wait for us in the future so that we can meet it. We are planning for 100 years of Amalgamation, a yearlong celebration of failures and election 2015 is boiling up too.

KK Montana: UK Sport has well outlined plans post Rio. High School sports, University Games, Euro Games and the IAAF meets offer us very fertile grounds to discover and nurture talents. We had the best performance outside of the United States and China at the London Games and we are naturally looking to break the dominance of both giants. Our post Rio plans are clearly documented in the UK Sport medium and long term development projects.

Question: What are you looking forward to at Rio 2016?

JJ Omojuwa: Brazilian girls are “effortlessly beautiful” like I heard from Feyi Fawehinmi. I also know about the Brazilian beaches. There are beautiful places in Rio and so while not going for Only Pics, we’ll make the best of Rio’s beaches and babes.

KK Montana: Rio being the host, you’d expect the host city to have a lot of medals dedicated to sports for which it is strong at. We have identified these sports and are looking to compete for more medals at possible new entries to Olympic Sports like Golf. Yes, I am looking forward to Britain’s domination of the Rio games.

JJ Omojuwa: My people, we have a lot to learn from Britain. To hell with post-London2012 committees, we already know why we failed and we know what to do! I even told KK what to say sef


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  1. We simply do not care about excellence in this country anymore. Everybody is looking for a way to get his or her own share of the national cake.

  2. Lovely. A lot of the people in charge need to see this.follow me on twitter @Easraelisrael and for environmental news,climate change,business tips follow me on @gdnsconsulting

  3. Really a true reflection of Government's stance. We just don't care about excellence anymore in dis country. What matters to any ad-hoc committeemembers set up for whatever fact-finding mission is their sitting allowance and emoluments. Even when the committeedoes a good job and comes up with true findings and possible recommendations, the Nigerian factor will kick in.

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