No mo’ hits! 10 reasons it’s Don Jazzy who will lose the most

by Chi Ibe

Don Jazzy

Okay, first let me say I am firmly #TeamDonJazzy. Well, not really. I am #TeamMoHits. But if (perhaps, when?) D’banj and Don Jazzy do finally – officially – break up, I am unquestionably #TeamDonJazzy. So, understandably, now that he is being played as the underdog in the unfolding drama over a rumoured split, I find myself taking his side.

But that’s just emotions. When it comes down to the cold, hard numbers – who stands to lose the most if the two partners split? I say Don Jazzy, and I have my reasons below.

1.        Dbanj has Kanye (at least as far as the eyes can see)

Going by the release of today’s Oliver Twist, we are at least certain that D’banj is still in cahoots with the almighty, Kanye West. Do you really think he can lose with the mystique and power of Kanye behind him – will Kanye allow his latest African experiment fail? I doubt it seriously.

2.      D’banj is the performer

People always forget that the love that fans have for performers is strong even if the performers screw up – reference everyone from Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston. Check this out – 9ice allegedly cheated on his wife, betrayed the friend that discovered him and abandoned his producer, but do his fans love him less? Hell no. The day after the disastrous Sahara Reporters interview, did D’banj have a sold out concert in New York no matter what anyone, including YNaija  said? Hell yeah! Morale? As long as he continues to give the public the ‘Koko’, it is fine – and D’banj has it.

3.      Don Jazzy’s losing it

Don Jazzy’s biggest power is his mystique. Over the past three months it has steadily gone. There is that weird interview with Genevieve magazine, there’s the even weirder interview with Hip Hop World Magazine, where he appeared to diss rappers and then ran to his website to give a watery apology. Then there was his limpy Jonathan repudiation and his When-I-speak-they-read-it-in-Aso-Rock nonsense. Then there’s the fact that he is attending too many events, and worse off: that forgettable live performance with Tiwa Savage. Don Jazzy, backing up Tiwa?! Without D’banj by his side in any of these – the superstar power from which he feeds off – Don Jazzy has only been diminished.

4. Dbanj is also an astute businessman

The big mistake we’ve made is to stereotype D’banj. We’ve always assumed he is the entertainer and Don Jazzy is the entrepreneur, but is that truly the case? No. Insiders will tell you that just the same way Don Jazzy has multitasked as Producer-and-Businessman, D’banj has also multitasked as Performer-and-Businessman. It’s a mistake people also make with Chocolate City and EME where they think MI and Banky don’t know the business. Not true. Those guys get the business – and D’banj is no pushover.

5.      Was Don Jazzy really the boss?

So yes, in the public eye, every time D’banj wanted to say something, he had to first have Don Jazzy whisper into his ears, so he just had to be Don Jazzy’s boy, right? Oh please. Do you really think Don Jazzy was telling him anything they hadn’t already discussed and rehearsed at home? It’s show-business! It’s an act! D’banj wasn’t Don Jazzy’s boy – they were business partners. Just because he held the microphone to his crotch every chance he gets doesn’t make him dumb.

6.      Get off the stage!

I know I have mentioned this before – but still, why is Don Jazzy diluting his brand by performing? And why was he backing up Tiwa Savage? No one began to admire him because of his performance; we admired him exactly because he did not perform. He doesn’t dress well, doesn’t speak well, has a croaky voice and frankly isn’t easy on the eye. He needs to go back to the background fast. Seriously.

7.       The ‘H’ word

So I always hear this funny story about how Don Jazzy is so humble. You know, because he used to give out credit on Twitter, he responds to fans on Twitter and whatever else. And so, people say, this humility will serve him well as opposed to D’banj’s insufferable arrogance. Dear Lord, save us from the dangers of image-making. In fact, for those who have actually worked with the man – or tried to book him for an interview – you know this is just too funny. I’ll just move on before I say more.

8.      Don Jazzy has magic fingers, we all say

But does he really? We always assume his beat is so unique that it has transformed the careers of Dr. Sid, D’Prince, Wande Coal and K-Switch. Let’s analyse this urban legend. First, D’Prince and K-Switch still have no careers – that is unless you consider hanging around Don Jazzy or D’banj a career. Wande Coal’s power is his voice not his producer. Dr. Sid has just about one or two hit songs. So, perhaps we over-estimate Don Jazzy’s prowess. Did this famous prowess transform Ikechukwu’s career? Not that I can remember. Did it make of the songs he produced for Naeto C, heavy hits? Not that I know of. Did it make Darey’s music any more hits than those produced by others? Not in the least. So what are we saying?

9.      Don Jazzy is boring

Seriously, how is he going to manage to interface with the public without D’banj?  Have you heard Don Jazzy speak? Have you sat down for 30 minutes with the man? At least D’banj can quickly start talking of Kokolets and Babylets and Mamalets and any lets that can let him avoid answering intelligent questions. But Don Baba J? There’s fire on the mountain oh.

10.   Do you really care for Mohits without D’banj?

Take your time and think about this. Would Mo’ Hits be a compelling label with Dr. Sid, Wande Coal, K-Switch and D’Prince alone (why am I even calling K-Switch’s name in this matter?)? You know the truth is no. The magic of that team has always been D’banj. No one wants to see any yeye ‘Mo’Hits All Stars’ without D’banj. When they perform, D’banj makes the difference. D’banj is the icing on the cake. D’banj is also the flour in the cake. In fact, D’banj is the cake.

So there you have it – and please do not tell me both will succeed. Who’re ya trying to fool? Every time there is a break up, someone wins and someone loses. 2face won and Faze lost, 2face won and Blackface lost, 2face won and Kennis lost, Olu Maintain won and what-his-name lost, Tony Tetuila won, and then Eedris won, and Eddie is still losing, 9ice won and ID lost (I love Toni Payne, so we’ll leave her out of this). I can go on and on. Someone will get the short-end of the stick in this case. And my money, sadly, is on Don Jazzy.

But I’d be glad to be proven wrong. Oh so glad.

In the meantime, biko, Don Jazzy and D’banj; if you are breaking up, just break up already – which one is all this drama?


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  1. big man all what ever u call your self, Don jazzy can not lost, this your ten points and see the Don of beats, he has what it takes to build a star good beats, dbanj is out now watch out for other stars, to show you his bizz mind he put away the mohit name, because you are blind you will not understand, wait and see the new MAVIN records, what do you know about dressing? point out one 9ja arist that got swag or dress pass Don jazzy, abigi no talk wetty u no sabi, for your mind dbanj sabi dress abi? go back check him out from 2004 till date, you best know the respect he has build for his label, he choose to stay in 9ja because he is a wise man who works with wisdom,

  2. I realized that ppl hate dbanj so much. But the truth be said, TIME WILL TELL& u guys that are speaking gibberish would be silenced, but till then. To correct so many ppl, D jazzy didn't pick D banj from any gutter, they agreed to be partners after leaving JJC stuff. From the little beginning with the help of d banj's mum all d way, till they finally found their feet's in entertainment. Where was Wande C, d prince, Dr sid, when Moh Hit was making the hits, brought the guys in, but d banj was still making hits, who wants to see the Mo Hit without D banj. The fact is that there wld have been no Mo Hit, if not for D banj, and i know that some 9ja ppl are so bad with assumption that they don't do proper research before talking. D banj is good looking,has great fashion sense, smooth talker, funny, spontaneous, no dull moment with him, those are the selling point for entertainment. When u see African HIPHOP ICON on BET, u'll see Dbanj, P square,Ice prince,Tuface, M.I other african artists, not Don Jay,Wande C, D prince etc, when u talk of song, style, american give them thumbs up, that is entertainment in all ramification . I am not here to ditch any other ex Mo hit star, but u can't fail with fact, DBANJ WAS the goose that laid the GOLDEN EGG. I don't see how marvin wld beat Dbanj to it,not beef just bitter, blunt statistics, seeeee 4ur sef nowwww!!!!! Dbanj might not have taken his PR serious of late, but i think he'll wake up cos of the way some media are taking this issue, so many things have been swept under the carpet and won't be reveal to u. Lets be logical, not too emotionally carried away to the point of messing this guy up for WHAT,he left D jay, vice versa, hen hen!!The idea of comparing Dbanj to any other marvin crew is an insult and a joke. See talk is cheap, and its convenient to insult Dbanj cos u're faceless RIGHT??, the TRUTH and FACT is that entertainment is searching for unique and distinct talents, there several people that can sing better that Wande C, even in ur family,etc, its just opportunity, but Dbanj is one of a kind, a person that can create stuffs on the spot, not just another good voice alone.

    I really regretted the split of Mo hit, cos the duo are like dynamite,and business TRUTH for the FOOLS out there who doesn't know, is that many other Stars are greatly delighted at this development, cos they can't sell well when they were together, "THEY" would have to wait and release their tracks later so as to make profit.

    Quit all this bad publicity, there are few ppl that knw this truth and fact from Day 1 to Day finish, but do not want publicity and will never come out etc,

    The problem of 9ja is that we have loads of intellectuals who do not want publicity while also overload of idiots and fools who wld trade their families just to be known, which has been displayed so far. This same problem is what we experience in every sector of ours, hidden beef,that rear its ugly head when issues like this go on the net.

    Leave Dbanj or Marvin crew, they are working hard to produce songs that wld make u happy while u're working ur butts out to demean another's image.

    Funny enough, when the two produce songs,u quickly rush to buy, listen& finally dance to d beat, question, who is the MUMU, FOOL?? answer d question genuinely.

    Some will actually reason y some won't that life anyway.

  3. Lol. So is the writer right or wrong after all.

  4. You write, "He doesn’t dress well, doesn’t speak well, has a croaky voice and frankly isn’t easy on the eye." It's funny because I'm a girl and that's my type. The casual pj's thing and the relaxed look. The D'Banj Louboutins hyper thing is not hot to me. Guess people are different 🙂

    Anyway, they need to do this divorce right. Cite irreconcilable differences and build the future. It's the mature thing to do – ask Jennifer Aniston.

  5. D guy dat wrote dis article must be sick,and if u re a writer…it is a shame for u to take sides…this article is stupid,irrelevant,plz for d love God,quit writing,this is complete RUBBISHHHHHHH


    Dear Chi Ibe,

    I read with serious displeasure your opinion where you tried doing a post- Morten as to who will lose more if eventually there is a split (I would prefer to wait for something more official) between Don Jazzy and Dbanj .While I am not against your right to write and hold on to your opinion, at least I have the right to disagree with your opinion.

    Please note that I do not intend to do any post mortem of any sort neither will I like to take sides as for me that is still premature as at this time. So I will take your point’s one after the other, tell you why I think differently and would keep it strictly on the issues you raised.

    POINT #1: Dbanj has Kanye (at least as far as the eyes can see)

    You claim that since Dbanj is still in cahoots with Kanye he really can’t lose and stands to still be up there with the mystique and power of Kanye….well yeah. However, as far as the Good Music deal is concerned, we understand that Don jazzy was also signed on as a producer and already has production credits .So that should also keep Don jazzy up there! So if kanye won’t allow his African Experiment fail in Dbanj, would he allow his experiment in Don Jazzy fail? I doubt it seriously! After all, some media reports claim that Dbanj isn’t happy that Don Jazzy was better favored in the Kanye deal.

    POINT #2: Dbanj is the performer

    Yeah that’s true but your analysis of this point was horrible. You talked about Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Please spare me. You use the out pouring of affection (many largely hypocritical, where were their fans during their trying times?) given to them by their fans after their death to justify what? That since Dbanj is a ‘great’ performer then anything he does can pass? Or you want people who purchased tickets for his show with their hard earned dollars to boycott the show because of an interview which many of them never got to see? Then you go on to say 9ice betrayed his friend that discovered him? Who if I may ask? Ruggedman? Even Ruggedman has never claimed he discovered 9ice. At best he says he helped his career to a bigger stage.

    POINT #3: Don Jazzy’s losing it

    You talked about his weird interview on Genevieve; well I didn’t get to read that so I wouldn’t know what you might have been referring to. Now his interview where he appeared to have dissed rappers. Now you said it yourself.’ Appeared’. Meaning its an issue of perception. He only tried to analyse the Nigerian music market as regards the difficulty in the marketability of the rap genre as opposed to the melodious tunes that is pretty easier to market in Nigeria. That was merely an opinion. This isn’t the first time people get their message misconstrued and the messengers try to make some clarifications. Why should Don Jazzy’s own be different? How does that amount to him loosing it? Then Don Jazzy backing up Tiwa; What’s wrong with that? Forget whether you like the song or not. Like Tiwa is a whack artiste? You also went on to claim that without Dbanj by his side, the superstar power from which he feeds from is off. Spare me that! Like Don Jazzy isn’t a superstar? I have heard many people complain about how Dbanj’s performance on stage without Don Jazzy’s backing and organization isn’t too pleasant. So I suppose they complement each other. It’s more of a chemistry thing than the super star thing.

    Point # 4: Dbanj is also an astute businessman

    I think everybody is aware that Dbanj is got some business concerns so please we do not believe he his stereotype. I think that thought is a figment of your imagination.

    Point # 5: Was Don Jazzy really the boss?

    So why don’t you tell me who the boss was? Like you have their letter of Incorporation from the CAC. Even the show thing of Don Jazzy whispering into Dbanj’s ear was a reflection of who the boss was.

    In 2009 when Dbanj turned 29, he said at a press conference,‘At29,I’m older than DonJazzy,but he his my boss’.


    Point # 6: Get off the stage!

    Please!!! Who told you people didn’t get to admire Don Jazzy for his performance? Well I did. From the Tongolo days to date. He has given solid backup to the Mo’hits crew and even his parts in songs like Wind am well, Pere, his chorus in Mr. Endowed etc where lovely.

    Point # 7: The ‘H’ word

    Here you attempted to portray Don Jazzy as not being a humble person. But isn’t show biz about image? So if Don Jazzy has been able to manage his humble posture over the years as you would want us to believe, shouldn’t that be a plus to him? Just because it is difficult getting him for an interview does not in any way make him less of a humble person. After all, people have! By the way I have met a handful of people who have stayed with Don Jazzy up close and personal and they are full of testimonies of how much of a great guy he is! Except you are looking for a man without flaws…

    Point # 8: Don Jazzy has magic fingers, we all say

    Your analysis on this point showed a clear pull him down syndrome. First you say D’prince and K switch have no careers. Well ,may be. But I know that the singles that have been put out there by D’Prince have brought him more fame and fortune than artiste who have ‘careers’. You went on to say that Wande’s power is in his voice. Haba! So does Wande’s good voice do it alone ?Isn’t a good song the combination of the lyrics, beat and its rendition? So how can you divorce Wande’s songs from the quality of the beats? Now to Dr Sid; you say Dr. Sid has just about one or two popular songs. Again I scream Haba! Except you talking about a different Dr. Sid. Then you go on to say we over estimate Don jazzy’s prowess and your reason is if he transformed Ikechukwu’s career? Yes he did! Even Ikechukwu would agree that his shaky music career enjoyed the best times during his association with Mo’hits with songs like Wind am Well, Critical and Now is the time, all produced by Don Jazzy and those songs stand as his most popular songs. He went on countless tours with Mo’Hits. For someone who has given D’banj local and International awards, given Wande and Dr.Sid awards and he himself winning numerous awards as a great producer, being listed as one of the most influential young Africans by Forbes magazine perhaps the only producer in Nigeria that has the cult of followership that artiste do, I really don’t know what else you would have him do. Maybe until he pulls the sun from the sky…

    Point # 9: Don Jazzy is boring

    Don Jazzy boring? How? Do you expect him to be all jumpy and do all the showmanship D’banj does before he becomes interesting? I have read a couple of his interviews and listened to his interview on the beat 99.9 fm last year and am still trying to figure out the meaning of boring.

    Point # 10: Do you really care for Mohits without D’banj?

    Yeah I do! Though I accept that Dbanj is the moving force behind Mo’Hits and that’s usuall for most teams or groups. But I care for Wande Coal just as others do whom I still believe has a lot to offer. But I will also like to ask, Do you really care for Dbanj without Mo’Hits or better still Dbanj without Don Jazzy?

    If you ask me, I think your write up was a personal diatribe set out to attack Don Jazzy’s person, ridicule his achievements, and smear his professional career. It was parochial, myopic, unresearched, uninformative, baseless and contradictory. Your points did not show in anyway how Don Jazzy would be worse for it if they split. It was full of half truths, bias and illogicalities despite your claim to be on the #Team Don Jazzy side (I think you just said that to deceive your readers). You even tried playing God with the tone of your opinion, concluding that Don Jazzy will be the one to fail if they eventually split. God have mercy on you!

    In a country like ours, where her government is insensitive and highly corrupt, where a vast majority of its people live in excruciating poverty, where there are no jobs, where its youths aren’t catered for, where the dreams and aspirations of young people are stifled by a hostile environment, I think people like Don Jazzy should be celebrated for their contributions. For a man who will be 30 in November, 2012, to have set up a label, gotten artiste signed on, given them a life as well as creating employment for a whole lot of people. For someone whose has done beyond just production. He has provided direction to the careers of Dbanj, Wande Coal, Dr.sid and trying to help D’ Prince and K’switch. He has put a whole lot of effort into honing their careers, taking strategic and managerial decisions on these individuals; your article speaks less of such an individual.

    So if eventually there is a split, Don Jazzy will remain so will the Mo’Hits platform while he tries to continue helping other musicians with their careers. He has come too far to be a FAILURE!!!


    Tobe Madekwe

    [email protected]

  7. This is a pathetic and disgraceful shameful stain on the etiquettes of journalism. This is my first time of visiting this page and sincerely,  find this article deliriously pathetic. Some mumbo-jumbo thumb pet wakes up one morning and writes this trash without concrete basic facts and the editor in charge of this website felt comfortable placing this on a public website,  would understand that this is a controversial article, and the main reason for this alarmingly obscure piece of wasted time is for advertisement and to receive visitors on this website but be sure of one thing, this website would lose a lot of Viewers on siting this,  do not wish to know whether the bonds of cash might have exchanged hands here just to put that Great producer to shame , but  would  to It personally that this writer is sued and that this website is completely scrutinised and charged for misinformation and defamation of character. It's just a matter of calls, next time your writers would pull their facts together. To the untrained amateur benign ignorant disgrace to the art of journalism that wrote this , ask D'Banj to present the contract that was signed between MoHits and GM music and also tell ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ what happened to KoKo Mobile and KoKo Garri and KoKo Mansion,  bounce in laughter when Ɣõú•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶̶ call that arrogant musician an astute businessman.

  8. #howtospotahoe. She would write good thing about dbanj just to have him cum in her stupid mouth. I know u’ld rather give d banj a hand job dan write dis article buh unfortunately u don’t have d opportunity. Moron.

  9. #howtospotahoe. She would write good thing about dbanj just to have him cum in her stupid mouth. I know u'ld rather give d banj a hand job dan write dis article buh unfortunately u don't have d opportunity. Moron.

  10. who's don jazzy self? he be God,u pple dnt even no wat is d cause of dis separation b4 taking side.dis two guys get money,get mouth get everything,worry abt urself cos right now they are still making money for dem self and family,u pple dey internet they comment on waiting no consin u and ur family,some even carry am for head like say na there family matter,am very sure dat dis two guys still dey communicate.u lazy human being

  11. This is exactly how i thought!

    Abi theres no such thing as bad publicity – kim kardashian is the most fantastic example of this.

    By writing such a one sided arguement this blogger has gathered so much traffic to the website

    I then had a thought

    Isn't this the same about idja and dbanj??

    If dbanj and idja seperated ways peacefully and went about their business people would be sad but wish them both luck

    No it 'seems' like theres bad blood, everybody has an opinion on who will succeed, who will fail – thus making us anticipate and eager to find out what which will do next!

    I understand they're both still signed to G.O.O.D. so it cant be that much bad blood between the two that neither seem necessary to leave their contract

    So i'll just give it a couple years until mo hits do a reunion tour a la take that, spice girls, backstreet boys etc

  12. i like the way u handle the writer based strictly on issues. love ur points. time definitely would tell.

    good reaction and constructive one too

  13. he is airing his opinion. what is yours? if you dont have any react constructively or just keep quiet

  14. SECONDED!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Nne, help me ask Xremmy o!!!!!!!!

  16. you all forget abt the Rihanna n Chris Brown saga…2yrs+ on and they r on the track no body has F*@kall to say. leave relationship problems to those opinion.

  17. WHY????????????

  18. Nice one Fii…I was going to ask the same question. Will Kanye make the type of music we understand here for D'Banj like Don Jazzy would? Can Kanye's beats go down well with us, compared with d type, produced by Don Jazzy and also considering the kind of jammings we enjoy in 9ja and in Africa? Whoever said that D'Banj will make it better than Don Jazzy is crazy cos he/she failed to put a lot of things into consideration. He/she was already biased even b4 writing this article. I don't pray for D'Banj not to make it but i still don't see any reason why i should criticize him to this extent.I blv that Don Jazzy will come out better than D'Banj! Don Jazzy can still create and make 1 million D'Banjs and even better entertainers than D'Banj so he is not going to loose any thing!


  20. This Mutunlla writer has got nothing to say, cos i was expecting that he will also mention why D'Banj can make it more than Don J, expect that he mentioned that D'Banj works with Kanye. Like someone said, i wonder why Ynaija allowed this RUBBISH and NONSENSE article to be published here. The first time am visiting this site and what i see is arrant nonsense. Please delete this article cos it doesn't make any sense atall and so u guys won't loose ur site visitors.

  21. D'Banj can have alot going for him today but what about 2moro???

  22. Well said…Thank you!

  23. Well said Lanre…Is D'Banj the only person who is gifted to entertain? There are 1 million and one people out there, better than D'Banj, waiting for Don J's touch. So if D'Banj is not part of Mo'Hits, Don Jazzy will not make it????…Pls writer, keep quiet if u have nothing better to write about than making a fool of yourself cos u really don't have anything to say, u don't even make any sense, ATALL……RUBBISH!!!!!

  24. well said… Thk you

  25. Point of correction. The whole Don jazzy fans love Don jazzy, not in the whole world. Nigerians and their use of english. …..ssssssshhhhh

  26. Just a single sentence for the writer of this obtuse and incomprehensible article:

    WISDOM IS NOT ONE OF YOUR STRONG AREAS, in a SWOT analysis of your thought process Wisdom is your weakness.

  27. I am sorry for d writeup.pls save me my job and reputation.Thanks,chi ibe.

    1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….She hasn't seen anything yet!!!

  28. To be Candid This Article is so Lame Who says Don Jazzy would Lose? I Think This Writer should start Praying for D-Banj Because the Good Music Deal was in Favor of Don Jazzy not D-Banj, 2) Dbanj Has Nothing to Offer Americans, 3)Kanye is Trying to Promote Pusha T, 2 Chainz and Big Sean Album, Please tell me which American would Regard Dbanj over 2chainz or Big Sean? Presently in America


    J COLE




    Are the Hottest Things in America Right Now so Kanye wont Give up 2chainz for D banj NO.

    More Facts:

    There are so many D Banj on the Streets of Lagos But Very Few Don Jazzy

    Reporter Made Reference to 9ice n ID Cabasa I tell you Gongo Aso Album is Still 9ice Best Selling Album Till Date, that Album Brought him to Lime Light After Gongo Aso didnt you notice the drift? in Tradition, Versus & Bashorun Gaa?? even in shows he performs most of the Tracks from Gongo Aso Album & Certificate Album, Another thing you knowis 9ice was street boy he featured on so many tracks with Different other Artist so it was easy to work with Other Producers.

    But D Banj Hardly Features? It would be Hard for any Other Producer to work with him or deliver exactly what Don Jazzy Gives to him DON JAZZY Productions are Very Unique and Classic compared to Other Producers who make Similar Production for Different Artist & That was the Major Reason why Mo-Hit was Rated #1 because any Music from that Label was Classic Everyone Knows D Banj Lyrical Content is Poor, he cant sing though he has Swag, But i tell you without Don Jazzy the Real D Banj will be Exposed!!!.

    Don Jazzy Has what it Takes to Make Dr Sid the Next D Banj… Yes he Does & Reporter did you Just say D Prince has no Career??? 5 Singles off D Prince yet to be released Album where Club Bangers Nationwide Even D Banj Played one of D Prince Song to Kanye in Newyork Just before the Endorsement (go to Youtube) and claimed it was his song just because he featured on it

    Reporter on Don Jazzy & Tiwa Savage

    Reporter do you have an idea of who Tiwa Savage is? Do you know her Level in the Industry apart from that, what is wrong with backing up Tiwa Savage on a Song He don Jazzy Featured in? if he didnt mount the Stage the Same Reporter would say His too proud Now he did You say his downgrading himself well FYI Tiwa Savage is not on the same Level with your everyday Female Artist She is Highly Rated Home & Abroad and well Respected Among Her Peers & Colleagues in the Industry

    Dr Sid:?

    How Many of You Knew Dr Sid when he was in Trybe Records??? Tell me would Dr sid have gone this Far if he was in Another Label?? Remember he won 2 Awards in 2011!! all Thanks to Don Jazzy who Transformed him from a Rapper to a singer Reporter Dr Sid has over 5 Hit Songs Off his previously released album.

    Reporter Talked about the Ikechukwu:

    Have you been to any of Ikechukwu Recent shows since 2010? He performs no Other song except for the ones Produced by Don Jazzy Himself, People Bought his Album because of Those songs Produced by Don Jazzy even this Reporter How many of Ikechukwu Songs do you have on your Ipod if not for the Ones Produced Don Jazzy Himself.

    Reproter Said Don Jazzy is Meek:

    Reporter everybody cannot be like D banj and i tell you Don Jazzy Humility is the Reason why the world Loves him, presently D banj doesnt care what His Fans feel about him all because he is now rolling with Kanye well he should not forget that his Fans contributed to his Success and by ignoring his Fans they would only end up pitching Tents with Don Jazzy which will spell more DOOM for him i just Hope he realize what his doing?? I heard Rumours of Don Jazzy wanting to Sign Durella we dont know how true? but if that Happens! Dbanj is Officially History!! .


    There is no doubt that the split will Affect the Crew Members Likewise it will affect Dbanj the Crew will start learning to accept that Dbanj and K-switch are no longer with them because they ones lived like a family and D-banj will learn to live with the fact that he can no longer be close to Don Jazzy Like he Used too apart from the psychological effect i dont see any other effect every Artist on the Label has his/her own Fans when you combine Wande Coal, Dr Sid, D prince and Don Jazzy Fans together you will realize that MO-HIT still got game Don Jazzy has learnt His Lesson from this event he would never build hope on one Artist He will Learn to Push all Artist Out Accordingly and also this Split up will Motivate him to give us More classic Sounds & GOOD MUSIC.

    Finally I know this Reporter Knows the Truth buit decided to put up this article to get attention because Reporter already knows that whole world is in Love with DON BABA JAY. Honestly speaking i wish Nigerians would Love Jesus Christ they way they Love and Adore Don Jazzy! over 100 Comments for the same person that Does not Talk, Perform on Stage or Grant Interviews….lol Don baba you too MUCH

  29. Most of the commentators have already expressed my opinion. Don jazzy simply can't loose. Take some of his beats and any stupid artist can thrive on it beside he still got WC Dr Sid and most importantly his talent. Go listen to suddenly without the vocals, do same with bumper to bumper and more recently oliver twist. These are beats u could dance to without hearing any song on them. How many producers have achieved that

  30. best comment so so intelligent d banj will be dumped by kanye west once he flop n it look likely he might flop cause nigerians are siding don jazzy n americans are busy listening to biebers

    1. lolzzzzz……Nice one Frank…Help me tell them…Nigerians siding Don J while Americans listening to Biebers….Dumping of D'Banj by Kenye West is inevitable!!!!

  31. the person who wrote dis article has made it so obvious that he or she is supporting Dbanj when in reality we all know dat Dbanj is the greedy one here and the truth of d issue is dat with or without Dbanj,Don Jazzy would still make and the mo hit crew will still stand and dats why he his called d Don……………screw u Dbanj

  32. I am always amazed by how people take things personal, the writer is stating her opinion. I do not agree with it but I think it is unprincipled to attack the writer personally.

    I honestly believe you cannot tell who will come out on top. I am of the opinion the Don Jazzy will come out on top for the mere fact that he is a talented producer and even if he does not cross over to America, he can focus on his other artists and keep dominating the Nigerian market. Will D'banj market well to a non-Nigerian audience, I highly doubt it but then again Kanye is a great producer so we will have to watch and see.

    The article was meant to stir up controversy and bring up discussion and I am sure that is why the writer was one sided in her analysis.

  33. I think the whole thing sounds more like APRIL FOOL like they did last year. but if it is true

    hehehehehehe Obama just sent his artists to break up Nigeria as a country. P square watch out

  34. she/he has the right to put whatever up, its a matter of opinions, if you refute it, write your on article and email it to ynaija…..

  35. Is this an article or some lame ass wannabe entertainment guru tweeting BS on twitter? This is 100% gibberish…

  36. Sometimes u people just Jump on the air and write all sought of rubbish, u are physiological deficient for writing this can u imagine what u wrote, Don jazzy will lose hw will he,shey e go come beg Garri for ur house ni abi money don finish for hin hand,..u guys are a big fool..retarded Basterd…..ashole

  37. Are u a faggot?do u sleep with dbanj and don jazzy that you know every tiny lil details about them or u r just a writer who jus like writing nonsense

  38. Awesome article. It's a shame that people are shying away from the truth… And pls why are y'all so angry?

  39. Y'all have time sha!

    Continue! *Clap clap*

  40. Chi Ibe,i wonder why u wld write up sometin like this…guess ur now a sorcerer that can determine who's gonna loose or gain..i dnt really like pple using abusive words on other peeps bt in dis case u deserve every abusive word directed to for me am a good fan of dbanj n i love don baba n i pray dat God intervene in dis issue…shikena#

  41. So u co-written this stuff u foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool….. See how u expose urself at the last statement "And by the way "WE" don't have to write consolation write ups all the time. BASTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD! Take a quick trio to Don Jazzy's toilet and feed urself with his excret… U dick sucking Whore! Take ur panties off as usual and pose like forest goat for some dick striking in ur asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  42. Every time i read this, it maddens me… This article is the worst and foolishest, the silliest, dumpest, stupidest, selfishiest useless thing i have ever seen both on the internet,televisions, newspapers even i have ever heard of in my entire life.

  43. D meganess of Kanye nd Dbanjs collabo has obstructed d senses of our beloveth listeners who bliv Ye wuld b directly involvd in Dbanjs music production!! False false, d deal is going 2 b ineffective cos dbanj won't av his advocator 2 create beat 4 him. Chi Ibe is a wacky ass writer,1 dat shuld b expeld 4rm journalism 4 d positions nd hypocritic nature of dis article 4eva.

  44. You're a fantastic writer, love ds piece & I totally get what your article says. Sadly a lot of ppl disagree but itz d truth & da truth 's bitter. 9c one. *thumbs up*

  45. Ynaija just disappointed me. I regretted clicking on this link. Why Don Jazzy? I just spoilt my night mood. Just have to kneel down and pray to regain my happiness.

  46. the person who wrote this is very ignorant…dat is all

  47. Well, Ynaija finally did it. U guys finally got me to ur site, so congrats. I've always had dis feeling each time I see ur twits on news and stuff but dis piece nailed it! I wouldn't want to caste stones but use d comments as an opinion poll and see dat this piece is rubbish! Ill gotten facts dipped with sheer bias and gross hatred toward Don j. Yes u have the right to ur opinion, but why through this medium since u know u'll be getting such response? U made a lot of blunders but one dey pain me….. Faze neva lost! As for Don j and Dbanj, Bob Marleys said "time will tell"

  48. Ol boy eh! See comments!!!!!!!!!!! This one don pass Voltron power! Dem be transformers up here! Choi!!!!!!

  49. oh brother. even more interesting are the comments… i have never been a dbanj fan sha. even donj didnt make me like him… i just always thot he was a long lasting FLUKE!!! plus his interviews esp d recent ones sound him off as a lil more than a tad cocky… on d oda hand, i like donJ… im not even sure y… i just like him. obviously both will lose some but my money is on dbanj being d worse hit… and all ds kanye ish sef… if that is what is shacking brother dapo, then i have nothing else to say…

    meanwhile xremmy why wld kanye wanna put ALL that money on dbanj?

  50. You are obviously just a hater Mr Author…

    "In fact, for those who have actually worked with the man – or tried to book him for an interview – you know this is just too funny. I’ll just move on before I say more."

    You could have been objective with this article and given valid, concrete, fact-based points but you decided to use this as an opportunity to spew your venom.

  51. Don jazzy , producer this , producer that, magic fingers, best producer in Africa, (myopic views). What happens if and when Kanye gets Dr. Dre, Timbaland or Swizz Beatz to finish up Dbanj's album? Abeg, enough of all these emotions.

    Wishing both of them best of luck.

  52. Funnier than the article is the comments… Mindless zombies with Internet access… The author has expressed his opinion… Can't stand it? Sod off voltrons… If only nigerians were this passionate about fixing the country … Wankers

  53. guys dnt allow 'just comment' disturb u.dis guys ar made.weda dey r togeda or aprt.wat matas nw is ow dey use wat dey made,while togeda to compete wth d world setting.

  54. Dis article is lame…pls who is d’banj without don j? Biko,we love d’banj cos of don j…and don j is so gonna mk it!

  55. I pity Ynaija cause its seem's you will be the first to lose here.With this article you ve just lost one fan.

  56. Adewale and Xavier thanks y'all. That's just what it is. And Fii spoke the truth.

  57. Is this what U̶̲̥̅̊ guys are arguing over? Like seriously? Wow! LMAO!!!wahala dey

  58. Err.. Nosar STFU! Thanks.

  59. Firstly, this shows you didn't even do your research before writing this. Secondly you sound very unprofessional and immature about this.

  60. Hahahahaha! This person has had a long time beef for donjazzy oh.. Very stupid writer tho.. Toni payne didn't lose,if ure a good journalist,you'd know that they are back together and she's even preggers. Faze didn't lose, he's releasing really good music and he's still very relevant in the industry. All the tony tetuila,eedris and olu u mentioned ,pls where are they? Kmft! Pls if u don't have work to do, we have space for cleaners in my school.. Try and fix dbanj's song on any other beat apart from jazzy and see if it would make sense. It wouldn't cos jazzy is his pillar, he can't make it with kanye. Kanye aint like akon, akon understands our typa music and d ppl he signed would go high with him. Even when kanye signed him, banj couldn't say anytin reasonable, just smiling and mumbling words anyhow. I'm even happy deyve separated bcus he'd have time for the rest minus prince cus they are good, even kswitch. Pls writer, find work abeg. Thanks.

  61. Don Jazzy Didnt Pick Dbanj Up Yuu Fool

  62. @adesola,I'm a 'miss'.btw,I agree wit dis article and I'm NOT d writer

  63. Lwkmd!!! First, this article is a cart load of horse shit! Who wuz D'banj b4 Don Jazzy found him n honed/cultured his talent? Just another dude who liked to entertain. Ther r MANY d'banjs out ther that could and would b greater if backed up with someone with Don Jazzy's talent. And am not a don jazzy fan o. Hell yeah D'banj will continue making it. But dnt even think Don Jazzy can't hold his own. And the only reason y D'banj wuz the "icing" in Mo'Hits is cos he wuz Don Jazzy's first project. Yes, a project. He might not find sumone to replace D'banj right away, it'l take time but BELIEVE U ME, he'l do it! U have no idea wot the future holds so pls think b4 u publish sumthin like this.

  64. I wish naija was a country where things work. This is where some "learned men" would have made some billions of naira from the administrators of this website for allowing unconfirmed crap to be posted here.(I feel for 9ice though, for getting caught up in this "bruhaha").

    Personally i think the person behind this piece has a long time beef for don jazzy. it obviously isnt about Don and D'banj separating, but about things i have no idea that have accrued over time. The dude/damsel was just waiting for d appointed time to detonated the

    For me, i wish them both the best. bless y'all.

  65. this ought 2 b d most useless piece i've ever read on any site/blog…mtscheeew.d writer totally disrespected donjazzy n some other veterans in the game. in fact d writer ought 2 offer an apology 4 this

  66. Its getting Hoooooootttt Ȋ̝̊̅̄₪ here. So take off all Ūя̲̅ clothessssssss. #teamDonJazzy

  67. Hi. Hausa Gambo did not write the piece. It is written by Chi Ibe. Hauwa only uploaded it. Loving the debate!

  68. Well written .. Point 8 n 10 is pure bullshit if u ask me sha .. Wande cn hold is own on ny stage .. N while wande has a gud voice .. Witout donj's beat he is jst anoda dude wit a great voice .. N if u watch project fame a lot ..we hv so mny ..who r nofn witout donj's beat .. I doubt if mny knew dr.sid b4 donj's beats turned his career arnd … Mayb u were tryn 2 make a diff point .. Bt dt was jst 2 condescending

  69. looooooool. Hauwa I think ur d lamest writer ever,hope u'v gotten d cheap popularity u wanted ¯..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯ ….anyway oh,bringing Don Jazzy down isn't d way 2 buttress ur point(if u had any).U didn't need 2 show d whole of Nigeria d moron dat u really are,considering dier working relationship over d years,dey will both lose if dey separate and as d producer,Don Jazzy's loss will b cushioned bcos entertainers go under d sea faster dan producers.Get ur facts right next time b4 u come on d internet 2 spill a truck load of BS!

  70. Dis "Funk" guy is d most enlightened and explicit dude on this page, I must say. Fii, I feel u too (Y). 'Lolade, the truth is bitter, but this is far from the truth. The writer, though having valid points, was too one sided on her article. First of all, I heavily frown at the use of the word 'Almighty' for Kanye. He is just a musician. Nothing mighty about that even. Secondly, we all know we love "Oliver" because of its DonJazzy crafted beat. Look at what a hit that was. Look at the rest of DonJazzy's productions. Don Jazzy has won producer of the year @ the Headies for 5 years. He is more articulate, while all DBanj seems to have is "the spark", which alone cannot sustain a person. DBanj himself admitted to not being a great singer or rapper, but Jazzy's talent is quite obvious to see. Although, DonJazzy cld slow down on the performance aspect. That increases his respect. We love him for his mystique. And he is very humble. @ least he has played fifa with two of my close friends. I can't say the same abt Dbanj.

    One more thing, you, my fair lady, shld do more research and know your onions before writing on an issue dis sensitive. Articles like this could end a blogger's career. Seriously.

    Xavier. Huge S/O to Funk.

  71. Dr Sid has more than one hit song…

    Stupid article

  72. Ur write up has got so much humour woven in and even though I disagree with ur position and a number of ur points…I gotta say, entertaning piece. I dnt knw much about Don Jazzy's personality but it's definitely not D'banj's all in ur face crass arrogance. Dats D'banj's defeat…dat crass arrogance. He's d artist whose music u buy but whose autograph doesn't mean squat (4 me anyway). On d oda hand Don Jazzy may not b a kick ass performer but he's d magic in any collaboration n he's d celeb everyone loves without effort! I think dats a money spinning quality n he's smart enuf to capitalise on dat. As 4 d break up…if dey hadn't b4, dey certainly will now. Lol

  73. Dis "Funk" guy is d most enlightened and explicit dude on this page, I must say. The writer, though having valid points, was too one sided on her article. First of all, we all know we love "Oliver" because of its DonJazzy crafted beat. Look at what a hit that was. Look at the rest of DonJazzy's productions. Don Jazzy has won producer of the year @ the Headies for 5 years. He is more articulate, while all DBanj seems to have is "the spark", which alone cannot sustain a person. DBanj himself admitted to not being a great singer or rapper, but Jazzy's talent is quite obvious to see. Although, DonJazzy cld slow down on the performance aspect. That increases his respect. We love him for his mystique. And he is very humble. @ least he has played fifa with two of my close friends. I can't say the same abt Dbanj.

    One more thing, you, my fair lady, shld do more research and know your onions before writing on an issue dis sensitive. Articles like this could end a blogger's career. Seriously.

    Xavier. Huge S/O to Funk.

  74. Let me just say this…when a record label signs an artiste, they give them financial and 'time' targets. If the artiste does not meet up to these targets, they drop them like a blazing hot pot. How do i know this? i studied music in school and know a few artistes and know a few horror stories. Saying Dbanj will win is OUTRIGHTLY far fetched. First of all, hes trying to break the international scene with Kanye. They dont get our music THE WAY we get our music. There are some Africa international stars who are successful. But please before you mention them, analyse the KIND OF songs they make/sing. Don Jazzy and Dbanj have a blend. Don jazzy's beats work for Dbanj. Will Jayz or someone else's beats work for Dbanj??? BIG QUESTION. At this point, its either Dbanj will falllll drastically OR will make it. Working with Kanye who signed him for many different reasons, which goes beyond or might not even include talent, doesnt guarnatee him anything im afraid. And please, the fact that someone is 'down to earth' or humble doesnt mean there are no protocols to follow when you want to book the person for an interview. You sound very much TeamDbanj which is very ok. But dont use TeamDonjazzy as a gimmick to lash out on Don Jazzy when you are actually Team Dbanj. Too cheap!

  75. Don Jazzy & D'banj are lyk bread & butter….. Wђα̲̅τ̲̅ i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̅ ̥̊ d world wud bring der break-up?? D two needs each-oda 2 make money,fame & progress……"PRIDE GOES B4 A FALL"

  76. Ynaija, to think I actually started following you on Twitter, is this journalism or plain crap? the writer obviously does not know diddly squat about the workings of the music industry, the basis for every music career is longevity And that is how everything in the industry is measured and at the end of it all what the career is about is MUSIC plain and simple, why didn't Dbanj crack the code himself when he was hanging around OJb's silver point? Dbanj has no music plus you do not slay the goose that lays the golden egg. please don't let these

    opinionated half baked quacks soil your reputable medium, to editorialize is a sin in journalism

  77. Hummmm,d writer tried sha,u almost conviced me but wen u start relatin to others dat ve split. U really got it all wrong.Don j is d best producer in Africa  can't shout.wen on stage donjazz is diffrent,ve u eva witness Mohits live performance. Den u will understand dat Donjazzy is the piller of Dbanj & Mohits.

    U said why is he doin stuff on stage for Tiwa salvage cos is d best wen it comes to dat.he produce d beats,backup as vocal singer.

    Wen 9ice left Code tunz,it wasn't breakup my was step up,ID CABASA neva lose he kips addin more talent to d coded tunz, hope u realize dat OLAMIDE,KIDA KUDZ re on d label sha,guy dey confirm b4 writtin.

    Anyway both gonna loose smtin sha.

  78. lame,baseless and absurd.What a shame!!!!

  79. Faulty aalysis. If u see truth in this, ur brain don't think. And whoever said Faze lost? Bleh _ rantings of an ignoramus

  80. This writer has just spoken the stark truth even though it hurts. Before you pass the disses round and round again, read through this writeup without bias or preference for either Don Jazzy or D'banj you would see this is the obvious truth! And by the way we don't have to write consolation write ups all the time. Nice one!

    1. ITS NOT THE TRUTH. Do you think the International world understands our music or rather Dbanj's senseless baseless music like we do?? NO! So, where is the proof that he will succeed? Im just laughing at yall.

  81. This writer has just spoken the stark truth even though it hurts. Before you pass the disses round and round again, read through this writeup without bias or preference for either Don Jazzy or D'banj you would see this is good! And by the way we don't have to write consolation write ups all the time. Nice one!

  82. If you read thru the comments you'll realize that whoever wrote this farce came back to comment and praise his/herself under different names, this article is foolish, where are the cold hard numbers you were gonna throw at us?! Jeez you're horrible, don't write anything else unless its an apology for wasting our time, and ynaija…don't let people like this post on your site, even though this is raising the bar on the rubbish you guys put out…cheers!

  83. How can someone like comments here? Lol! I just need to like 'funk's' comment.

    To me sha, this guy's write-up no too make sense. He wasn't too objective. Some of his premises were faulty and where his premises were right; his conclusion was faulty.

    Well, I don't expect that everyone should be gifted with the ability to make clean arguments.

  84. this Article was straight to d point…..I would not take sides…put it gives me something to really think about

  85. …And finally y'all fell for Ynaija's stunt/gimmick aimed at generating traffic. Can't u guys see that this piece was only crafted to stimulate reactions and increase the number of visitor's on their web page. #SuckersUnited (including me sef for typing this)

  86. *sigh* We all know Dbanj sings crap!..and hey, Donjazzy has magic fingers, you were wrong to take that away from him


  88. I'm honestly disappointed in Ynaija for allowing this article to be posted on their site. Are they looking for cheap publicity or what? As for the writer, how much did Dbanj pay you? Why put up an article just to rain hurtful words on someone? Or you think because Donjazzy is a celeb he doesn't have feelings? What's your business with his personality if he's boring? I bet you didn't remember all this when you've been rocking to Donjazzy's beats all this years. I am TeamDonjazzy but I see no reason why I should run Dbanj down just because Donjazzy is my favourite. Kudos to you. Finally, uve written an article that attracted comments. Smh!

  89. Nobodi is forcing anybody to read this post…….if u̶̲̥̅̊ don't like it …get out!!!!!!! The dude/babe gave his/her reasons howeva misinformed it may be……dnt hate ……….u̶̲̥̅̊ dnt have to see it if u̶̲̥̅̊ dnt wnt to

  90. Mr Olisah and Mr Dee, if you both agree to the fact that there is liberty in writing and the writer just expressed it. How come there is no liberty in choosing who you back up on stage. The writer castigated DonJ cos he backed tiwa savage on stage. He condemned DonJ's outcry of the threat he got over the fuel subsidy issue, disregards DonJ ambition to be a performer beyond a producer and his comments about rappers. If the writer has the liberty to do all this Mr(s), I think everyone criticizing his write up have equal liberty to disregard his unfounded points and say our mind. And mind you, no matter how intense your power is in writing, I think the ethics demand you thread slowly, don't make accusations and above all, leave room for diverse opinions. But this article is just too direct, concluded and against DonJ.

  91. This is that wackest post I have read on this blog. I am so disappointed. Abeg the write should go and eat sh*t. At least we know don jazzy. Who the f**k is this bubble headed writer. Smh

  92. As a critic I've analsyed all dat has been said,a nd d bottomline is dat both will do well wit out each oda cos of deir respective talents besides, they are still signed to G.O.O.D music, dbanj as a singer nd DonJazzy as a producer , some of deir recent works are :- dbanj in VIP a song by Lil issue ft Rick Ross(MMG) nd donjazzy in Lift off song by The Throne ft Beyonce(Watch The Throne) as a co-producer. so in d end dey r still under d same label, so way to go on breakin up U̶̲̥̅̊ two Lmao. Nd ppl finally, try to keep emotions outta dis. I'm just a lover of good music no matter d maker.

  93. I knew they were bound to go their seperate ways someday but I really would have preferred they part peacefully.

    Having said that, I suppose the writer is an anti don jazzy and his writing clearly shows it. Is he or anybody God? Whatver dbang becomes he should never forget that great mind donjazzy.

  94. @olisa,I totally agree wit you.dis is such a nice piece.I LOVE it.*thumbs up*

  95. I won’t blame u tho.. U r just a mfkin double-edge sword and a retarded bastard n a grown moron… Even if u r jobless n d devil is fingering ur brain n itching ur fingers to type, why not start with ur auto-biography or go n re-write ur OND/NCE project.. Anyways Michael Collins is a grown man and not a coward.. He took his ground as regards the fuel subsidy issh and he spoke his mind about rap in “NIGERIA” and He was so gentle-man enough to apologize to whoever miss-conceived his statement and felt bad about it.. Go and shove these 10 reasons of urs into ur ass and tell ur retarded colleague who wrote the other 9 lame questions to do same.. Ciao!

  96. mehn tho there are sum fact in wat you say buh its still the most dumbest fin av ever heard mind you a Dbanj with No DonJazzy is equal to nuffing nd also A Mohit widout Dbanj is still nothing so the ponch line is for the two dude to settle we love donjazzy we love Dbanj nd we love Mohit

  97. I won’t blame u tho.. U r just a mfkin double-edge sword and a retarded bastard n a grown moron… Even if u r jobless n d devil is fingering ur brain n itching ur fingers to type, why not start with ur auto-biography or go n re-write ur OND/NCE project.. Anyways Michael Collins is a grown man and not a coward.. He took his ground as regards the fuel subsidy issh and he spoke his mind about rap in “NIGERIA” and He was so gentle-man enough to apologize to whoever miss-conceived his statement and felt bad about it.. Go and shove these 10 reasons of urs into ur ass and tell ur retarded colleague who wrote the other 9 lame questions to do same.. Ciao!

  98. U knw wat?I partly agree wit u.dbanj is somtin witout donjazzy.common guys!den most pple dt r commenting r solely on don jazzy's side.see as u just dey blast d I tink dis article maks sense.

    But I hv 2 completely disagree on one part,DONJAZZY IS EASY ON THE EYE.ow cn u say he's nt?d guy luks aiit na.haba!one wld tink u r beefing him gan.

    On a last note,u r totally ryt abt dis;""D’banj can quickly start talking of Kokolets and Babylets and Mamalets and any lets that can let him avoid answering intelligent questions"" cos frankly,dbanj appears DUMB during interviews.

    Nice piece!cheers!!

  99. this post is the most senseless eva,im nt a fan of the mohits but this one is folish,i wonder if you can say something reasonable to save your life,mschewww

  100. I won't blame u tho.. U r just a mfkin double-edge sword and a retarded bastard n a grown moron… Even if u r jobless n d devil is fingering ur brain n itching ur fingers to type, why not start with ur auto-biography or go n re-write ur OND/NCE project.. Anyways Michael Collins is a grown man and not a coward.. He took his ground as regards the fuel subsidy issh and he spoke his mind about rap in "NIGERIA" and He was so gentle-man enough to apologize to whoever miss-conceived his statement and felt bad about it.. Go and shove this these 10 reasons of urs into ur ass and tell ur retarded colleague to wrote the other 9 lame questions to do same.. Ciao!

  101. This is what writing is about: the ability to make a bomb with a pen and paper and perhaps defuse it if the need be. Love this article. I don't care if they breakup or not, just keep giving me good music is my concern. We all must realise that there is liberty in writing and this writer freely exercised it. Though be careful with the name callings so as not to incur any lawsuit. No insult was meted out, this is just simple writing. Nice one

  102. *****Don Jazzy all the way!! As for me, I like the gift(D'banj) but I love the Giver(Don Jazzy). That creature who wrote those lies actually has human handwriting.

  103. Dis is nuttn short of a verbal bruhaha…premature article and a clear work of a wannabe..look well b4 U̶̲̥̅̊ criticize.D banj my ass

  104. I kinda agree with ds writer on d issue of Dbanj being d livewire of any "Mo Hits All Stars" Performance,cos as he/she said,I don't think Mo hits has any stars apart from probably Wande n Dr Sid (did u say D Prince?)……buh I hope Don Jazzy doesn't "lose" tho cos I'm strictly #Team DonJazzy

  105. Hauwa Gambo, this is a sad attempt at analysis. One sided, more of sentiment, very little fact.

  106. dbanj haters should just shut the f..k up. Don Jazzy is good but overrated. Don Jazzy produced good music for Dbanj, Dbanj also made good to perform the music and everybody cashed in. both will loose something after the break up. and to all those with neg comment to the writer, its mean when u cant even write better.

  107. Oga writer, your article is lame and unfounded. You make ♍ƺ sick andd want to hate reading ynaija's publications. I mean no one seem to agree with you duluusive conclusions. You are meant to be objective and diplomatic not affirming a future u don't see. Are you God? Please like someone ealier suggested, recheck your calling. You can know how to use pen and paper doesn't mean you have a calling in writing. Who ever say to be the first to laugh is to be the only one to laugh for ever is a joke, unfortunately your have categorised yourself to be a joke. You better see to writing fictions.

  108. Its all depend on how u manage ur team 'Donjazzy'. Who d hell is D'banj without Donjazzy? Some people will sit down in their house and their cooking different storys. Who the hell is MESSI without Barcelona? Why is he not performing in Argentina? Let see if naija pigin can blend with pure American english slang. No be akara o.

  109. U said 9ice cheated on his wife, betrayed his friend who discovered him and left his producer". Are you normal at all. Did Ruggedman discover 9ice? Did he cheat on his wife?? Did ID Cabasa not produce a track on his last album? Was Cabasa not on stage with him @ the BGV Concert??i see no reason why u had to bring 9ice into this.

    And to the issue at hand, you are grossly misinforming the audience with the poorly written article. Don Jazzy has produced a traxk for Jayz already, produced for Lemar and he is the best Producer in Africa. Dbanj? Poor lyricist and wack musician;charismatic though.


  110. The question is, who is this person? I mean the writer of this article. The only word that can describe this person is that he or she is a very big fool. And pls for God sake pple, don't allow this kind of individual put articles on ur site. M so so irritated right now.

  111. In as much as I think about 65% of the "facts" here are assumed, I'd have to admit, D'banj has a lot more going for him right now, most important of which is Kanye… And yes, the "mystique" is wearing out, but then again, it's the music he makes that'll speak for him, not his "mystique". Great article BTW

  112. This isn't about voltrons. This is about what is. 1) I hope you do realize that 'Ye is more interested in Don Jazzy for his production than in D'Banj. That's because Kanye is always looking to explore and make a new sound. And I hope you do realize that Being with Kanye gives Don J access to hip hop's best producers and artists. If he can hone his talent and make some good stuff, he can only expand. 2) Don Jazzy losing it? I can tell you, and you probably know about artists and people in the industry who have made worse mistakes and done worse things but are still on their feet. 3) D'Banj being an astute business man doesn't make Don Jazzy any less a success. 4) Whether he always had to ask him for what everytime or not, we all know Don J was the boss. You can't say the public eye is totally blind. 5) Yes producers aren't necessarily good performers but some do learn over time. Diddy is one example of a producer who made a successful crossover to performing. Who says Don J can't? 6) As for humility, we all know the people without that that've still succeeded. 'Ye and Puffy are a couple examples. 7) Wande Coal's voice is his power? Ask anybody in R&B who or what their most valuable asset is besides maybe the songwriter. Do you know there are tons and tons of great singers out there who can't blow cos they don't have marketing or someone to produce something good for them. I used to argue this but, check it, the beat is really relevant to R&B artists. 8) Yes Mo'Hits will lose popularity to an extent but they will still be on top if the other artists step up to the plate and if they find real talent. Bad Boy's loss in popularity after Big's death was largely due to the fact that Mase fucked up. Mase woulda been the next king of hip-hop if he didn't go away. Ask experts, they'd tell you. 9) About Don J's accessibility, you have to understand that that's just how it is when there's too many people tryna reach you. When I was younger, I hated really pretty girls that were nasty to guys so much. I still don't like 'em but I do understand that there's a lotta niggas on they necks, and most of them are lame. Can't 'totally' fault her for giving them attitude. That's how it is for celebrities. Not saying most of the people tryna reach 'em are lame, but that's how it is. I'm sure D'Banj is way less accessible. 10) Don J is boring? Nigga! He isn't a performer. Performers have better skills at dealing with stuff like that. Bottom line is, I ain't saying D'Banj will fail, but Don Jazzy will NOT fail and I doubt he'll be the less successful one. Thank you.

    1. THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. I loooove this piece.its funny!

  114. #TeamDonJazzy indeed! Ur article is an insult on d great minds dat av written 4 Ynaija @ one time or d other…. Say hi 2 Dbanj, dat should not be hard; is he not d one dictating d words 2 u?!

  115. Great stuff, you nailed it totally…

  116. Wel,2 som xtent,its dts ur own point of view!don jazzy isnt a local producer,i hope u knw dat?i dnt c dbanj as sm1 who can stand d test of tym wtout don jazzy!if u tink don jazzy is boring,dats his personality and should b respectd!finaly,don jazzy's beat is enuf 2 gv dbanj d high spirit 2 b un-borin!

  117. This is apparently the worst article ever published on YNaija. it is so bad it tends to want to give objectivity a new meaning. The writer has written with so much ignorance you are tempted to go into fasting and prayers on his behalf. every single point he tried to harp on falls apart like a pack of cards.

  118. Ds guy is rili sick…n his facts ar soo lame..dbanj is nothin wtout donjazzy #rogerdat

  119. 9ice won? On what premises do you base your facts, good sire/ma'am?

  120. this person wey write this article no get common sense.. inshort i hate dis yo website…shiiiiiit…

  121. Lol…now are u f'n kidding me?? Why bother us with all the teamdonjazzy crap when u were clearly out to ridicule him. Wtf!! My first time on ynaija and I stumble upon this disgrace of an article. Good grief!

  122. You clearly do not know ur onions, author.

    Don jazzy is Mo' Hits, r u aware dat d chap is lk 3 years younger than D'banj, that he was an international producer before Mo'Hits (he produced Fresh by Lemar), that he does most of the mixing, back ups of the best hits by Mo'Hits, that Mo'Hit artists are nt as prolific because they dont have enough confidence to sing outside his beats. Dude/Miss, come on. Your shit is weak/wack.

  123. I actually it's quite funny…I like it!

  124. No offence. You made sooo many assumptions here & despite u claimin to be '' #teamdonjazzy'', i think u r actually a staunch member of #teamdbanjpsychophants. U mande out Don Jazzy to b a weakling, & that is far from the truth. I could tear ur article apart piece by piece & fault many statements, but i'm too irritated to do that nw. I snt know Don Jazzy from Adam, & neither have i ever met Dbanj, but if they break up, i think its quite premature to determine who succeeds more or who will ''lose'' more. At any rate, in d music industry, musicians tend to go down faster than producers. Look around & tell me if some of those who were popular yesterdy r still dere today. Producers also go down, but since they've hardly ever bein as high as d musicians, they dont hit the ground as hard as the musicians when they fall. Continue to b taken in by Mr Kokolete, next 2-3 yrs, we'll see if he's still as popular as he is now. There r many Dbanjs out dere waitin for Don Jazzy's input to make them great.

  125. The Revenge of the Don Jazzy voltrons – I knew it: ))

  126. Why is YNaija allowin pple like u write articles for 'em? Pathetic analysis;am forced to wonder whether u were under the influence wen u wrote this! Absolute rubbish! Choose anoda career bro,writin doesn't cut it for u! *yawns*

  127. Come who ever is "Smart Mouth" writing this BS…..dbanj was nothing until don jazzy picked him up, yes he is an entertainer and Ye will get tired of me! Ye is a douchebag….anyway don't let's all wait and see b4 u run ur fingers like u r God or something!

  128. ur shit is watery, baseless, and senseless. get ur facts right b4 putting garbage on social media. U should be sued for misinformation and miseducation. ur shit bore me to teeth like carnage

  129. I weep for Don Jazzy!

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