Ogwu Anthony: When passion drives you (30 days, 30 voices)

by Ogwu Anthony


                        “It is like your leader and at the same time your follower and your lover.”

It’s like a strong rip current that takes away everything in its path. When you find it, everything you once thought fascinating becomes second place. You get stuck to it, it keeps you dedicated and faithful, continuously expending your time and energy. The feeling you hold towards it, is pure and unbridled, you are not willing to let go.  If you ever let go, you feel lost. The mere thought of it makes your heart beat in excitement, you feel an inextricable connection to it (Well … that doesn’t apply to everyone). Some might think you are crazy and have “lost it” but you have only found it. It is like your leader and at the same time your follower and your lover. It is capable of taking you farther than you ever projected in your wildest imagination. It opens up doors you never knew existed. It gives you a sense of belonging, an identity, a reason to keep going even when faced by seemingly insurmountable challenges. The hope of its actualization keeps your eyes fixed on the big picture as it gives you a path to walk through in your journey to self-actualisation. You become a student of the world as you learn from falling, just as you learn to manoeuvre the roadblocks of life. Such are the vicissitudes of life! However, the good tide of fortune would come flowing in your direction. When it does, it takes you all the way to a point where everyday brings forth opportunities and every opportunity is a spring in your step. Such is the beauty of life, it ebbs and it flows.

Life is neither rigid nor static but fluid- a continuous series of ups and downs. The beauty of being able to achieve our dreams can be alluring and enticing. It is paramount that we engrave in our minds, these five principles for bringing our dreams to fruition.

1. Concise planning- Make clear and stepwise progress towards achieving your ultimate goal. Avoid vague and open ended plans instead have a clear picture of what you intend to achieve within a stipulated period of time. In 30 days, in 4 weeks, in 5 years, what steps would you take to get closer to your dream? Take a step!

2. Realistic thinking-  Don’t set your expectations too high, it may come crashing down on you, dashing your hopes and you begin to think diabolical forces are being sent to thwart you from accomplishing your set goal. Do not hope more than you work, eliminate the wish factor and be in complete awareness of what the real world is all about. Dreams do not just happen, dreams are created. Dreams are brought to life, everyday you take a step into the future you envision things. Therefore, try to make every step count. Don’t wait for circumstances to be perfect, the world has never been perfect. Start now! Start small!

3. Positive thinking- Maintaining a positive mindset fuels you with enthusiasm.  A positive attitude only leads to positive results. Believe you can and that you deserve all that you dream of achieving, confidently go all the way and uphold that belief that, there is no room for timidity. Timidity is borne out of self doubt!

4. Persistence- Persistence is falling, getting back up and moving on. It is an irrefutable fact that what you focus on only gets better. Learn from your mistakes, push yourself beyond all previously known limits. Discover you can do more than you thought possible. Being persistent shows that you can’t be swayed by negative emotions or circumstances. Keep on, keeping on!

5. Eliminate complacency- There is a tendency to remain complacent especially when you have attained some heights. However, there is still room for growth and more impact when you haven’t attained your desired goal. You only need to work more, practice more, learn more and impact more! It could always get better. Never rest on your laurels.

In conclusion, I dare say that the few who do become the envy of those who only watch, are amongst those who marvel the world. Even when the crowd is entangled with intrigue, or captivated and mesmerized by the display of dexterity, cleverness or adroitness of these rare people they would still try to figure out the driving force behind such spectacularity. The mystery of it all lies in your dedication, sweating and persistently working on your dream, your passion! Be a dreamer and drive your dream with the passion to succeed and you surely will.


Ogwu Anthony Ugo is a fresh graduate from the University of Abuja. He describes himself as a  ‘big picture dreamer’. He tweets from @tohneyugo.

30 Days, 30 Voices series is an opportunity for young Nigerians from across the world to share their stories and experiences – creating a meeting point where our common humanity is explored.

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