Omerah Laraba Sanni: 5 features of a great mind for the future

by Omerah Laraba Sanni

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There are lots of problems in the world today and with very few solutions. Those who can train their minds to proffer solutions are considered very valuable.

The dictionary defines the mind as the human consciousness that originates in the brain and is manifested especially in thought, perception, emotion, will, memory, and imagination.

It is a very powerful tool no doubt. The things we see today are all products  of thoughts in the minds of people. We all have one and so can all be great irrespective of our age, gender, family background and any other limitations around us. All we need to do is to concentrate on developing our minds by substituting positive thoughts for negative ones because the quality –and quantity- of our mind determines how much we get out of life.

The world is changing, faster than ever, and we’ve moved from a world where passive thinkers, who follow laid down rules and instructions are the only successful ones, to a world where only great minds can succeed. And to succeed now –and in years to come- you have to cultivate specific abilities that will make you a leader, give you a competitive edge as well as a staying power.

These are the 5 abilities you should train your mind to have.

Discipline: this is a perhaps over-emphasised need but it remains very true. Discipline or the lack of it, is clearly a function of the mind. You can choose to get yourself doing so many things, eating all kinds of food, engaging in all kinds of activities, spending your money shopping extravagantly or you can choose to live a life of frugality and moderation. When you train your mind to be disciplined, you get to be in the right place at the right time prepared for opportunities.

Pick a field of study or area of the economy (Business, Medicine, Politics, Sports etc) concentrate on it and work towards becoming an expert in that field. Make sure it’s an area you are talented in and you have enough passion to drive you through difficult times. Beyond your talent, you need to work hard and be resilient to excel. Apply for only jobs you have gained ample knowledge and some level of expertise in- this will enable you to seize opportunities when you see them. A disciplined mind will always offer value, seek to expand your knowledge base daily by reading and align yourself with people who have excelled in your field, get a mentor and constantly practice the things you learn. Imperfect practice makes perfect.

Synthesis: The ability to filter information to get out only what’s important. When you acquire knowledge, don’t just take in everything, seek to thoroughly understand what you learned, take out what you need and discard the rest. Teach people what you learn too, people naturally follow people they can learn from, the more people you can impact, influence and empower, the more problems you can solve, and the higher you’ll rise.

Creativity: An ability to think outside the box, generate new ideas or ways to solve an existing problem. There are lots of problems in the world today and with very few solutions. Those who can train their minds to proffer solutions are considered very valuable. It’s a simple math, the more value you create; the more wealth gravitates towards you. You become a magnet for other successful people around you. I know you might be thinking creativity is not for everyone but that’s untrue. Just because you are not a geek, nerd, loner, business guru or tech savvy person doesn’t mean you are not creative; creativity only requires that you are curious enough to seek out solutions to problems however you make that happen- either alone or with people, with technology or other resources- what matters is that you are able to change something for the better.

Ethics: Value honesty and integrity. Do not be easily swayed into compromise. You may be criticized but you’ll eventually stand out. No matter what, do what is right and it’s best to think everyone’s watching you. Actually, they are.

Respect: Humility is not overrated, show people you care about them and do not look down on them, appreciate individual differences; it’s the beauty of human nature. Treat people right whether you feel they deserve it or not. No man is an island, people exist through people and in our world today, the people you know and meet matter even more. You won’t last as a success if you are always condescending. Be nice to people on your way up the ladder, you might need them on your way down.

When your mind is trained in these directions, you’ll begin to feel more in control of your life and the things happening around you.

Remember, the future belongs to those who have made an active lifelong commitment to continue learning. It’s all in the mind; you are a product of your thoughts.


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  1. Thanks for sharing.Inasmuch as the mind is the sit of wisdom and many have contributed to the world through the development of their minds,the world is getting more transcendental than intellectual.No matter how developed a mind is,it will still not acheive much without some Otherworldly backup in these times.check out the entertainment industry and other fields.The most developed mind still needs a spiritual backup.

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