Opinion: To whom it may concern, if I die

by Olabode Emmanuel Olawumi

The question is; If I die, who killed my dream?

If I die, who killed my dream? Is it:

My country that didn’t put me in the best positions?

My government that refused to make life comfortable for the common man by denying the masses and its electorate the basic social amenities of life?

The capitalist who is bent on making an astronomical profit at the expense of his employees?

The Pastor who preaches only on how I will make Heaven but refuses to enlighten me on how to survive on earth, who calls for massive crusades but turns his back against the positive revolution on the street?

The Imam who tells me all about the Holy War but refuses to caution my brothers who kill others unjustly?

My religious leaders who stand at the pulpit highlighting the evils in our government but still receive brown envelopes from government officials?

The critics who enumerate the nation’s numerous problems but fail to proffer solutions?

The politician who makes empty promises and amasses personal wealth, thus crippling the natio’s economy?

The educationists who blame the decay in the education system on the government but fail to pass useful information to me in the classroom?

The Labour leaders who are never friends with the government in public but

betray us before those in power in private?

The security agents who promise to be my friend but parley with my foes to rob me?

The electoral commissioner who announces falsified results after receiving stipends from unscrupulous politicians?

The godfather who leaves office but still remains in power?

The legislature who ignores the executive’s unreasonable actions but raises

false alarm only when the latter refuses to dance to his tunes?

Ceasar’s wife who is not fit to pass an English Language common entrance

examination but gets appointments she’s unworthy of because she must be above suspicion?

The airline company that rakes millions but refuses to observe safety measures that will protect her passengers?

The coach who is more interested in what I have in my wallet or under my pants than the talents and skills

I possess to win gold medals for my country at the Olympics?

The bank executive who mismanages customers’ life savings?

The NEPA official who refuses to provide power supply but knocks on my door at month end?

The lecturer who teaches me in class but promises me that I’m bound to fail his course ­ no matter how hard I read?

The Vice-Chancellor who increases Freshmen’s acceptance fees from N2,000 to N20,000 and shuts down the school for over 3 months because students protested?

The Finance Minister who cannot find a lasting solution to the country’s bankruptcy?

The Oil Minister who has been alleged to have traded the nation’s crude oil at the black market?

The compromised journalist?

The incompetent artisan?

The mediocre artiste?

The careless, reckless and unlawful taxi driver?

The manufacturing company that provides low-quality goods at high prices?

The pharmacist who sells fake drugs?

Family and friends who think my course is not a noble one?

Parents who impose careers on their kids?

Me, myself and I who ain’t man enough to stand up to life’s challenges?

The question is; If I die, who killed my dream?



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  1. If you ever find the answer, be kind enough to share for I ask myself these questions from time to time.

  2. Wow…..

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