TICKER: OMG: Man shoots 3-year old girl and calls her a “ho”

A man shot a three year old girl after calling her a “ho”, according to her mother.  The argument began when the man allegedly yelled at Amyria Parham while she played with another child. The girl’s mother, Latina Edwards, says she stepped in to defend her daughter from the man’s violent words.

“I told him don’t talk to my daughter no more because he was calling her and her friend ‘hos’. My daughter is 3 years old. She don’t know what a ho is,” Edwards said.

Edwards got into a friend’s van to get away from the man, but he grabbed a 12-gauge shotgun and started to shoot at both of them.  That’s when the little girl got hit in the leg. .

“He directly pointed the gun at the vehicle and shot it up,” Edwards said.

 The child is recovering in the Children’s Hospital in Detroit.  Police have a suspect, but he hasn’t been taken into custody yet.

“Everybody is giving him calls — contacting him, letting him know what’s going on and to hide. That’s not right,” Edwards said.

Maybe when three year old get shot, it’s time to start snitching.  This is sad.

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