Twitter Round-up!

by  Ifreke Inyang [@ifreke]

[22nd to 27th August, 2011]

MONDAY:  “Good morning tweeps!” @vuyakoos tweeted as a new week started. “It’s another week to get to work and make this money! God bless our hustle.” @kantona5334 was already making moves to make some good money. “I’ve been calling my stock broker all day. I hope he isn’t dead o cos I need to mk some good deals,” he tweeted. @BankyW wasn’t too keen on another deal that was being rumoured around. His tweet was: “I don’t know if I agree with Arsenal buying Kaka. Isn’t he very injury prone? And I’d hate to say his best days are behind him… but…”

TUESDAY:  @de_lagosdude was trying his best to meet up with a friend. His tweet said: “Dem winchi winchi o want make I go jam my guy o! ATM no dey work and my bro no wa borrow me bar!” What other folks were busy doing however, was trying to raise some awareness for cancer victims on BBM.  “Get on BBM now!!!they are stopping Cancer with DPs!!!” @PlatinumBRICH tweeted. @mayorpee wasn’t entirely convinced. “I av a feeling dis yellow ribbon dp z anoda strategy frm MTN not d cancer children!” he said in his tweet. @hossprince insisted that the kind gesture from his father was a strategy. “This 1 that my popsy bought KFC I’m sure I’m going to wash car tomorrow :(“

WEDNESDAY: Today, @sweetlollypee didn’t plan to wash. “So am suppose 2 wash 2day,” she said in her tweet. “ I’m feeling so lazy, might jst tk me clothes 2 d drycleaners coz dey r plenty..” There was so much food for @danielle_nekan to eat and she wasn’t complaining. “Thank God two of my siblings have gone back to schl 2day,” she tweeted happily. “There’s so much food left in the house! #Bliss” @blackbizzyboy recently moved houses with his family and he told us that it hasn’t been a sweet experience. “Mehn! This new area no b am at all o! No fine gehs, no ewa goin joints.. I miss my former hood o! *sad*” @nonosoobi was happy his cousin was back in the country. “My coz has landed in Naija o! It’s time to gaan loot!” he declared in his tweet.

THURSDAY@DemiladeR  didn’t choose the right time to take his bicycle to the supermarket. His tweet was: “Great! It’s the day that I brought bicycle to the supermarket that there would be babes. When I bring daddy’s SUV it’s housegirls I will see.” It was another set of people that put off @walegates. “Honestly sometimes I wish I had more UK and US followers,” he tweeted in frustration. “Enough wasted materials cos these Naija pips don’t get it sometimes.”

FRIDAY: The UN Building was attacked today by a suicide bomber and tweeters reacted. “I was stupid to think this guys were fasting and had gone to sleep! Damn all this shit!! What a disgrace” @AbangMercy fumed in her tweet. @temiokomi was not happy that the sources of these explosives hasn’t been discovered yet. He said in his tweet: “So our “security” forces cannot track where these explosives are coming from?! Last I checked, these things aren’t sold in Yaba…” @ofilispeaks was in Lagos and was actually surprised by the attitude of some policemen, “For the 1st time since I came to Lagos…the Falomo round-about police did not ask me for money. They were actually searching cars! Wow!” he said in his tweet.

SATURDAY:  @onehotnaijadude was surprised that Mercy Johnson’s wedding took place after all the drama. “Dis Mercy Johnson get mind oh!” he tweeted. “So she still married the guy after everything the other wife did?” What @emmalexx did throughout today was sleep. “I av been sleeping since morning, I jus woke up to eat and I’m going back to bed. *grin* #WkndRest” Not everybody was stuck in bed though. Some were glued to their TVs watching football. And it was a happy day for Chelsea fans. “Juan Mata is going to set d EPL alight! Mark my words!” @fukeeke gushed after their victory.

Gbagaun of the week: Have your pick!

@Giammatti: so this guy want to double crossed me….issorai

@PweetieAlexiaa: I’m soo happy I’m finally get ma personal laptop


@delelynn: Pope wears a red prada shoes…Pope’s dey flex ooh

@slimstalk: responsibility comes with determined!!”

@OluwaWanaBaba: Anybody that ones to know how I feel about the too can DM me their numbers…

@her4labi:#everygirl want 2 b happy wit ha boo bt no gal dnt wanna b play

@Herroyalgaganes: Please startin doin’ yσu cos amma be doin’ me.

@kingmewize: @DONJAZZY that girl with one leg, how does she walks?..or abi na magic?…hmmmm…

@razork25: Ahn han!! Do u thinking I’m stalking you

@slimstalk: Why disturbs me for money?

@maxkidy: Twitter is so boredom…

@MissToluwanimi: I wish I cud have a childrens for wizkid

@abbasmus: @MsAgbaniDarego please sent me your pin baby”

@BrittoOlumide: Walking on d road nd a lime light fell on me like a dropping chiderliear

@skinny_chael: I wanted to dedicated 10,000 2 som1 special bt It is 2 late. @dejialao: adele is very talent but she sing sad songs…

@Victoriusvictor: Y is everibodi get malaria feva??””

@DonFik: Which kind Baggy trouser did @DONJAZZY wore in the oliver Twist video, this Don no go kill me o

@bibiano_babz: So wizzy finally pregnated that secondary school babe.. Issorai

 @sircrespo: How does this piece of info change d fact that obasanjo n babangida r FOOL?

@krasy_boi: Wizkid has a kids?

@datGuyKOFO : Wizkid is now a father, 2face now has a competition

@temibiggs: which one is more importance

@dejialao: adele is very talent but she sing sad songs…

@deintheartiste: I can’t watching the throne cos I’m sitting on it

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Rant of the week:  @nickkiwaks: Serzli whu gave my fada a BB ?? Lemmie noe U̅ cos i wil beat d livin dy out of ur lyf!!!..mscheww

Tweet of the week: @_santi__: Hating on someone on twitter is RETARDED. That’s like yelling at your TV when you have the REMOTE in your hand!

Retweet of the week:  @apiboi tweeted: “Missed an exams today….*sigh*” @eromzy retweeted and said “(((((((((Thank God Say U Nor Write Am OH))))))”

Seriously tweeting: @TobiWilliams: Why Is Adele nominated for a #VMA? She sat down on a chair for a full video…I don’t get it

SUBstance: @djbuzzle: You begged me 4 a follow, I followed & then you later unfollowed? You are a TwitFool !!!

Quote my tweet:  @kkdonjay: If Your Girlfriend Buys You ‘Deodorant’ As Gift… It means You Ave Body Odour 😐

Foot Note: Many thanks to @PengBoiz, @tobismyth & @Kemmiiii for providing some of the tweets used in this roundup. You can also become a YNaija twicorrespondent too. It’s quite easy. Get funny, witty and interesting tweets from your timelines and send them to me.

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