YNaija Weekly Tinsel Review: Chris? Titi K? Kwame? Looks like everyone’s crazy on Tinsel this week! – by Lekan Olanrewaju

by Lekan Olanrewaju

(13 – 17 February)

Celebrations are in order; Or something of the sort, at least. Amaka finally has her baby back, and in full health too, as the doctors confirmed all the old hag gave him was a cough mixture.

After an action movie-esque encounter with Mrs. Etuk who, after her usual rants about “Revenge!” and “My son!” admitted that she would never harm her grandchild, and was “only trying to find a home for him”, Too bad she seemingly won’t be around to face her charges of “kidnapping and child endangerment”, as the old lady seems to have given up the ghost. I’d say we’re permitted to not feel as sorry for her as Amaka was.

Unfortunately we can’t be too happy, as Telema’s desperation to get Soji out of jail (can we really blame her?) led her to accept Kwame’s marriage “proposal”. And while the whole story arc already has plot-holes more gaping than the “memory loss” fiasco which I imagine the writers are still trying to recover from, we can’t help but feel sorry for Telema. At least she got Kwame to go amend his statement to the police, even though Detective Sankey wasn’t too pleased with his.

Meanwhile, Fred made his first official public appearance at the premiere of The Harmattan Diaries. There was something very about seeing him inviting Sheila as his date to the premiere, as well as asking her what she would like to do for Valentine’s day. It’s hard to imagine how it must feel to have to start a marriage from what seems like the beginning again. Then again, it’s leading them to discover things about each other they never knew, like Fred’s love for movies, so chances are it could end up leaving their relationship even stronger than before. By the way, why is Laide Cole so desperate to see Sheila? Is the guilt that heavy on her? Or could it be something else? Perhaps her tryst with Fred led to something a bit….serious? We can only wait, and hope Fred has more breakthroughs in his memory while we do so. Like him remembering the fact Brenda is his daughter during his conversation with
his brother.

Speaking of his brother, things between him and his wife seemed to have reached even worse levels, due to Titi K’s aggressive approach towards restoring Salewa’s voice didn’t go down too well with him. One can’t shake the feeling there’s something a bit too dramatic about it though. Granted, Titi K is something of a nutcase, but she wasn’t exactly subjecting her daughter to shock therapy. Her behavior might have been insensitive, but it was hardly as cruel as Dan was making it out to be.

Regardless, it ended up in Salewa leaving to go live with her father; and while her mother may have initially reacted to this in her usual angry and haughty manner, it was quite easy to see, underneath it all, she was hurt by being “betrayed”, as she put it, by her “own flesh and blood” as she later broke down in tears.

Back on the subject of The Harmattan Diaries, it turns out Chris is just as insane as we imagined, as he incited his fans to picket the cinemas where the movie was airing. Turns out he can’t take what he dished out, as Phillip’s outburst when he visited him, and in a pair of new shoes no less, about how his writing wasn’t “even that good to begin with” seemed to cut deep into him. We wouldn’t realize just how deep however, till the final scene of the week where we saw the misunderstood writer hanging by what seemed to be a noose from the ceiling of Phillip’s house. Or perhaps that was due to his dissatisfaction with the movie, which Phillip finally managed to get him to watch. I guess now we’ll never get to find out why he was always dressed in the same dowdy white shirt and pants.

Wonder what kind of shadow this fiasco will cast over the movie screenings and how much more bickering will ensue between Angela and Phillip because of this, as they’ve pretty much been like cat and mouse throughout their whole collaboration.

By the way, what are the odds of those two getting together somewhere down the line? Now that would really be something.

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  1. pls some one should work on the tinsel script, the students of ui ibadan the medical school especially gather in the evenings to watch tinsel but u are dissappointing us wit d story being more like nolly wood, loosing its class and taste, iw can laide be pregnant , u bore us also by making chris okereke die in philips house its no more brilliant. A lot of loop holes. Jst end it with a bang and start a new soap if not tinsel heads for d rock and ur fall will be great. Cos u re not listening, its also getting too long and meaningless wit chuks and brenda who have dissappeared .u need a serious revamping. Thank you

  2. You missed a word here:

    There was something very about seeing him inviting Sheila as his date to the premiere,

    Titi-K is not Dan's wife. They were never married.

cool good eh love2 cute confused notgood numb disgusting fail