10 steamy SEX tips for newbies

by Shachi Lavingia, Team iDiva

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Be comfortable in your skin
You have a sexy side to you and that is a part of you. If you haven’t explored sex at all, it isn’t easy for you to just jump into it. You won’t be able to enjoy intimacy with your partner if you’re not comfortable in your own skin. Embrace your sexuality and let it take a chance in the bedroom.

Explore yourself
When you touch yourself, you learn where and how you like being touched. And let us tell you that no two women get turned on by the same things. You partner may come armed with all the hot moves, but you know your body the best. You can show him what turns you on and take control of satisfying your sexual needs.

The art of kissing
How you kiss is the deciding factor of how your love-making session will turn out. Start with sensual kisses and then graduate to the passionate, deep kissing. Make use of your hands and run them over his upper body to bring on the heat. You can press your lips together on his lower lip very slowly in between too! 😉

Go slow 
The most important factor during love-making is to begin on a slow note. We say don’t directly go for the kill! Start by slowly kissing him, and remember to shuffle between kissing his neck and lips. The key is to keep him waiting and wanting for more. To make things sizzling, move your fingers over his chest and back as well.

Give him a hand
Touch his manhood while standing behind him ‘coz that way you will have your palm against his penis, which is just the way he satisfies himself. There are women who love giving a blow job, but it’s not necessary that you are one of them. If you’re not comfortable with going down on him, you can always perfect the art of lending him a hand. Touch them anyhow down there, and they’re going to love it.

Blow Job
Men love blow jobs more than anything else in the world, and there’s nothing you can do to change that. Again, the key is to not go for the kill. Lick his member, blow some air on it before directly taking it in your mouth. Fondle his testicles in between to drive him crazy.

Always remember that he’s the one who likes you for who you are! That burger you had for lunch therefore doesn’t matter to him because he likes you even with the slight paunch. When you’re getting naked in front of him, make sure you’re extremely comfortable. This will have some room for you to strip more sexually.

Try the woman on top
If you’re having sex for the first time, you must try the woman-on-top position as this help you decide how much you can take and helps you take charge of the pace as well. Watching you take charge as well as being able to see you completely will turn him on like never before.

Satisfy your needs
It’s really easy for men to get lost in their own thoughts during sex, and he might just forget that he needs to satisfy you as well. Take charge of satisfying your own needs, and place his hands on your body, or touch yourself in places which turn you on. Don’t always depend on him to satisfy your needs.

Let him take control
As much as he likes to see you take charge, he wants to be able to satisfy you just as much as he wants that for himself. Let him touch you the way he pleases and explore your body. Men have a constant need to boost their ego and satisfying you in bed will do the job.


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