5 things we learnt from Omotola’s US TV debut

Omotola makes her US TV debut2

by Michael Sonaike

There’s this popular saying that goes “there are no small parts, only small actors,” and while people may be quick to turn their noses up at such remarks, it has proven true time and again. Just look at Anne Hathaway’s performance as Fontaine in Les Miserables; a role for which the actress lost 25 pounds, due to a “starvation” diet that left her so frail she broke her arm in a fall. It all seems a bit drastic, especially considering Hathaway only had about 20 minutes of screen-time in the nearly 3-hour flick. It’s all well and good, then, that she won an Oscar for it. There’s also Anthony Hopkins whose 16-minute turn as Hannibal Lecter in The Silence Of The Lambs won him an Academy Award and has left knowledge of terror in the hearts of men since. In that same vein, the much-heralded Hollywood debut of Nollywood Queen Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde managed to make quite the impression on us, despite not being particularly lengthy.

We present to you the top 5 take-aways from the US TV debut appearance of “Omosexy.”

1. Her acting skills are unquestionable.

Omotola plays the role of Akon’s wife – or partner at least – and even though, as we’ve mentioned already, she’s only on screen for 7 seconds, she absolutely kills it. So much so that some people seemed to forget she was, you know, acting. What else could explain YouTube comments like;

“smh dis girl just dey waka go evry where forget say she be married woman” and

“why she dey always show her self for evrywhere…………..lmagin how she hold akon tite lik say na her husband”


The hilarity (and, to be honest, stupidity) in those comments aside, when you’ve made it hard for people to tell the difference between fiction and reality, you’ve clearly done your job as an actor.

2. She’s got some seriously rosy cheeks.

Omotola Cheeks

Seriously, just look at them glowing.

3. She’s also got a great smile.

Omotola Smile

And she clearly loves showing it off, too.

4. There’s a great rack on her chest.

Omotola Rack

So much so that Akon couldn’t help stealing a glance. We don’t call her “Omosexy” for nothing.

5. She’s one dedicated woman.


Yes, she had only a few seconds (7 seconds, to be precise) of screen-time, and we can snark up the gills all we want about it, but that didn’t stop her from throwing herself behind it the way some would do feature films. Others might have chosen to believe such a role was beneath them. Some would have done it and chosen to pretend it never happened. But Omotola stood behind her art, publicising the role in a manner that would make any producer proud. It’s no wonder she’s at the top of Nollywood today; it only stands to reason that filmmakers would scramble to work with an actress who will not only deliver a stellar performance, but do her best to draw attention too.

And in case you missed the video…

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  • lizzy says:

    Even if Omotola merely passed across d scene, she’s made a statement. U all keep screaming mother of 4, is she to tie a sling around her neck,pulling her children with her wherever she goes? These are children dat in a few years will start taking some strange decisions n choices of career n spouses whether d parents re in support or not,just like most of us. If her husband is behind her,all is settled. Keep moving Omotola pple never give up, satan is using dem cos dey re idle.

  • victor jazz says:

    we have a good nolywood in nigeria esp OMOTOLA

  • fred says:

    Written With sincerity and read with pride.. Well said

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