A thread of Twitter NG’s reactions to an employer who sent his staff home for lateness

A thread of Twitter NG's reactions to an employer who sent his staff home for lateness

When Elon Musk called Twitter a town hall platform where all kinds of conversations take place, he has seen what really goes on there. Twitter is a marketplace, and like other platforms, like Facebook, Twitter gives you the room to table matters – consciously and unconsciously – and draw as many as three conversations from just a tweet.

In @humblecute’s tweet – the inspiration for this post, there is a conversation on ‘company policy’ and if strict punishments can be adjusted in certain instances; this time to accommodate the fact that it rained.

@humblecute wrote:

“I sent 3 of my workers back home today..their excuse was ‘Rainfall’ I didn’t listen to them coz that wasn’t enough excuse for me + they already know the rules of the company.”

He adds:

“They were 1hr 15 minutes late.. our company has a strict policy on Punctuality!”

In case you never worked in a structured space, a company policy is:

Set in place to establish the rules of conduct within an organisation, outlining the responsibilities of both employees and employers. The management of company policy and procedures aim to protect the rights of workers as well as the business interests of employers. Depending on the needs of the organisation, various policies and procedures establish rules regarding employee conduct, attendance, dress code, privacy and other areas related to the terms and conditions of employment.


Company policies are usually handed down to employees when there is an onboarding process, or sometimes attached when the appointment letter is given or sent. It outlines what the company is about, and the guidelines for employees.

The document usually leaves room for additions or subtractions as trends come and go, and is usually signed. Assent to the appointment letter is assent to the company’s policies.

@humblecute’s tweets say the company policy does not condone lateness, so the said employees would not have been allowed to get away with lateness; notwithstanding an obstacle like rainfall.

In such instances, it is possible the company relaxes penalties when the defaulters announce beforehand that they may arrive late. That is where ‘discretion’ comes in. But @humblecute does not say if the employees said they were going to be late. So, the reactions are from just the tweet.

The tweet has gained some engagement. See some reactions:

Daniel [email protected]: As a boss, you are free to run your company as you deem fit but you sending your workers home because they arrived late due to the rain, is wrong; Put yourself in their shoes. You better work on your leadership skills otherwise your workers will start resenting you, and this will ruin your establishment.

I Sell [email protected]_Samito: One day. Just one day, you’ll be in a situation where nature would happen and put you in a disadvantaged position against your will. I hope it’s something that’ll cost you much more than what you did to your staff today. You’ll understand “strict policy”.

[email protected]_bami007: In advanced countries, people call the day off because of bad weather. Bad weather is a genuine excuse as it is endangering human lives. Their excuse was genuine. Next time just issues them a warning note. Please try to create a friendly working environment.

Anu [email protected]_tiana: Guy calm down, I got to work at 9:30… As a boss, you need to be considerate and also know that there are circumstances beyond one’s control. Take it easy ehn, ndo.

[email protected]: As a manager myself you’re horrible at managing people. If it’s happening every day then you’ve the right to send them home but if it was their first time and the reason was genuine then it’s you that needs more training. Probably these folks have no vehicle of their own. COMPASSION sir.

The [email protected]: As a boss and a leader, sometimes try to be reasonable. I told two of my staff to stay back today and work from home because of the rain, I knew the challenges they would face coming to work. I saw that ahead and I didn’t want them to go through all this stress. Humanity first.

Knowing that @humblecute has once been in a situation like that, what do you think?

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