[The Presidential Blog] Alibaba may have just delivered the most politically hilarious “knock knock” ever

No matter how horrible things get in Nigeria, we can always count on people like the comedian, Ali BabaGCFR to bail us out with some jokes. Sadly though after all fun and jokes, the reality always sits there waiting.

Former Minister of Petroleum, Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke became liable to be used in this kinds of punch lines when the current Emir raised alarm over missing $20 billion from NNPC’s quarters. She won the battle for a while when the past administration was able to deny the matter enough to even lead to the suspension of the accuser, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi – who then governor at the Central Bank.

Since the end of the Goodluck Jonathan administration, Mrs Diezani has been linked to such a diverse range of dollar sums in misappropriated funds that it has become much easier to refer to her ordeal as #DiezaniGate.

Anyone who has closely followed will get not only the joke in this Instagram post but also where AlibabaGCFR is coming from.

First, it was the $20 billion or $18 billion missing NNPC funds. Later, it was $6 billion that may or may not have been remitted to Nigerian Petroleum Development Commission. There’s been the locking up of an $18 billion mansion linked to her in Abuja and $2 billion worth jewellery seized.

Those allegations have remained just that. Mostly allegations and it is unclear if she’ll ever be charged or convicted for any of them.

Just this month, she has been named by the EFCC in a $9.08 billion forfeiture, a stolen $153,310,000 from NNPC both claims that she has denied. She was named along with her former boss, Goodluck Jonathan, by Italian prosecutors among those who allegedly received kickbacks in the $1.3 billion Malabu oil block deal.

So we get you sir Alibaba. We are also starting to question if Diezani of these claims that will stick to the former Minister.


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