Review: D’banj and the lack of talent thereof

by Demola Rewaju

If he had auditioned for Project Fame or West African Idol, D’banj would have lost and his performance used as a skit for the TV commercial. Imagine him as he was several years ago: dressed like Fela but with a mouth organ rather than a saxophone and the famous Don Jazzy singing ‘Tongolo’ while Charlie Boy laughs hysterically or that so-called Ghanian singer saying ‘it’s not werking for me!’ with a shake of the head.

I saw D’banj perform years ago at Ife and it was obvious he had barely enough talent to be a success but I failed to see the connection he forged with the highly critical Ife students by stepping on to the stage blowing the school anthem on his mouth-organ. What D’banj lacks in talent, he makes up in diligence and study. D’banj never jokes with his appearance and considers himself a brand only the way P-Square do. Despite singing about the ‘koko’, ‘tongolo’ and black mambas, D’banj has never impregnated anyone neither does he show his face at every club. From his dressing to his abs and everything else about him, D’banj focuses 100% on making sure his fans enjoy every track he blesses, every concert he performs at without disappointing his corporate sponsors.

Is D’banj finished in Nigeria’s music industry or does he have more to offer? As someone who wrote him off many years ago, I can boldly say D’banj still has stuff to offer. He got it wrong with his single ‘Oyato’ though. The only problem with that song as I see it was the timing. This was his first post-Don Jazzy track and he obviously wasn’t thinking of the fans but some imaginary enemies. The song isn’t worse than ‘Olohun Maje’ or any of his other hits but it was more of the same stuff every other artiste ruling the airwaves now is dropping where we expected a definite statement that without Don Jazzy, he is still the kokomaster.

He should know that there are too many young boys out there singing what he introduced: untalented entertainment… Reminisce, Wizkid, Davido, Iyanya… you know the others.

What they don’t have though is the army of critics and fans that D’banj does, waiting for him to stun us into believing he can still stun us…then we’ll be stunned. D’banj is a brand already though, whether he creates any music henceforth or not. What the critics should not forget is that every album he has dropped has been a hit…a record he shares in pop, only with Psquare. What his fans should not forget is that he no longer has Don Jazzy.

Bien voir demain.


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  1. Without disrespect, I would not like to mice words about your write up. From a critical analysis of this write up, I can sense embittered mind of someone whose view or opinion has been clouded by bias, hate and beef. In as much as I like u style of literature, I dislike your dishonesty, insincerity and unnecessary blackmail of a successful youngman. Please be careful not to lead readers astray on this present discussion about D'banj. Thanks

  2. The Author of this piece is very flippant. Iyanyan won the Project Fame award, you should listen to his first single for 'more education'. Wizkid released a damn fine first album, his style is unique and alluring. Davido at least has proved not to be a one hit wonder. Beyond his smash hit, he has done two or three other songs. so there goes ur Untalented Entertainment Opinion, trash can material.

    Oyato is a fair song, just wrongly-timed. D'banj is a consummate musician, he should have remained the big fish in our small river.

  3. Funny thing is, I like Oyato. One of the smoothest tunes ever from D'Banj.

  4. Musicians can make a paint of story dat cant take sum1 yrs 2 realise. D'banj is tryin…its nt easy bt he realy need some advancement,the industry is filled with talentz.

  5. Absolutely fantastic piece.Well thought out.

  6. Oga lo sun joh! U r chatting rubbish. Jst cos u av d right 2 b heard doesn't mean u have d right to display your myopism on the World Wide Web…

  7. Mr man!! Who told u Oyato was a mistake…he made that song for his fans and not critics…we stood/standing by him while others think he will fail….Dbanjs only message to his critics will be his success…eventual break into d int'l market which he so longs for(I wish him d best).

    We Love dbanj out here and he is not going anywhere not anytime soon bro.

    God bless u eja nla…U R DOING WELL Oyato jor

  8. Dat is α very true fact about D'banj. Dat dude aint fading up anytime soon, he knows how to‎​ get †ђξ people moving. Dat is why he is an entertainer. I love him.

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