TICKER: Meet ‘The Naked Rambler’: Man who just refuses to wear clothes in public (PHOTO)


He’s known as “The Naked Rambler,” and he’s not putting his clothes on for anyone.  Stephen Gough has been incarcerated numerous times for not putting on his clothes, yet he remains defiant.  Just a few hours after his latest release from prison, Gough went right back on the road with nothing more than boots and a backpack.

Gough says that he loves to hike, and he doesn’t believe that he needs to be wearing anything while doing it.  There are supporters who shake his hand and take pictures, as if they don’t notice that his “junk” is right there for the world to see.   The 53-year old man was in jail for nine months during his last stint, after  being convicted of being naked near a park where children play.

Gough has spent much of the last six years behind bars.   In some cases, he was arrested right after being released.  We’re not sure what his philosophy is and why it leads him to stay naked.  But we’re cheering for him, whatever his motivations may be.

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  1. He wants to go back to era of stone age or homo erectus period but putting on boot wont make it complete. However,he should stop this deviant behaviour for the sake of our children as he was arrested before when he went to park where children play. He should be examined if he is mentally okay. Bye.

  2. Some people are just too Funny, Mr u Need Delivrance.

  3. the man wants to go back to prison to avoid the harsh effects of winter, where he'll be clothed with their tax pagers money. my advice is to let him be, at least till December

  4. dis1 na confamd "WERE" as in mad man in yoruba. insted of incaceratn, let him b a permanent patient in a psychiatric hos

  5. d guy is crazy. Why d booth? Why d back pack? Why was he even released in d first place? He ought to b placed inside a zoo


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