Exclusive: “Venom spits from that blog” – Actress Susan Peters writes about Linda Ikeji

by Lekan Olanrewaju

If you’re the type who has your ears to the ground on the cyberspace, or if you’ve simply not been hiding under a rock somewhere, you’ll more than likely be well aware of the “back and forth” that’s been going on between actress Susan Peters and blogger Linda Ikeji. It all started with this post on the Linda Ikeji Blog about the popular actress showing off a new phone. The post attracted several negative comments both on the blog and on twitter, which led to the actress going on a “twitter rant”  where she, among other things stated that the blogger “can only remain with her stupid blog” and “that’s why they call her failed human being”. Linda Ikeji then sent her a private apology for the negative comments, which the actress decided to make public. The blogger, however, explained that the apology was only meant to make her feel better, and not meant as an insult to her readers. Perhaps this didn’t sit too well with the actress as after all the warring and drama, Susan has decided to share a bit of how it all makes her feel.


“And when I get into my house, I would sleep it off.”

That was the first thought that crossed my mind when I looked through Linda Ikeji’s blog a while back. It seemed everyone has had their fair share of loathing on the site, and it has now become a tradition for all to hide their tails between their thighs while venom spits from that source.

I had a few aspirations at the beginning of the year. Like everyone else, it was my ambition to push my brand, get engrossed in work and pray that my efforts make good. Hard work, they say, has its rewards. I was willing to give the year a good push and see just how much of it I can claim. So it hurts deeply when there’s a clear intention from someone who tries to mock or make little your efforts of becoming whatever it is you set for yourself.

As a child, flipping books, watching TV and eavesdropping on adult conversation, my aim has been clear – to become an actress. In an industry without firm structures, it is solely your responsibility to build your brand. I have admired Nollywood for years, so to be given the opportunity to live my dream was the biggest achievement for me. But it doesn’t stop there- you have to continuously get better, and apart from that find other avenues that make an interesting addition to your talent. Fashion is one and I am enjoying all the colours and makeup, fabrics and shoes that I have strutted in lately. It is a deliberate move and I am loving it all. I’m just a girl with little fancies and a dream. So why anyone would want to be a dream killer is beyond me.

I think that was what really got me upset. I have never been represented on that blog, when all the work to grow a brand started, no support of any kind. And to think that she’d take interest in a simple picture where I had a Porsche phone and make a mess of it, is something that is taking me too long to understand.

The comments never ended. From one malicious statement to the other, it poured in and not at any time did she (Linda) consider to delete some of them, after all the blog is moderated. It goes to show the human ability to hate or just be indifferent to others pain. It is just a phone, she had a right to post it (as a blogger) but to allow such negative, hateful comments which I suspect is a machination that stemmed from her camp is worrisome.

In a few days, all of this will pass but the sad part is someone else will be a victim. It never ends and people are dragged to abattoirs and slaughtered.

I reacted on 0twitter when her ‘people’ wouldn’t let it be. I was being mentioned in every single conversation – they mocked, they laughed and had a filled day. I reacted. Her apology came, but it came a little too late. And after that she still made a public display of her ‘humility’ by posting it all over again on her site.

Now, it wouldn’t hurt if it was just Linda, but it is not. She deliberately twists the truth to suit her purpose and allow the bashing to progress. People who don’t know you cannot say such hurtful things with such venom. It makes no sense. Her second post scored over 800 comments, so it may go down her records that the highest comments she ever received was from a Susan Peters’ post. Whatever it is able to fetch her, I hope it fetches her some discretion.

As we are all living our lives, channelling our energy towards positive things, it is a total distraction to get drawn into mindless wars.

I guess at some point I would look back and laugh over it, but now it just makes no sense. What is the joy of bringing another down?

You can almost see karma catching up with her soon. What goes around always finds its way back. If you have followed the series thus far, I’m sure you have your opinion about it all. But I would say this: I love my fans and at no time did I think any of this was coming from them.

It’s amazing how you stay on the grind working on your brand just for someone to bring out a needle to burst your bubble.

Fortunately, this is not a balloon; what I am building is made of steel.

Have a trouble free life.


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  2. The poor girl has moved on,let her be! If they didn't start e insult she wnt have replied. There s no smoke without fire so move on too,getting too much.

  3. 1) If she was trully made b4 entering the industry, she wouldn't be threathened by a single blogpost

    2) I don't think anyone would want to be like her, she seems to be living in a web of insecurity. Who wants to model their lives after someone that can't compose themselves cos of one blogpost? Insecurity repulses!

    3) Oh! It's now that ppple are angry that she knows there is a God, when she called another human a failure she did not know that there was a God that controlled the affairs of man abi?

    You guys just need to chill! Going back and forth won't help the matter. It's becoming ridicilous and exposing her as a weakling

  4. @straight talk am sure yu must ve seen e post from ALIBABA ,it needs to tell yu that not everything people say yu shld believe. If there's one person that was already made before she joined the industry is Susan so take ur que from that. All those beefing can't be her cos she s living her life!has she stopped breathing cos people are talking? Of course people must talk but dnt use the excuse to insult people yu dnt knw just cos u see dem on screen,what right do u have to judge? Are u God? So if man was God hmmmm…if u point one finger the rest is directed to yu,take a cue!

  5. For all the beefers! Pls read. My name is Ali Baba.

    Ok you already knew.

    Don't you just love a woman with the 5Bs… Check out Aruma Oteh. She packs a punch.

    By the way, why do we just like to blow up or inflate figures to justify whatever we want to achieve? For instance, to whip up sentiments and drive traffic to blog sites, (sentiments like Ali Baba is a money miss road that does not care about people suffering around him)…

    My truck head of less than N7m was inflated to N23m… So that when its posted on a blog saying Ali Baba buys a N23m truck head, comments can start flying in from critics who think after you make your money you should ask them how you can go on to spend it.

    In the first place, no one knows what you do for the less privileged and you can't begin to say I did this and did that. But even if I bought it at that price, which I didn't, (I dey craze?) no be my money? If we go by that, premise of don't do anything for yourself until everyone in the world is cared for, some of us will still be using 3310!

    Examine yourself, you will see things that you bought, things that cost the same amount as what would have been enough to make life better for some people. But its better to see the speck in other people's eyes.

    Like I asked a lady who asked me if I didn't have what to do with money to go buy that kind of vehicle for such amount(23m). I asked what kind of Blackberry she was using and she said a bold 3. So I asked her if she did not know that her bold 3 could feed 4 orphaned kids for 3 months.

    My point really is, how will Aruma Oteh, spend 850k for feeding in a day? How na?!!!! If she hosted a luncheon for investors or a forum or any kind of meeting for that matter, where refreshment, breakfast, lunch or dinner was served, you think people who want to hang her will say she hosted an investment forum? Naaaaa it will make more sense to ask why "she spent 850k daily on food". Note that its not "cost of feeding for a day" DAILY! She dumb like that!


  6. This whole drama just reeks of immaturity and low self esteem from Susan Peters and i am highly disappointed that someone in the public eye will have such an uncouth mouth.

    How can you accuse a blogger of trying to destroy your career (which is practically dead in the first place) because she posted a picture you made public on her blog without any malicious intent?

    First it was the blog comments, then Linda now her paid voltrons are blaming the camera that was used to take the pix?????

    If the people around her were really sensible they would have advised her to tender an apology for the words she made and at least lay low till the whole matters dies but they are pushing her to fight fire for fire. The truth is that if this goes on Susan Peters will be the one to lose (which she already has) and Linda will gain more fans and blog audience.

    Be professional SUSAN!!! take a cue from Omotola, Mercy Johnson, Funke Akindele, Uche Jumbo and co, these are top actresses who have gotten their fair share of bashing on that blog and are holding their head up high because they know who they are, have you ever seen them running to another blog to look for pity?

    Please get a life

    My 2 cents

  7. So insult can pain yu? @babeonefloor lmao! Get a life ,what goes around come around! Hahahahaha

  8. Jessica Moron, learn to speak and write correct English before hauling insults and while you at it, try also to get a fucking life. Your mama!!

  9. @pearl and @zulezoo or what names u pple use,are yu serious? Dnt think yu ve been close enough to see Susans Skin,seriously she does not rub like other people yet her skin s smooth and clean. Just becos some camera didn't do justice does not mean her skin is bad,yu pple dnt have anymore insults please drop the subject. The matter has passed and gone,why the insult still? Or are they paying yu pple for this envy? Its a free world huns,live and let live!!!

  10. This Susan Peters/ linda Ikeji issue needs to die, like seriously!!!! And while at it she should learn how to tame herself, go for atleast 10 sessions of body polishing to slough off the rough skin and ditch her makeup artist.


  11. What makes this Susan babe think she is a celebrity??? Never heard of her before now!

    Anyway I read linda's blog tho I'm not a big fan of her cos I don't agree with some of her tatics so I tried to follow this brouhaha objectively.

    Susan was obviously wrong. If she is truly a professional actress like she claims she is, she wouldn't go running her mouth like a rabid dog on a social network. She is not the first person that has been featured on that blog and has been bashed so she should get over it and move on with life.

    She also needs to stop using this issue and Linda Ikeji to become more popular

  12. Haba people,are you guys blind? She just posted that she didn't insult her fans,abi linda fans just want ths girl to look bad by all means! Na wao!God go help all yu lot

  13. @babonefloor am sure u are not been paid to envy ths actress. So u noticed her wen they posted her for winning something and u didn't know what it was? Very funny! Try wearing her shoes then yu will know where it hurts otherwise stfu! And sit where yu belong! She will keep going high cos she s one humble actress I av ever met! @Susan God will make yu bigger with or without e blog! Am a big fan of urs loved Nollywood hustlers u guys really cracked me up and bursting out too. God be with yu

  14. Who told yu people that she doesn't have a publicist? Over to know people!now linda is the victim? Why didn't they publish all e insults her family insulted susan? They were smart and deleted theirs leaving the actress to be e victim,pls let's hear word. They got it fair and square shikena!!!

  15. Hi susan going through ur interview it all looked simple you never mentioned that u called Linda a failed model and up till now she has not insulted you in evry of her statement I have followed the entire saga I remember the first post she was even praising you as a big girl pls I can onls advice that you get a publicist you really need it those statement you made on ur twitter were on called for am a big fan of Linda but now I feel really sorry for the pain u are going through now..takia

  16. @sola am sure you are not a Nigerian because if you were you won't say 2012 is a year of publicity for her. She has been doing very well compared to her peers,so stop saying that!

  17. @buki this is the reason why the lady responded et al,seen this ladies posts on Bella Naija and other posts. So this confirms why she was angry afterall,when other people celebrated her achievements linda did not. So why try to bring a brand down now? If it were blogs like Bellas am sure it wld have been fine,learn to celebrate your own no matter how small so that when the bad one comes too no one will be upset! Word of advice pls…

  18. Hi Susan, hope you had a successful day. First, I must say thanks for bringing excellence into Nollywood. May God replenish your creativity.I must say you are a pace setter,you do and others follow. We are watching closely and we appreciate ur efforts,do not let anyone get to you. P.S.. Those of you making bad comments leave Susan alone pls

  19. I'm so happy for you o! Getting the publicity after all these years in Nollywood! Kai, really 2012 is your year of recognition.

    Just be humble and thank Linda Ikeji for posting your picture 😀

    This isn't to make you look bad , but there is need to clearly define your trade now that you are in the eye of the public! Ride on this opportunity ok & learn how to grow a thick skin too while we are still at it 😉

    Plus, it wasn't such a bad idea posing with your new acquisition

    :* :* :*

  20. Susan, pls let it go already! Jeez!!! Act like the star you claim to be! U don't seem to have enough self esteem to be in this industry. Ur a public figure and have no control over what pple will say. Dust ur shoulders and move on with ur work. Beyonce's baby was called the anti-christ! Imagine that, I can't tell what cld possibly be worse than that. But she has thick skin. This comes with the territory.

    The way u keep going on about this, it seems like ur the one that's looking for a publicity stunt and enjoying the attention. Thanks to Linda's blog, over 10million pple now know who u are.

    Get back to your movies or get a day job cos with ur condition, some comments will drive u to hypertension if u keep paying attention to them.

    In future, when ur taking a pic, ask yourself if you want it to go public. Make sure the hair, nails and clothes are on point. U'll be fine….

  21. Enough of what? What did Linda do? She only posted a picture that Susan made available to the public. She was even praising Susan saying "big girls do big things" …Is Linda also supposed to control what comments people leave? Did I hear you say that you have never benefitted from Linda's blog? How about when she blogged about what you wore to the award where you won the new artist stuff? (Not exactly sure of what you won, anyways), did you complain then or do you also want to say that you did not read her blog that week? You enjoyed all the praise that your dress was hot, right? Funny enough, I did't even knew you until that first blog. Even YOU are a Linda ikeji's fan 'cos you visit her blog so why be so quick to condemn and insult her when she did nothing to you directly? Susan should use all these time on her hands to hone her skills and become a better actress ('cos she is seriously lacking in that dept.) She should stop using this case to make herself popular at Linda's expense unfairly! Yes, I said it. Try fighting with YNAIJA for also posting people's comments. Grow the f**k up, Susan!! Susan should pls get a life and come down from her high horse. I am tired of this shit.

  22. Hey Suzy P, i want to believe you were having a bad day, hence, the twitter rants, which to me was in bad faith. I never knew you from adam and i doubt if i will still recognize you in a movie. Linda brought you into my consciousness and even if you felt bad about the torrents of abusive words, conventional wisdom dictates that silence can be golden.

    Linda may have her share of blame as you claim for not protecting you from the hounds but your reaction wasn't the best and also reek of immaturity.

    I wish you well tho.

    [email protected]

  23. I think they should also stop going to her pages to insult @Susan. The issue is over so @linda advice ur people,its enough now!

  24. @Wale am sure if yu were in her shoes @Susan yu will do same. she was attacked by insults and its natural that humans we have the other side ! it wld have been condoned,but I guess everyone has learnt their lessons. just not happy that we bring our celebs just out of hate for others to tear down. not nice at all,it can't be co incidence that a whole family attacks her and now pretending like they didn't do nothing,justice should be fair!

  25. Well after reading this i must confess i feel for Susan. These kinda negative publicity will hurt any celebrity's career. She made a mistake by those her initial twitter rants and i guess she's realised that. Linda fans(which i'm one) should tell her to let the whole matter rests.

  26. Y'll are suporting susan,do u kwn how hurtful it is to call a whole family failures.How wicked of susan now she acting lyk d victim,linda's blog was not d only one who published d story infact linda was not d first person to publish it,y'll talking cos her blog is popular

  27. Loved Susan Peters in Nollywood hustlers and Stone Face,na beef abeg. Make dem allow the girl breathe,its not easy$once ure big ure big

  28. Well like she said what goes around comes around,wait until she unleashes her venom at u too so u knw how it feels. Supporters club

  29. appreciate ur own weather good or bad,we know some people who has never helped the society before. just last year they raised ten million naira for the motherless,is that not enough giving back? chineke…this people are just bad people vexing over she buying phone,this is not nice at all. Abi she thief? or snatch one person thing? this insults no good at all, i be una fan but i go talk true. ebere biko

  30. av gne to the blog and av seen that only Susans post got so much comments,are the people on there tired to comment on other blogs? truth be told,was all this really neccessary? what will you say about actresses like chioma okoye and co? please let sleeping dog lie,the girl has done well for herself,even if its one film. let everyone let it go both the actress and blogger,it ah do…it has hapnd at least now everyone will tread with cause…

  31. some of the comments she even deleted and didnt post,not fair at all

  32. Easier said than done,just to make themselves look clean.I think its been remoted by same people who were insulting both blogs and twitter,quick question to everyone leaving comments? Why is it only the Susans twitter comments we saw? Why did she not publish all the ones that made her reply them? why did she only publish the girls own alone? politics so you can look clean abi? if you were fair to lib as you claim you wld have published everything so people will know why e fowl danced in the open and exposed itself! pls get a life,hollywood attck people too yes but not in this kind of way. Kanye and co attacked Taylor Swift wha happnd? over sabi people,try and be fair not that yu cant post ooo try and publish everything so that we ur readers can know the truth!!!


  34. watched wicked intensions and stone face too

  35. this lady worked with me in ikorodu village and she jus came back,how can someone be asking when last she went on location? are you guys now all of a sudden tailing her or what? abeg Susans publicist do something pls,this is becoming wicked. watched a movie of hers and anytime i remember i always still cry …sound of poverty… you are a good actress,pls dnt let dem get to you

  36. my sister no mind dem,we your fans know say you love us,so we wont be bothered by the cheap blackmail. when you celebrate peoples achievements then you can get your blessings.But in their own case we know them,they will always remain where they are because if you wish one person well then the person too will wish you well,if you wish them fire then go to hell yourself…lol na iceprince sing am ooo no be me lol

  37. kai na who dey talk say na that girl make am? dat na lie! person wey don struggle hin own finish na hin now dem wan say some girl make am? na becos some enemies na the only medium wey them fit talk wetin dey their minds. wicked souls

  38. Nigerians,we never appreciate our own…my dear buy privae jet if you like…its your money it should not be anyones bizness please…just saying

  39. I think these are the same people commenting over and over again,leave the actress to rest…you must not like her or love her…other fans love her too…i love all her movies i have watched and met this same lady everyone is killing in the states when she won award for the movie BURSTING OUT. she has also done other movies,so for the fact tha you have not wached her movies does not mean the blogger made her. why envy another persons sucess? is the phone made for her alone? stop the beef it does not take you anywhere

  40. Susan who are u? where did u emanate from? where did u evolve frm? who gives a rats ass about u? who gives a hoot abt u? who knws u? Nonsense

  41. Susan peters ur an idiot infact an attention seeking fool.Do u think ur a celeb girl ur still struggling,linda even has more fans dan u,she has sumtn going on for herself,did u check d number of followers on twitter,abt 20million pple read linda ikeji's blog.You should get anoda job cos i can count d number of ur waka pss movie roles,pls when last did u go on location.Susan why are u behaving lyk ur d only one who received hateful comment,d lyks of omotola, mercy johnson esp mercy johnson do u knw ow many hurtful comments she received during her marriage saga and dey are better dan u,do u think 9ja will hail u for buying a porsche nd ur attcking linda lyk she was d one who made dem comments.Why cant u let dis matter rest even when linda apologised,ur not deserving of d apology at all,u talk abt her using ur star to shine are u a star she is a celeb ur under linda,u call linda family memebrs failure meanwhile ur a failure,u lack acting skills.You're just using dis as a means of attention.I dey vex lyk mad,if linda does not talk we linda fans will finish u here.You need more people.

  42. Susan Peters is just an idiot. Is she not  well aware that people will talk? She has to get used to the fact that online blogs such as e!online, bella naija and the likes of it do not moderate their comments because it 'hurts' their feelings. She should stop attacking Linda personally because that's what bloggers do, they post what you make available to the world. She needs to move on abeg. Not everyone will have something positive to say about you.

  43. Balderdash!! Susan you should get a life joh! You made her apology public and reverted to calling her names, which was extremely childish and then you dissed your fans. Haaaaa ko da! E no good.

  44. Ok. I like this. But my problem is not that she had a phone, it was the fact that she was responding to all the hating. you are in the public eye, get a publicist. it cannot be that expensive. it'll save you all the trouble. you can focus on your career and let someone else handle the dirt. becasue there will always be dirt. my two cents

  45. I think Linda's second post was less about susan than about Linda addressing the allegation by the Tribune article that she (Linda) doesn't care about her readers.

    Even susan sef wont let this matter rest, After all it was only because she (susan) broadcasted Linda's apology that Tribune wrote an article that Linda considered necessary to adress. Now susan has posted this one again. I am beginning to suspect that she likes this back-and-forth. Let it go!

  46. She should chill jo. It's celebrity culture.

    1. .This whole story by Linda does not make sense to me one bit. Stealing a picture of a very lovely, hard working and point of correction Linda or whatever you are called, she does not depend on men. I KNOW that most of this comment are coming friend those stupid people who wish there were in her shoes. If Linda does not have positive stories to share on her blog she better contact Susan for a very story that will motivate her readers. Susan is a very dedicated lady who believes in hard work. All this negative vibe is surely not coming from her fans but negative friends who don’t know looking for the best for other can grant you more than fame. SUSAN, TIME WILL TEACH THESE STUPID LIVES WHO TO TALK ABOUT AND WHEN TO TALK. THIS IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE DEAR.

cool good eh love2 cute confused notgood numb disgusting fail