Will the Varere Brume case ever be closed? YNaija Tinsel Review Mar 12 – 16

by Joy Ehonwa

When it rains, it pours; but this should come as no surprise to regular observers of Tinsel Town now.

First of all there’s the tiny matter of Fred Ade-William’s memory coming back just as suddenly as it disappeared. He now remembers everything and is desperate to make it up to Sheila. He’s perplexed as to why she’s not responsive, but something tells us it will all make sense when he learns about Laide’s pregnancy. For now, no one is telling him anything new; not the pregnancy, and certainly not that Dan has been arrested for murder, which we’ll get into soon enough.

Sheila herself has shed some of the burdens she’s been carrying as she finally gave Phillip a chance to tell her that they didn’t have sex that night. Phillip for his part is throwing his energy into work. He’s taking Chris Okereke up on his challenge to make a movie of the Harmattan Diaries sequel, The Flood Journals. Unfortunately, Alex is leaving World Movies, and we’re not sure this new person will have Angela’s back, so there had better be no more incidents.

Amaka’s plans to go on Peju’s show and tell how Harriet and Martin tried to blackmail her into an interview, didn’t prove necessary. Harriet surprised us by returning the video to Amaka, assuring her that it was the only copy. She pretended to cry in an attempt to convince Amaka to consider doing the interview, but Amaka didn’t fall for it and she quickly cut it out. Having put the lid on that, Amaka finally named her baby at last- Tochukwu. She left Nero a voicemail inviting him to the naming. Surprisingly, or not, he didn’t show up. We can’t help but wonder what he’s up to these days.

Poor Telema, having realised that the real killer had been caught, tried to wiggle her way out of her marriage to Kwame, but he wasn’t having it. He told her she would never live down the shame of having to admit she made a bad decision. While she’s dealing with the shock of Dan’s guilt, his family is also trying to cope. Titi took the news of Dan’s arrest very badly, and the way she broke it to Shalewa didn’t help the girl either.

Perhaps the greatest mystery is that even after Dan’s confession and arrest, the Varere Brume murder case is still far from closed. Soji was released, but not before being lectured by Detective Sankey, and even Segun. It will be a long time before he plays the hero for any woman again. He ran into Telema and Kwame who had come to the station to see Dan. We weren’t surprised that the evil Kwame flashed his wedding ring at Soji.

What is puzzling is the fact that both Dan and Tare admitted to receiving text messages from Varere on the night he was murdered. Varere’s phone wasn’t on him that night, so obviously someone else sent those text messages. Sankey kept on calling the number and eventually, Bimpe who had just switched SIM cards, picked the phone.

The last time we saw someone changing SIM cards, it was Kwame up to something shady. Did Bimpe steal his other SIM, possibly after he disposed of it? Next episode, we’ll find out who the SIM card was registered to. For now, we must keep our fingers crossed.

See you next week!

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