Suzanne Ushie: Finding writing (30 Days, 30 Voices)

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  • osamagbe

    Wow…ut I’m amazed ..and so very proud of you ..big Aunty would have been so proud of you..

  • Vanessa Ushie

    I am so proud of you. I can honestly say I’m happy you chose to study the arts. Imagine not being able to harness this incredible gift you have because you chose the wrong path. The future is very bright for you, my dear sister. Please, don’t stop writing!

  • Fortune

    Awesome Sue, wow! I used to wonder how U we’re able to grasp so much in such little time many years back – now I understand. Its a talent, keep it up. :-)

  • Quinesta Nemine

    Wow,suzanne this. Is so Amazing. Lovely write up. Keep it up. I expect to read more of ur work.

  • offiong

    Suzanne Ushie! I thirst for more!Damn! I’m totally speechless!

  • Barbara

    it can only be Suzana. I credit you with making me return to writing (in another form though) but with everyday that passes, I am more grateful for it. Thanks and great post.