How to get relief from financial burden through Loughborough University scholarship worth over N30million

The popular japa movement has created anxiety in a lot of Nigerians, as the desire to tap the potentials of greener pastures eats deep into minds. On the other hand, for others, the movement is necessary but just as a means of pivoting their careers as they eventually find their ways back home. Today, it’s almost impossible not to have a friend, uncle or sibling that has followed the trend. 

How to take the journey, however, is a completely different ball game altogether. Considering not many can really afford the exorbitant college fees associated with obtaining a foreign education and of course, not everyone gets a fully funded job to a choice location, hence, many find themselves stuck between desire and hopelessness.

So, when we see people like Adebayo Omotola, achieving this dream with a fully funded scholarship, we see a beacon of hope for the thousands of other Nigerians who would simply love to upscale their career with a foreign degree. 

Top 10 UK university, Loughborough University, for many years, has become the choice destination for Nigerians. The university is fulfilling quite a number of dreams, welcoming with wide open arms, Nigerian students in their numbers. Currently, Loughborough has over 170 Nigerians studying within its walls. 

Renowned for its state of the art facilities, low tuition costs, beautiful location and its wide array of scholarships, it’s not much of a surprise why it has become a popular destination for Nigerian students. Several have testified to its beautiful and accommodating communal life that makes its environment feel like a second home, while others have found themselves enjoying its delightful balance of academics and social. For others, its most alluring feature is its renowned research institute and the comprehensive support of its academic and support staff. Whatever it is, one thing is sure, Loughborough University has captured the hearts of several Nigerian students. 

The university, understanding the economic disparity between its resident nation and Nigeria, has also been intentional about providing perfect opportunities for Nigerian students to take advantage of. 

One primary way the university has done this is by providing a myriad of scholarships for all Nigerian applicants. From automatic scholarships that require no applications or requirements, to more fully-funded ones like the Loughborough Development Trust Africa Scholarship (LDTAS) which Adebayo won, Loughborough University has demonstrated a commendable dedication to helping Nigerian students find a place in its community. 

The LDTAS covers 100% of successful applicants’ postgraduate course teaching fees for one year. Centred on empowering African students to drive positive changes in their home country, the scholarship requires applicants to have a strong commitment to return home upon graduation. Amongst other criteria, applicants are also required to have a placement offer from the university, as well as exceptional academic achievement. 

Speaking to us about the application process, Adebayo Omotola describes it as simple but one of the most rigorous processes he had ever gone through. “I had to submit an array of documents including academic records, transcripts and references. It challenged me to reflect on my past experiences, my future aspirations, and how this scholarship could be instrumental in achieving them. The unwavering support and guidance from the scholarship team throughout the application process were also truly invaluable.”

When asked how he felt about the receipt of the scholarship, he expressed overwhelming gratitude for the financial ease it brought him. “I was stunned when I got the offer letter. It marked the commencement of my academic journey and the opportunity for personal and professional growth. The scholarship substantially relieved me of a significant financial burden. To put it into perspective, my tuition fee amounted to £28,100, which is equivalent to N39,340,000. This financial support was truly a game-changer in my life.” 

“My first attempt at applying to Loughborough University was in 2020, when I received an offer. However, I faced financial constraints at that time, particularly regarding proof of funds for living and maintenance fees, which were crucial for the scholarship application. In 2021, I attempted once more, this time securing financial support from my family and personal savings to meet the requirements. Regrettably, the application was not successful, and it was a tough lesson. In 2023, I applied again, and this time around, I made a few significant changes. I initiated the application process early, submitting my study application on October 9, 2022. This provided ample time to refine my personal statement, which I must have reviewed more times than I can count to ensure it was exceptionally strong. Beyond my efforts, I believe I was fortunate, and I attribute my success to divine grace,” he concluded.

His is a journey of hope to several others who are on the same path, already getting discouraged or still fervent about their dreams.  With Loughborough University, great things are possible.

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