10 weirdest celebrity health fetishes


Odd health habits of the rich and famous

We’ve all got our personal little habits and preferences that we adhere to each day, but what do you do when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle and taking care of yourself? These 10 celebrities have their own, very unique health habits; check out these farfetched fetishes of the elite and compare them to your own.
Catherine Zeta-Jones
This Welsh maiden, who now calls LA her home, has fresh Welsh air shipped over in bottles to her in the American sunshine. She believes its purity cleanses her system and leaves her feeling refreshed, as well as being a reminder of her home in the Welsh valleys. Quite excessive, you might think, but she swears by its natural healing properties. At around £24 a bottle it’s not a cheap health habit, but to reassure those cynics among you, each bottle comes with a certificate proving its Welsh origin.
The Black Eyed Peas star reportedly drinks two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar a day to soothe her stomach and aid digestion. Fergie began this unusual daily dose after her trainer’s advice, who believes vinegar shots flush out fats in the colon, which helps the body digest food and give cravings the boot. After lunch and dinner the singer sups two shots of the stuff, but we would recommend incorporating it into a salad or soup as it’s not the most delicious tasting health kick!
Jennifer Lopez
This Latino lady reportedly carries a bottle of grapefruit essential oil around with her all day to sniff when she’s feeling hungry in between meals, as it apparently suppresses the appetite. Although studies have revealed that eating grapefruit before meals can aid weight loss, simply sniffing the essential oil, however, has no proven ability to shrink your waistline and keep you trim.
Victoria Beckham
The Spice Girl turned fashion designer munches on frozen grapes to keep her hunger at bay. Rather than opting for a sweet treat or a devilish dessert the queen of pout nibbles on these frozen fruits instead. Definitely not for those with sensitive teeth, but this could be the answer to her super slim figure. A great way to cut down on calories, but could you really convince yourself they’re just like ice cream?
Demi Moore
Perhaps among the most extreme health habits, Demi Moore has leeches applied to her skin as she believes their blood sucking tendencies cleanse her system through detoxification of the blood. No pain, no gain, we hear you say? Well actually, some believe there to be no health benefits of letting the little monsters feast on your blood – sorry, Demi! Demi also prevents snack attacks by eating three bowls of fibre-rich bran a day – definitely a less extreme health habit.
Reese Witherspoon
This A-list actress apparently fills herself up with baby food throughout the day, leaving room for just one ‘adult meal’ each day, such as fish and vegetables or chicken and brown rice. Eating regularly is a good way of boosting metabolism; however, a varied diet is more beneficial. Let’s hope this diet was just a quick fix and is not a long term weight loss solution.
Halle Berry
To keep her skin in tip top condition Halle Berry mixes coffee granules into her shower gel to exfoliate her skin and reduce cellulite on her thighs. You may think it a little odd to combine elements of the kitchen and the bathroom but for her it works wonders, with the added bonus of leaving a nice aroma on your skin without using harsh exfoliating products.
Nicole Kidman
To avoid giving into the temptation of sugary or high calorie treats, the Aussie actress snacks on raisins dipped in honey, arranged on sticks of celery. She quirkily names her quick-fix snack ‘frogs on a log’, as that’s what it reminds her of (we’re hoping just its appearance, not its taste!). This satisfying snack potentially saves her hundreds of calories at a time, as it replaces cakes and chocolate in her diet.
Kim Cattrall
The body confident Sex and the City star squeezes lemon juice on her chips as she actually believes it dissolves the fat. This quirky food fetish means Kim can enjoy this fried food without worrying about the after-effects on her hips! If only dieting was this simple and tricks like this actually worked – we’d squeeze lemon juice over everything!
Christina Aguilera
Diva songstress Christina Aguilera allegedly follows the unusual ‘textures and colours’ diet. Each mealtime the singer eats four food items of different textures and colours, combining crunchy, soft, hot and cold foods. She also mixes up the colours of her plate components, varying the healthy purples, green, brown and red foods. Sounds rather complicated to us; turning mealtime into an art class seems too farfetched for a daily diet.

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