16 things single ladies need to stop saying

by Ami Angelowicz


I’m not big on the whole New Year’s resolution thing, but I do make a point to clean house every January. This year, my house is single. So, while I’m hiatusing, I am giving my outlook on singledom a scrub down. That means I am getting into every nook and cranny of negativity and trying to approach love from a place of abundance rather than a place of scarcity. In simple terms: I am putting the kibosh on single, self-flagellation. Starting with those played out lines I hear myself, and some of my friends saying. We don’t have to push ourselves to be coupled, but goddammit, at the very least, let’s push ourselves to stop being so cliche.

1. “I’m going to die alone!”

2. “When will it be my turn?”

3.”There is no one out there.”

4. “I’m so  over dating.”

5. “If I get invited to one more wedding, I’m going to kill someone.”

6. “I’m better off alone.”

7. “All the good ones are gay or taken.”

8. “I’m giving up and  becoming a crazy cat lady.”

9. Telling coupled up friends, “You got the last good one.”

10. “Boys are dumb.”

11. “Dating is a waste of time, because it never works out for me, anyway.”

12. “I’m just unlucky in love.”

13. “Guys don’t like me because, I’m too [insert description here].”

14. “I’ll be happier if I’m in a relationship.”

15. “Things  would be so much easier if I was gay.”

16. “My eggs are rotting as we speak.”



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  1. Pride nd materialistic nature are d diseases of our ladies dis days

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