Logic and emotions: Is Lekan’s joke enough to end a two-year relationship?

Most relationships, as is common knowledge, has its ups and downs. There are those moments and instances that create the sort of issue where it then becomes uncertain if the relationship can move past said issue or not.

Today, one of such “Acrimony-ish” circumstances presented itself on Twitter, where people immediately began debating whether the incident in question was enough to end a 2-year relationship.

The incident which has a lot of people conversing centers around a lady who went out with her boyfriend and other couples, during which they discussed places they would like to visit for the holidays. When the lady mentioned where she would like to go, her boyfriend, simply identified as Lekan, made fun of her, stating that her ₦35,000 salary would only be able to afford her a bottle of juice at such an expensive restaurant.

She, of course, immediately felt bad about this as everyone laughed at her, and she was the butt of the joke amongst everyone else. As a result, she ended her 2-year relationship with her boyfriend. The breakup raises the question of whether the joke was a good enough reason to end a relationship.

Now logically speaking, the answer to this question would be a simple ‘no,’ as throwing away a two year emotional investment because of a joke seems absurd. But as we’ve seen, feelings and emotions often defy logic, and how someone reacts to an overwhelming emotion usually contradicts common sense.

No doubt, the joke was insensitive and the boyfriend was, for a lack of a better term ‘dumb’ for not picking up on her discomfort with the joke as soon as he made it. It also doesn’t help his case that he has been with this lady for two years and should by now know what could trigger her and what she would easily dismiss as a joke.

On the other hand, maybe she was overthinking the joke when she felt so dejected over the joke, maybe it was just a joke, and no one thinks any less of her. In fact, maybe breaking up with her boyfriend would be what would eventually make the group look down on her.

There are too many variables to determine whether this was the right move or not. For starters, if she is incredibly ambitious, and wishes to make something of herself in the future, I can see why this joke would hit a nerve. However, if she has been complacent with her career, and has not been aggressive towards increasing her paycheck then she shouldn’t be too mad at this.

As for the million-dollar question; “Did she overreact?” We think if he sincerely apologizes then maybe she can consider taking him back, but even at that, how does an apology fix the damage that has been done to her reputation, in front of a group that she would most likely be familiar with for the rest of her life should she end up with him?

Words hurt, and this one may have cut too deep for a simple I’m sorry to fix. Relationships should be about building each other up and not tearing anyone down, and if you are too emotionally unintelligent to pick up on your partner’s distress in public, maybe you shouldn’t be together.

Let’s assume he is a two seconds man, and she brought it up as a joke in front of their friends, and everyone laughed at him, I bet he too would at the very least consider sending her packing.

Nigerians seem to have all sorts of opinion on the matter, and here are a few:

At the end of the day, its all about her, and what she decides to do is simply the best decision for her, all the rest of us can do is give hypothetical solutions.

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