5 things every guy is afraid to do in front of his woman

from Uncoachable

Here’s a list of things that men would rather not due in the presence of their woman… talk of ego.

Watch any Female Type Show or Movie

I’ll be dead caught watching The Notebook in front of my woman but I’ll be damned if that isn’t an awesome movie.  Yeah I said it.  The Notebook is a good movie.   Ha!  Seriously though I always find myself changing the channel if I’m watching something even remotely feminine and I hear my wife coming up the stairs.

Troll Around on Facebook

This one is equal for both sexes.  The Guyism article had it too.   While my wife and I freely go on Facebook in front of each other there’s always that one profile you see that makes you think “why are they talking to this person?”  I constantly ask “did you bang that guy?”  Hell Facebook is one of the largest causes for divorce these days so there’s definitely reason for concern.

Show That They are in Real Pain

Lifting boxes.  Lifting groceries.  Any kind of lifting.  Any kind of sport.  Any kind of anything.  If I smash my arm against a table and I’m writhing in pain,  sure I’ll say it hurts but 100% of the time I don’t let on how much it really hurts.  It’s just our nature.


It’s sad but it’s true.   While I don’t have any reservations about crying in front of my wife I’d still rather avoid it.   I guess it’s for the plain and simple reason that I want to be her protector and that involves being strong.   Crying generally means weakness for most men. While I know that’s not true it still doesn’t mean I want to shed tears in front of the lady.

Ask For Directions or Any Help for That Matter

I guess now with GPS it doesn’t really apply as much but still.  If we’re walking around some neighborhood I’d rather not ask people.   I think this is more along the lines of asking for help for anything rather than directions.   Men like to be in charge.  Asking for anything means they are sissies and don’t know what they’re doing.  Again, stupid, but this is how dudes think.


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  1. Well written but then, I know a couple of guys who 1 and 5 don't apply to.

  2. I agree on facebook as a major cause of divorce,but women should bear it in mind that any man who takes facebook seriously more than his family is more or less a slave to social evils,and being a slave means condemnation of oneself n disarray in his lineage!women stand up and ignore men who wander in n out of facebook,they re digging their grave n they don't deserve to be valued by any woman.

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